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NEW FEATURE: Schedule Instagram Stories with Preppr

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If you’ve ever handled an Instagram account as a professional, you’ve probably wondered if you can schedule Instagram stories. Wonder no more, because the answer is ‘yes’, thanks to Preppr.

Preppr just launched a fantastic stories’ auto-posting tool, and there are several reasons to get excited. 

In this article, you’re going to discover how to schedule Instagram stories and what other goodies we have in store for you. Plus, since the occasion asks for a toast, we’re going to celebrate all the benefits of auto-posting.

How to auto-post Instagram Stories with Preppr

Say goodbye to spending your free time posting stories, and say hello to Preppr. 

Our auto-scheduling and visual feed planner now offers a simple yet highly-efficient scheduling tool for Instagram Stories. Here’s how you can use it, in just x steps.

  • Open the Preppr dashboard, and from the left-hand menu select the Stories tab.
  • Click on the New Story button at the top of the page.
  • Select Add Media and decide whether you want to upload stories from your computer, Dropbox, Canva, or Unsplash.
  • Upload up to 10 different media, arrange them as you please, and hit Save.
  • Press the Click here to schedule button and select your date and time; Preppr will also recommend three best times to post, ensuring you enjoy the best engagement rates. Once satisfied with your schedule, press Apply.
  • Click the Add to queue button to finalise your scheduling for auto-posting or save your story as a Draft to work on it later.

Why you should schedule Instagram Stories with Preppr

Enjoy your weekends, evenings, and vacations

Stories are Instagram’s most celebrated, used, and loved feature. In recent years, stories have also become a businesses’ favourite, leading to better reach and engagement. 

The only downside? Instagram doesn’t have an embedded scheduling and auto-posting tool for them. And, since stories need to be uploaded far more often than posts, that means social media managers and business owners have to sacrifice weekends, evenings, and even vacation days. Well, no more.

Now you can schedule your Instagram Stories and auto-post them with Preppr. That means you can free up your calendar and tackle the tasks you’ve been postponing.

And, most of all, you can enjoy more of what makes you happy. 

Find the best time to post

On top of enabling you to schedule your Instagram Stories in advance, Preppr also helps you figure out when to do it. 

After analysing more than 14 million posts, Preppr’s proprietary algorithm has figured out what makes Instagram tick. That means that Preppr can, by diving deep into your engagement rates, prompt you with your best times to post. 

With the advent of the new stories scheduling feature, this incredible tool is also available for Instagram Stories. So, not only will you save time, but you’ll also expand your reach and boost your engagement rates by posting on Instagram at the best possible time. 

Upload from Canva

Canva can transform any business owner into a pro designer. In fact, the platform is so fantastic that it even has a free plan. 

With Preppr, you can choose to work on and upload your stories at the same time. By selecting the “Canva” upload option, you’ll be able to design and edit your Instagram Story on the spot. Once you do, upload it to Preppr and schedule it for auto-posting.

You’ll save (even) more time by not being forced to switch between different tools and enjoy a seamless integration.

Since we’re always pushing for that extra mile (and engagement), we plan on upgrading our Stories’ feature constantly. Remember, we’re still Beta, but we’re perfecting every minute, of every hour, of every day.

Our next goal is to introduce the highly-coveted swipe-up link feature and enable you to upload Instagram Stories with links. So stay tuned; we have more awesome features in store for you.

Want more of Preppr?

Preppr was built with you in mind. You — the creator, you — the small business, you — the rising start-up. 

We started by creating a powerful auto-scheduling Instagram tool and visual planner and have expanded to cover Facebook and Twitter. 

Today, we help businesses and creators worldwide reach their engagement goals and win more time to become even more remarkable. 

If you haven’t tried Preppr so far, here’s what features you’ve been missing:

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