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10 Ways To Get More Comments On Instagram

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Want to know how to get more comments on Instagram? Maybe you’ve noticed that your post engagement isn’t where you want it to be and you want to improve it? Well, we’ve got ten straightforward ways to increase the number of comments you get on each of your posts.

10 Simple Ways To Get Your Comments Section Flowing

These are some of the methods you can use to boost comments on your Instagram.

1. Tag other users

This is the most basic way you can get people to interact with your post. Tagging brands, your friends, and other users to your post will bring their attention to it. Plus, it makes it more likely to get your content onto their followers’ radars, too, as they may repost it or post it to their Stories. Essentially, tagging can broaden your posts’ reach.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags, especially niche-specific ones, can help you grow awareness of your posts and brand. They are a good way to develop a brand community and get more people to see your posts. 

Using niche hashtags will make your brand more discoverable to users searching on the Explore page. They can also increase traffic to your page significantly. With the increased visibility hashtags bring you, you may be more likely to get comments on your posts.

3. Post more Stories

Instagram Stories get a lot of attention from users. You will especially get high engagement from users who tend to engage more with your posts. These are also the people who are most likely to comment on your content.

You can also use some of the Story features that encourage interaction and commenting. Use poll and quiz stickers. Have an AMA session. Gauge user sentiment using the emoji sliders. 

As your followers interact with your brand more and more on your Stories, they may be more likely to comment on your posts as well. 

4. Share feed posts to Stories

Since Stories get a lot of user engagement, sharing your feed post to your Story can increase feed engagement. 

With Instagram’s current algorithm, it’s become more difficult to get users to see your feed content. People who might miss your latest post on the feed are more likely to spot it on your Story. More views redirected to your feed post means there’s a higher likelihood of getting comments.

5. Respond to comments

Trying to figure out how to get more comments on Instagram? Well, do unto others as you would like done unto you. Lol, it’s nothing super poetic. Just respond to comments and leave comments, too. 

Social media is not a one-way street so don’t expect users to engage with you if you don’t do the same. If your followers leave you comments and you don’t respond, they may not bother next time. 

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6. Ask questions

Questions are another way to encourage conversation and prompt commenting. You can post more content that directly lends itself to increased comments. 

For example, in your post captions, ask your followers to share if they agree with a statement or not. Or ask for their advice or opinions. 

Asking questions makes users feel like they have something valuable to leave in your comments.

7. Run a contest or giveaway

Asking questions and directing users to leave a comment are examples of how to use calls-to-action (CTAs). Contests can be another. Most Instagram contests ask you to leave comments and tag friends to enter. They require commenting as an action to enter the contest. Use that to your advantage.

Everybody loves a good contest or Instagram giveaway so you could garner a lot of attention and get tons of comments on your account. By asking users to tag a friend or two, you also attract new people to your account.

8. Post regularly

The more you post, the more your account appears to be active and relevant to other users. And, per the Instagram algorithm, the more you post, the more your posts will appear on your friends’ and followers’ feeds. 

When you only share content rarely, your posts could get lost amongst others on the feed.

So, posting frequently increases the likelihood of people seeing your posts and commenting or interacting in other ways with them.

9. Find the right posting times

Another posting tip for how to get more comments on Instagram is to optimize your posting time. You have to find the times when your users are most active on the app and your posts get the highest engagement. 

How do you find the best posting times on Instagram? Well, this varies for every brand, industry, niche, geographic location, etc. Preppr comes with a ‘best posting times’ feature to help you figure this out. It helps you determine when you should share your content for the best engagement. Together with the scheduling tool, you can plan posts so they go out at the optimum engagement times.

10. Track the numbers

Another way to learn more about your users’ engagement is to reflect using your analytics. Track your engagement analytics and comment counts to see which of your posts receive the highest number of comments. 

By doing this, you can identify the content types that get you the most interactions. Use this insight to create more of that content for more comments.

Analytics can also teach you about your account’s specific posting times. You can see when your users are more active or gauge when you get the most engagement and start posting at those times, too.

Comments on Instagram

For Comments, The Algorithm Matters!

Comments are a key sign of your engagement and user interactions. Combined with likes and shares, they tell you a lot about your engagement rates and post success. And engagement is what determines how well your posts do on Instagram’s super picky algorithm. Your discoverability on the Explore tab also depends on your post engagement.

To master the algorithm, grow your account, and increase your account visibility, you have to prioritize all engagement. Use these tips for how to increase comments on Instagram to drive up your engagement immediately. You’ll never have to complain about your numbers again… until the next algorithm update, that is!

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