If you’re wondering why Instagram analytics are always a good idea, imagine this real life scenario: you’re 17, getting ready for college. You sit down and draft a plan of what you’re going to do with your entire life. Then, you get up and get at it. One year passes. And another. Suddenly, 20 years have passed and you haven’t strayed even an inch from your plan. You’re not specifically happy, but hey, a plan is a plan and you must stick to it. Uhm yeah, that would never happen in real life. Then why would you apply this technique to your Instagram strategy?

Okay, so what do Instagram analytics have to do with it all? Well, Instagram analytics offer you the valuable insights you definitely need to adjust along the way. Of course, before you begin your social media efforts on Instagram you need to create a marketing plan. On paper, it might all sound so, so amazing. But no marketing strategy can live in a vacuum, not even a stunning one. To make sure Instagram can be all that and more for your brand, then you must wisely use Instagram analytics.

At first, the prospect of diving into Instagram analytics and insights might sound frightening. Especially if you’re not a numbers’ person. But with a little guidance from our side and the right tools, you’ll get a hang of them in no time. Then, you’ll gain the ability to be as flexible as you should be and stir your strategy in a direction that will lead you to more success. And then stir it once more for better results. Actually, stir it as many times as it’s necessary.

There are two ways of accessing Instagram analytics:

  1. The Instagram analytics tools provided by insights
  2. The Instagram analytics provided by third-party tools

Essential KPIs to follow in all Instagram analytics:

  1. Number of followers and how it fluctuates
  2. Post interactions and comparisons
  3. Reach per post
  4. Impressions per post
  5. Taps back, forward and exit rate for Instagram Stories
  6. Actions on location and hashtags


  1. The Instagram analytics you can draw from Instagram Insights
  2. Awesome third-party tools for Instagram analytics
  3. Buzzweb – the tool to audit any Instagram account
  4. Socialbakers – the Instagram analytics tool that measures you up to your competitors
  5. Union Metrics – the Instagram analytics tool that audits your profile
  6. Simply Measured – the Instagram analytics tool that dives into Stories
  7. Ready to turn Instagram analytics into successful changes?


The Instagram analytics you can draw from Instagram Insights

Instagram comes equipped with its own powerhouse of insights. And accessing them is not a suggestion, it’s mandatory. These Instagram analytics can become game-changers for your strategy.

To access Instagram insights, go to your profile and click on the statistics icon located in the right upper corner.

How to access Instagram Insights statistics

Once you do this, your door to Instagram analytics will be widely opened and you’ll get access to insights regarding:

  • Interactions
  • Discovery
  • Content
  • Audience

What’s more, the dashboard offers you a quick view on what posts are reaching the most people that are not following you.

With Instagram analytics you can see what posts are reaching the most people that are not following you

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get back to the main Instagram analytics you can discover with Instagram Insights.

The interaction tab offers you valuable info regarding how many people visited your profile, how many Instagrammers clicked on your website and how many e-mails you’ve received. This tab also lets you know how the total number of taps is distributed per days. By looking at this distribution, you’ll see exactly which are the days that perform best. Have a close look at what you posted on those days and try to understand how it influenced the interactions.

The discovery tab is another gem when it comes to Instagram analytics. Here you can see exactly how many accounts your content reached and on which days it performed better. This tab is also home for your impression insights.

Move on to the content tab and you’ll open up juicy details about each post. The overview board found here will also give you another perspective on which type of content works best. Try to understand why for extra points on the Instagram success scale.

Last, but not least, the audience tab is where you’ll find valuable demographics insights about your followers and the time frames in which your followers are most active. Implement these findings and see your reach improve.—-

Awesome third-party tools for Instagram analytics

Instagram insights are mandatory analytics, sure thing. But if you’re serious about your Instagram efforts and want to go full-throttle, you need some bigger guns. And by that we mean some Instagram analytics tools that can help you understand what works and what doesn’t with great precision.—-

Buzzweb – the tool to audit any Instagram account

Buzzweb Instagram analytics offers you to check any Instagram account for its audience split, fake followers and real engagement rate, as well as to get the price per sponsored post. This helps brands choose authentic and the most efficient influencers, making influencer marketing industry transparent and resultative. In turn, bloggers can compare themselves which helps them understand where and how to grow.

All the bloggers also get a grade from A+ to F which is the best indicator of their performance. And any brand that has collaborated with them can leave a review on their experience and results.

So, use Buzzweb to determine fake and real influence, see who their audience are, and what the brands are saying about them. Check out the bloggers you are interested in or your own page.—-

Socialbakers – the Instagram analytics tool that measures you up to your competitors

We love social media and we love baked goodies. Thus, Socialbakers fits right into our marketing appetite. Puns aside, Socialbakers is a tool that provides some pretty neat Instagram analytics. Actually, it can become an awesome helper for all your social media platforms.

As an Instagram analytics tool, Socialbakers promises to help you grow awesome content strategies by making accurate decisions. The best part is that it enables you to do so by measuring Instagram analytics in comparison to your competitors and according to your demographic specifications. With Socialbakers you can actually put your business head-to-head with up to 10 other competitors and see exactly where they’re doing right and you’re not. And the other way around, of course.

The cherry on top of the AI-powered Socialbaker’s offering is the ability to analyze all content performance and constantly monitor KPIs. Then, a comprehensive report that takes interactions, reactions, comments and shares statistics directly to your inbox so you can create better posts. The report covers most liked and commented posts and top hashtags. The overview mode will help you gain some perspective on your activity and the way your followers received your posts…to begin with. Of course, you must try harder and dig deeper to see exactly how the newly found Instagram analytics can help you create better content and dust your competitors.

Socialbaker's details form


Union Metrics – the Instagram analytics tool that audits your profile

Union Metrics unifies all your needs for Instagram analytics under a single tool. Their aim is to keep you and your marketing team highly informed so you can take the best day-to-day decisions. You bring the creativity and Union Metrics will bring the data for a strategic pair made in heaven.

The key feature of Union Metrics focuses on profile analysis. Your profile will undergo a thorough measuring process to identify the exact ways for optimizing and expanding your reach. The tool also provides an in-depth analysis to identify key content and influencers and help you in your future campaigns and efforts.

Instagram profile analysis screen | Union Metrics

Another extremely useful Instagram analytics from Union Metrics is the ability to track campaigns and compare your efforts with those of your competitors. Oh, and as a bonus, you’ll get to discover who your top followers are for an extra chance to better engage with them—-

Simply Measured – the Instagram analytics tool that dives into Stories

This Instagram analytics tool promises to deliver simplicity and ease of use to all data-driven social media marketers. Can we hear a “that’s us!” shout?! C’mon, don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Truth is that we all should be data-driven if we want to thrive.

With Simply Measured you can readily rejoice with a lot of Instagram analytics and data. Impressions, reach, engagement rate, saves, video views and carousel data will be at a click away. Right there on the shelf, next to the “better Instagram strategy” blueprint. Simply Measured also offers unique insights regarding Instagram Stories, insights that can help you right your wrongs and better your bests. The Instagram analytics tool promises to enable you to set strategic goals based on how many views, replies, tap-backs and forward your stories get.

Instagram analytics from Simply Measured provides valuable data

All this valuable data will come neatly wrapped up in a comprehensive report. We’re not going to hide it, you’ll need to get through quite a few steps to get your report, but the wait would definitely be worth it!.—-

Ready to turn Instagram analytics into successful changes?

Now that you know exactly what KPIs to follow and what tools to use in order to get your head around more powerful Instagram analytics you have everything you might need to improve your strategy. Remember, it’s a long run game and if you’re in it to win it, flexibility is key. Luckily, we know that change is your best friend. Because it’s ours too.

Here’s a giraffe example. Just for laughs.

Giraffe for laughs

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