Since the inception of Preppr, we aimed to offer all possible functionality Instagram has to offer on Preppr as well.

Recently, Instagram migrated all third-party services to its Graph API, which was designed exclusively for Business Profiles. The result of this migration is that all of our users need to have an Instagram Business profile. This is also the case for all official Instagram partners and services, and personal accounts can not access any scheduling platforms.

That’s why we are also moving from a password-based process to the official Instagram API for publishing content.

What does this mean for our (new) users?

First of all it means a much better, stable and reliable publishing system! I know a lot of you have complained about the reliability over the last few weeks. The migration has solved this issue. It comes at a price though.

As of today, Preppr will be accessible only for Business Profiles. So if you are an existing non-Business user, you are not able to use the platform. That’s why we encourage you to convert to a Business Profile, so you can access all of the tools on Preppr!

Converting to an Instagram Business Profile is easy and you can find out how to do so here.

If you still have non-Business Instagram profiles connected to Preppr, then you need to migrate these to the new API. You will see a yellow box telling you to migrate your account. Please click the button ‘MIGRATE INSTAGRAM PROFILES NOW’

You’ll then be guided to Preppr’s Social Profiles section, where you need to search for the red text ‘Migrate social profile’.

Once you have done this, the normal process of adding Instagram business profiles to Preppr will start. This takes place on Facebook. If you have any questions about the process of adding Instagram profiles, please read more about it here.

Changes in features

Automatic Publishing through Instagram’s Publishing API will bring some changes to our publishing capabilities. The following features are still supported:
– Single image posts
– Video posts
– Gallery/carousel posts

Not available for auto-publishing
Stories will be removed as a feature from our platform on September 21, 2022. You can still see your existing stories until then, but you cannot schedule new stories. After this date, it will no longer be possible to view your stories.

Location tagging is temporary disabled (but we are working hard on enabling it again)


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