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18 Social Media Content Ideas To Get You Out Of Your Slump

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Churning out social media content constantly and consistently is part of having a good social media strategy. But, it can be a super hard thing to get right. Even the best social media experts can hit a dip in their SM content every now and again and feel lost for inspiration. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of eighteen fantastic and creative social media content ideas to get you moving forward from your rough patch. 

18 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas To Help You Get Back In The Game

You probably know some, if not all, of these content tools and ideas. But, it can be easy to overlook some of them once you’ve found your faves. So, let’s take a look at some brilliant ways to up your social media content strategy. 

Boost Blog Content

Your social media accounts don’t exist in isolation from your other digital or online spaces. Your website, for example, should interact directly with your social media content. 

A good way to approach this connection is to share previews, links, or snippets of your blog posts on your social accounts. 

Brand News & Updates

There are always developments and changes in business. Maybe your brand’s been featured on a digital platform or you’ve got some newsworthy info hot from the presses. 

Share your fresh brand news on your social media as inspiring and exciting content that boosts your brand rep, too!

Relevant industry content

You don’t just have to share your content, articles, or news. You can also share relevant articles or interesting links and content within your industry.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is a wonderful way to connect with your audience and engage your customers and other users. As you get the content directly from other users, it is brilliant for engagement and it is certain to boost your following, increase your sales, and help you build a more involved social media community. 

UGC also works as a kind of review of your products or services. Plus, you don’t have to lift a single manicured finger to create the content. Just share it!

BTS content

A good method to share news or insight into what’s popping with your business is by using behind-the-scenes content. 

Take one-on-ones with employees. Share clips of content creation shoots. Give your audience a glimpse into the day-to-day world of your brand. They’ll love it! 

Taking behind the scenes pictures of packaging orders

Reviews & testimonials

Yes, UGC is one way of approaching customer reviews but you can also share actual reviews through your captions and video content. 

Short-form videos

Most platforms now have various video-sharing features. Short-form options include TikTok videos, Reels on Instagram, stories, and feed/TL posts. 

Play with these brief clips, sharing short trailers for longer content, blips and clips of your world, snatches of music, and more. With TikTok and Reels’ growing popularity, short-form video is a must-use social media content tool. 

Long-form videos

Long-form videos are also growing on social media with features like Youtube and IGTV developing daily. Content creators have found cool ways to use IGTV to create social media series and more amazing things.

Audio posts

Got a new favorite song? Find a relevant pic, edit the tune over it, and post!


We need not reiterate the wonderful power of GIFs. Get funny, spicy, saucy, excited… any emotion for any occasion, and the online space has a GIF for you! With GIFS, you can create funny and relatable posts to spice up your feed. 

Use Stories Features

Stories aren’t just about the video component. You can do so many things on Stories – especially on Instagram. Host Lives, encourage other users to ask you questions, share images and UGC, play with funky filters, and stickers

Influencer collaborations

Collaborating with influencers is another way that brands have begun optimizing reviews. Get well-known social media figures to use your products and review them online. This way, you get content bonuses, plus increased reach, impressions, and other engagement! 

Young people posing in pink

Stock Photos

Good-quality stock photos are an effective and time-savvy way to maintain aesthetically pleasing and consistent content. You don’t have to take them yourself so you save resources, but with all the creative output. 

With a creative caption, you can tie that image directly to your brand and business. 

Spotlights, features & profiles

There are many ways to approach spotlights and profiles. You can highlight an individual’s work using images, videos, interviews, quotes from them, and more. You can also spotlight places, ideas, organizations, etc. 

Consider spotlighting your employees, too, showing you take note of their input and work and acknowledge their contributions or personal achievements. This puts a face to your brand and celebrates your workers at the same time!

The purpose of a spotlight? To create engaging and relevant content and create connections with individuals within as well as outside of your organization. 

Product spotlight

Products can also benefit from highlights of their best features. Consider exciting approaches to sharing the best elements of your product range. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the product spotlights. You want to find the balance between incorporating the content into your brand aesthetic yet making it stand out!


2020 was the year of insane challenges and we haven’t really come out of that lockdown slump yet! Participating in social media challenges not only helps you connect with what other users are getting up to, but it also means you know you have something exciting to post. 

Commemorate holidays or special brand days

There are so many days in the year that make timely content creation easier. Holidays are perfect days to share quirky content and fill up the days on your calendar. 

Find out what crazy holidays your brand can connect to and schedule content well in advance for those days with your handy helper Preppr!

Reuse old content

Old content is content too! Reuse content that did well the first time around by using quirky captions that make the old content relevant again. There’s nothing like a good #TBT!

Taking photos of clothing for small business


You can use these social media content ideas for any account, whether personal or for your brand or business. This way, you never have to struggle with a social slump again!

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