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Quick And Easy Tips To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

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Getting your content onto the Instagram Explore page is like hitting the social media jackpot. But, there just doesn’t seem to be one foolproof way to get this to happen, and the same goes for achieving Explore page status. 

However, there are some little tricks that can make your chances of getting there just a little bit higher! And, luckily for you, we’re gonna take a look at them in this article. So, keep reading!

What Is The Instagram Explore Page?

On the Instagram Explore page, a user can find a combination of picture posts, videos, Stories, Reels, IGTV clips, and Shopping products chosen by Instagram specifically for them. 

Instagram designs each user’s Explore page based on the posts that user has liked and the people they follow. So, it is a display of posts you may enjoy, accounts you’d probably like to check out, and products you may desire. 

The Instagram algorithm decides what goes onto individual Explore feeds using the above factors and others including:

In May 2019, Instagram also introduced a navigation bar to help users find what they were looking for more easily. The navigation categorizes Explore content according to Instagram’s different features including IGTV, Stories, and Shopping, and topics like Science and Tech. 

Why Would You Want To Get On The Instagram Explore Page?

There are many benefits of getting your content onto the Instagram Explore page. These include: 

5 Quick And Easy Tips To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

Find the best times to post on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm places recent posts at the top of its priority list. This means that more of your followers will likely see your post if they are online when you’ve just posted it. Getting high engagement on your post is important for getting it onto the Explore page. 

To take advantage of the Instagram algorithm (and sort of trick it too!), you need to share posts when your followers are online. Have a look at our page on the best times to post on Instagram so you can schedule your posts accordingly, and get the engagement you need to bump you up to Explore!  

See what others are doing right

Of course, as a social media expert, you should already be tracking and keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing online. This means your Explore page should be filled with relevant industry posts. Have a look at the types of industry posts that show up on Explore. 

What do they have in common? What might the algorithm be picking up from them? How do audiences engage with those posts?

Scope the Explore landscape and use social listening to identify content tools, topics, designs, formats, themes, and other aspects that seem to work. Once you’ve done your research, learn from your discoveries to get your content Explore-worthy!

Check out what you’re doing right

Just because you’re not yet on Explore, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. You’ve probably got some posts that are slaying the metrics and receiving massive engagement numbers. 

You need to analyze which posts work and why. Have a look at your metrics and analytics to see which kind of posts your audience enjoys. Perhaps, they enjoy your memes or your candid shots. 

Try and adjust your content strategy so that you share more of the content that people seem to connect with. The boost in engagement that you can get from this can help get you where you want to be – the Explore page.

Jump onto Instagram’s newly-developing features (IGTV and Shoppable)

Instagram is constantly bringing out new and pretty cool features. But sometimes the response just isn’t as great as you might think numbers-wise. IGTV and the Shopping channel haven’t brought in Instagram’s biggest numbers – they’re nowhere close to the impact of Stories on the platform. 

As a result, the social media giant is trying to push both features “aggressively”. This means they are on the lookout for good IGTV and Shopping content to attract more users to these features. 

So, sharing IGTV or Shopping content may give you a better chance to get on that Explore page. But, remember, it still has to be high-quality content!

Advertise on the Instagram Explore page

One way to ensure that you get on Explore is to just bring out the cash money! Instagram allows users to pay for ads to appear on Explore. Unlike the ads that show up on your homepage feed, though, these ads don’t show up right on the Explore feed. Users only see them after they’ve clicked on a post. 

So wouldn’t everybody just buy ads to get on the Instagram Explore page? Well, the ads aren’t a one-time engagement ticket. To reap returns from the Explore ad, you still need to have a great profile with quality posts so that the traffic directed from the ad feels compelled to stick around. 

Bonus tip: Instagram likes extremely visual content on the Explore. So you want to make sure any of the content or tips you use are highly visual!

Get Exploring Today!

Getting onto the Instagram Explore Page is an absolute dream for social media marketing. It allows you to reach new people and drives traffic to your profile. Now, getting there can be quite tricky. But, if you follow these 5 tips and keep smashing out awesome content, then we’re sure you’ll get there!