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10 Tips To Become More Famous On Instagram

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We all want to know the secret recipe for how to become famous on Instagram. Is it two spoons of personality and five tbsps of an interesting life? What exactly does it take to become Insta-famous?

We’re breaking all the myths about what it takes to have a successful IG account in this blog. Becoming an IG celeb actually requires very practical steps. As a brand, small business or aspiring influencer, you can follow these steps to boost your following and become famous. And it’s not as hard as you think!

10 Tips To Boost Your Following And Get More Famous On Instagram

Here are our top ten tips for how to become famous on Instagram:

1. Nail Your Brand

The basis of your Instagram account is your brand and branding. 

Instagram is an extension or part of your brand’s marketing and that should be clear. Your Instagram branding shouldn’t be isolated from your other marketing but you can also design an IG personality for your Instagram.

Each social media platform is different and tailored branding for IG will help you connect to your audience there. 

A clear branding guide will also give you the foundation for all your content and interactions on the app.

2. Know Your Niche/Audience

Instagram caters to a wide range of audiences and various industries and brands use it to target their specific audiences. This makes it important to create a focus for your account. 

Don’t just go with the flow. Know who you’re trying to reach.

Knowing your audience and having a select niche will help you design your content, account, and more. 

Having a clear target market means you’ll be able to design a unique online experience that other users value. 

It’s a conversation of quality vs quantity. A niche reaps quality followers who will stick around because your content and branding cater directly to them.

3. Optimize Your Profile

Your account profile is your IG home page and the first place potential users will see when they find you on the platform.

Optimizing your profile is an essential step to becoming famous on Instagram. Users will analyze your profile and use it to decide if they want to follow you.

4. Make Your Instagram Visible

Nobody will know about your awesome profile and account if you don’t tell them about it. 

Share your Instagram link to other social media accounts and digital platforms like your website. 

Cross-post content and actively remind your customers to follow your IG. Visibility will earn you followers through awareness.

5. Collaborate

Social media is all about community. If you’re not hitting the follower or awareness numbers you want, work with and learn from people who are. 

Collaborate with brands doing things you like online. Work with influencers and other accounts. Find experts in your industry and include them in your content.

Collaborating with others gives you access to their following. You can attract their followers to your account.

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6. Don’t Buy Followers

Never, ever, EVER buy followers. Like we said above, social media is a community sport. And no authentic community has ever been built on bribery.

Having a large number of followers and an inactive profile is a clear sign to new followers that these aren’t genuine followers. It will turn potential followers away. 

Also, fake followers won’t engage with your posts, make purchases, or share your stuff. They simply don’t add value to your page. You end up just having the follower account but no one knows about or cares for your content… And that is not fame!

7. Be Consistent

In all you do on IG, stay consistent. Social media users like to know what they can expect from your page. 

For example, they follow your account based on your aesthetic or offerings, or content. They know what they want. When you become inconsistent with things like branding, it confuses your audience and you can lose your followers.

One way to check if your account’s vibe is steady and constant is to use a feed previewer. You can check how all your content looks altogether.

8. Schedule Posts

Scheduling posts is one way to promote consistency and a fantastic tip for how to become famous on Instagram. 

When you schedule posts consistently using the best posting times for IG, your content is more likely to show up on the IG algorithm. The more you post and the more users engage with your content, the higher you get on the algorithm.

With scheduled posts, users also start to recognize when they can expect new content from you. They know when to check in and engage more with your stuff. Use an Instagram scheduler to make this easy for you to sustain.

9. Make Great Content

You can do the most on Instagram but if your content isn’t banging, nobody’s sticking around. 

So, what’s the trick for how to become famous on Instagram? Make great content!

People gravitate towards exciting and awesome content and are more likely to share it. Having great content is a surefire way to increase awareness of your account.

Knowing your audience and observing your competition will help you make more content that works for your niche.

10. Reflect

The last thing to do when learning how to become famous on Instagram is to reflect consistently.

Run your account like a business. Be analytical. Check your insights. 

The data will show you what works and what doesn’t for your content. It will guide you on which content receives the most interaction, the demographics of your audience, and more.

Use your analytics to revise your strategy, including branding and content to ensure you’re giving your audience the content that they want. 

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Not-So-Instant Insta-Famous

Very few brands go viral online. Instant fame is a rare (and often short-lived) thing. To steadily grow your brand within an authentic audience, the key is consistency. 

Mastering how to become famous on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. You need to keep trying and maintain constant, creative content.

Use these tips to grow your following and get your account on its way to being the next, big thing on the ‘Gram.

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