Make An Instagram Quiz To Engage Your Following (Here’s How To Do It)

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Instagram’s quiz sticker, not to be confused with the questions sticker, is quickly becoming a favorite among users. This free and easy feature is designed to increase engagement by making your stories more interactive by asking your followers multiple-choice questions in a trivia-style format. Sounds fun, right?

What makes this feature even more exciting is that you are able to track the results and learn more about your audience. 

If you’re ready to start engaging with your followers, then we’re here to help! Here is everything you need to know to get started with quiz stickers on Instagram.

How Do Instagram Quiz Stickers Work?

As more and more trends surface every day, Instagram users are forced to stay ahead of the curve. So, people are using Instagram quiz stickers for a variety of things. 

You may want to use them to quiz friends on their political or social opinions. Perhaps you want to find out what types of posts your followers enjoy the most? Or, you could use this feature to create fun little quizzes to see how many people truly know you or your brand! The options are truly limitless.

With just the tap of a few buttons, you can post your specialized quiz stickers to your story, and easily check the answers later to see exactly who voted for what. With up to four multiple-choice questions, you can now engage with your audience on a more intimate level, adding depth to your account or brand.

For your followers, they will simply respond to your quiz by selecting one of the multiple-choice questions. Once they have selected the answer, they will either see a green tick, indicating they have chosen the right answer, or a red cross, meaning they got it wrong. 

Here’s Your Chance To Go Wild!

The possibilities for brand engagement and marketing with Instagram quiz stickers are endless! Because who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge to see if they can get a correct answer? Popping a quick quiz on your stories can boost your engagement significantly! 

Not to mention, you can let your brand’s personality shine through with fun, quirky answer options. Then, you can see how many votes each option received and who voted for what. This truly makes the quiz sticker one of the best ways to engage your audience

First Time Using Instagram Quiz Stickers? Let’s Go Through The Steps…

  1. Take a video or photo 
  2. Click the Instagram quiz sticker button (in the Instagram stories mode)
  3. Give your quiz a name
  4. Type out your questions
  5. Customize your answer options (you have up to four possible answer options)
  6. The correct answer will be highlighted in green once your audience responds
  7. To randomize the questions, you can click the ‘dice’ button on the stories page
  8. You can also customize the color of your quiz by using the color wheel featured at the top of your screen
  9. Once you have done this, the rest is simple. Click the ‘share’ button and wait for the responses to flood in. Seems easy enough!

What makes this feature that much more interesting is that your audience can also see which answer is the most popular choice after they have selected their answer.

Lastly, to view your audience’s answers, swipe up on the viewers list. Here, you can see how many people in total responded to each answer, as well as who chose what answer. 

Different options to choose from for Instagram quiz

Why You Should Be Using The Instagram Quiz Feature

The main reason why you should use this cool feature is that it will help engage your audience. Not only this but it will also boost brand loyalty and awareness at the same time! 

For those looking to become an Instagram Influencer, this feature could be the one to help you reach the top. By using it, you can learn more about your followers and what they like and dislike. 

You can then gain a better and deeper understanding of what your audience cares about and change up your content strategy to reflect that. 

How Will The Instagram Quiz Feature Benefit My Brand?

  • Increases audience engagement
  • Get more in-depth business insights and analytics
  • Help educate your audience about your business or brand
  • Allows you to spread information about causes that are important to you
  • Using this feature for promotions can help build excitement for new products or campaigns

How To Use Instagram Quizzes To Engage Your Followers

So, by now you should be ready to get quizzy! Here are just a few simple ideas to get you started. 

Create A Fun Challenge 

Like we said earlier, you could create a series of quiz questions on your Stories to test your followers on their knowledge of your brand. People love to guess and try to get the answers right. And if they don’t, they’ll most likely be curious about the correct answer and have a go at guessing anyway! 

This is a fantastic way to let your followers know more about you, your brand, and what your values are. Not only will this engage your followers, but it will strengthen your relationship with them too as they start to learn more. 

After all, 39% of users say that Instagram Stories have made them more interested in the brand.

Get Personal!

While it’s a great idea to let your followers get to know you better, you can make quizzes to find out more about them too! Asking deeper questions will give you an idea of what the majority of your followers think about a certain subject. 

Of course, you can’t go super in-depth with only four answer options. But, it’s a useful way to show your audience that you’re interested in their thoughts and opinions. 

Find Out What Your Followers Like About Your Brand Or Products

The Instagram sticker feature is also useful for gaining intel and feedback about your existing products. You can ask your followers what they like most about your products by listing their four top features. That way, you can learn what features or they value the most and use that information for your future product designs.

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It’s Time To Up Your Instagram Game With Quiz Stickers

Today, the reality is quite simple. If your brand is on Instagram, you should be communicating and engaging with your audience as much as possible. 

With quiz stickers, you can interact with your audience on a deeper, more human level. This will help you to add value and depth to your brand. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start quizzing!

And if you’re looking for more fun ideas, check out our top Instagram games.

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