Instagram is slaying with its fantastic features. Tons of brands, businesses, and influencers are using the Gram to promote their products and anyone with a side hustle can grow their clientele on the platform. And, if you’re none of the above, you can still take advantage of IG features to make people aware of what you’re getting up to. Swipe Up is a perfect way to do all of this!

With the Swipe Up, you can share links directly to your story. The feature allows your followers to get more information and directs them to the link: YouTube, website, or product shop, basically anything on the web.

Sounds cool, right? 

Unfortunately, the feature is only available to users with 10k+ followers. So, how do you get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k followers? Well, here are 5 ways that you can get the swipe up feature on your Instagram without the numbers. 

The IGTV-Story Combo

With IGTV, users can post longer videos than is allowed on feeds. IGTV’s an awesome space to boost engagement and a fantastic way to use Swipe Up without having 10k followers. Anybody with an Instagram account can do it.

Just follow these steps to get the Swipe Up Instagram Story feature without 10k followers by using IGTV.

  1. Post a call-to-action video to IGTV. The video has to be at least 1 minute long. If uploaded from the app, the maximum length is 15 minutes, but it can be 60 minutes from the web. To upload, click on the IGTV symbol on your profile. Tap on the (+) and choose the video you want to upload. Add a quirky, attention-grabbing title and a sprinkle of emojis. Post!
  1. Now to get the info onto your story. Post a relevant story telling your followers about the IGTV video and that they need to swipe up to see it. For example, “Hi, guys. I have been using this amazing Instagram scheduling platform called Preppr! Swipe up to watch the video showing you how it’s leveled up my account and to check out their website.”
  1. At the top of your screen, click on the link icon. Select “+IGTV Select” and choose the correct IGTV post (from #1). Now, the IGTV is linked to your story. Your followers will be able to swipe to get the deets about Preppr.
Post on Instagram


The easiest way to share your link on Instagram is on your bio. Like IGTV, everybody can do this. Once you’ve put your link in your bio, you can direct people there by asking them to check out the link using your stories, feed posts, and IGTV. You can also just type #LinkInBio!

Get Sticky with Story Stickers

There are quite a few Instagram stickers you can use to get the swipe up feature without the required followers. 

Thumbs up or down? Do you like it or not? Poll stickers are used to get people to make simple votes on your story. You can share a product, ideas, pictures, or just how you’re feeling about something and ask your followers for their input. Ask them if they would like to receive the link to your latest blog post and DM it to all the people who say yes.  

The Join Chat sticker creates a group chat connected to your story. Anybody interested in what you’ve posted on your story can click on it to join the chat room. Type something like “Link in chat” or “Join chat for link.”

You can share the link with a maximum of 32 people in the group. But, there is no limit on how many groups you can create. So, you can put stickers on different stories, allowing you to share your link with more people at the same time!

Finally, at the end of 2021, Instagram released a Link sticker! See: how to add a link to your Instagram Story.

Spend Some Moola

If you can afford to pay, go right ahead. You don’t need 10k followers to get the swipe-up feature with paid Instagram Story ads. The ads promote your story, and the Swipe Up feature is part of the package. 

Paid Story Ads have their restrictions. You can only post stories that are 15 seconds long. Some app features and stickers like the @mentions sticker can’t be used on promoted stories. Poll stickers are available, though. 

Let Your Followers Slide Into Your DMs

It seems super simple, but it’s seriously effective. We promise. Even big influencers and companies still ask their users to DM them when they want to share a link. 

The whole point of Swipe Up is to promote your link, right? Telling your followers to DM you to get the link is a quick and easy way to get the perks of the swipe up feature without the followers. 

While it does take some manual labor to send links individually, it’s one of the best ways to share your content, products, or news with your followers until you hit that 10k mark. If you want some tips and tricks on how to get there faster, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide to 10,000 followers!

Achieve success

And That’s It! 

No matter which tip you use to get the swipe up feature without 10k followers, it is important to draw their attention to swiping up! Place an arrow pointing down at the tab. Put in text urging them to “Swipe Up.” If it’s a video, tell them they can find the link by swiping up. 

You now have all the tips on how to get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k followers without worrying about scavenging for new followers. That’s just the beginning. 

It’s time for you to get creative on how to get them to swipe up and not left! Swiping left means they’re moving on and that’s just not what you want.


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