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How To Become An Instagram Influencer – 9 Top Tips

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Anybody trying to cash in on their social media presence has asked themselves how to become an Instagram influencer. Social media is a prime space for business today and brands and big corporations are constantly collaborating with influencers. 

An enormous 93% of marketers utilize influencer marketing and this is still a growing market! Plus, influencers can make more than $250 thousand per post. Yikes! This makes influencer marketing a valid and highly lucrative income stream for many people – right now as well as in the long run as new social media platforms and features pop up. 

If this sounds good to you, here are nine tips on how to become an Instagram influencer!

9 Tips To Become An Instagram Influencer

Find Your Niche

Finding and focusing on a niche makes it easier to gather dedicated and interested followers who trust in your opinion and enjoy your content. That way, you become a respected and trusted expert rather than just someone who posts at random. It also makes it easier for you to target users that may enjoy your content. So you definitely want to pick a max of two topics to pay attention to.

But how do you identify what niche is right for you? Well, you can just ask yourself a few questions to start like: 

What do I care about? What do I know a lot about? What would I enjoy creating content about even if I made no money from it?

Knowing your niche helps you define your audience and content pillars. 

Optimize Your Profile & Bio

Once you know what you want to focus on, it’s easier to create a profile and bio that sells what you’re about. Your profile page and bio are super important because they tell visitors exactly what they need to know. 

As an influencer, you need to approach social media profile optimization with your brand in mind. You are a business after all. So, you have to create a business or creator account. This matters because it gives you access to useful branding features, analytics, and more. For your profile, it allows you to add contact features like an email button to help visitors contact you very easily. 

Get the best out of your Instagram bio by including who you are, your niche (what you offer), and your target audience. Your bio is a good way to pitch yourself to brand visitors so you have to get it right!

Know Your Audience

You have to learn what your audience is about. Every niche and every influencer has a target audience consisting of people who benefit most from or enjoy that type of content more. You basically need to understand this audience in the same way a business would create and analyze customer profiles. What are their goals, occupations, ages, genders, races, backgrounds, expectations, preferences, etc? 

This helps you create content that connects you with this community and it boosts your engagement with them. Knowing your audience also works in your favor when pitching to brands as you can show them that you know exactly what they’re talking about. 

Lucky for you, Instagram gives you this information right on your business or creator account’s analytics dashboard. 

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Create Your Instagram Community

Although your analytics and metrics matter – particularly engagement metrics – when pitching to brands, it’s also important that you’re able to show that you have developed a community that’s invested in you and your brand. This matters because part of the draw that brands have to influencers is the trust from their followers. 

The only way to do this is to use Instagram for what it is – a social platform. Socialize, comment, like, share your audience’s content to build connections with them!

A useful thing to keep in mind is that social media is constantly evolving which means trends come and go. If you’re gonna make money from it and want to know how to become an influencer, then you’re gonna have to start keeping up with what’s popping online. 

Use social media listening tools and stay active on your platforms so that you know what’s happening all the time.

Create Fire Content!

And what does keeping up do for you? Well, it helps you create awesome and relevant content. Together with knowing your niche, your audience, and the brands you want to work with, this can help you develop amazing content that draws audiences and brands right to you. 

Staying attuned to trends also means understanding and learning new and upcoming features and how you can use them to up your content game. Think about the TikTok/Reels takeover. If you want to know how to become an Instagram influencer, you need to know how to use Reels, IGTV, and, of course, the influencer fave – Stories!

Be Consistent

Social media is all about consistency. You want to have consistent topics and themes, style, aesthetic, personality, and more. It helps build trust in your brand. Also important is content consistency. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to build and keep an audience by posting every 5 months. So, it’s a good idea to schedule your Instagram posts and use a good editing app to help you keep a consistent editing style. 

Target Brands

One more thing to think about when creating and sharing content is your brand targeting. Take images with brand products, engage with brand accounts and hashtags, tag the brands on your posts, etc. You want to get yourself on their radars!

Always Have Your Kit Ready

If you follow these tips on how to become an Instagram influencer, then you’ll only have one more thing to do: approach the brands! You have to always have an attractive media kit ready for pitches with all your info, relevant analytics, and an analytics report, audience info, content examples, and previous brand collaborations. 

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It’s Time To Get To Work And Become An Influencer

Now that you know how to become an Instagram influencer (or how to become an influencer in general since you can use these tips for other platforms, too!) then you have no excuse. Go get your moola!

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