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Losing Followers On Instagram? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons Why

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You’ve realized you are losing followers on Instagram. You’ve tried everything you can think of, and nothing has made a positive impact. Or, you think you have done everything right (and by the book), so what could be wrong? 

If you have ever wondered, “why am I losing followers on Instagram?” you’ve come to the right place. 

Below, we dive deep into reasons why your audience isn’t following you anymore and provide some solutions for you to remedy the situation too. 

Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram? 8 Main Reasons

Here are the main reasons you could be losing followers on Instagram: 

1. Removal of Fake Followers 

Fake accounts on social media platforms are a growing trend. And this may sound really attractive… You buy some followers to increase your follower count in the hopes that others will join the herd mentality and also follow you. While this is possibly great in the short term, you’ll be caught out. 

Instagram cracks down on these fake follower networks. Called an Instagram purge, the platform’s anti-spam algorithm and detection methods update and result in your loss of followers. 

The solution 

Don’t rely on bots and apps to grow your following. Rather continue posting great, engaging content. Fake followers don’t get any value from your Insta page. 

Technically, beyond an ego stroke, you don’t get any value either. Fake followers can’t buy your product or service, visit your site, or engage with your content. 

2. Too Much of a Promotional Marketing Strategy 

No person loves the in-your-face marketing strategies some companies implement to try to boost their sales. This includes over-the-top sales copy and discount coupon offers, which probably just makes your brand seem desperate for a sale – a position that isn’t likely to attract any potential customers

The solution 

Promote your products and services, but ensure promotional content is toned down. You want to rather focus on interesting and entertaining posts. 

Consider lifestyle messages in which you highlight the benefits of the product, how it solves pain points, and how it performs. 

Give your audience a backstage pass to how you run your business, where the ideas behind the products and services originate, how these become a reality, and more. 

3. Posting a Lot 

If you post lots of Instagram posts too frequently, then your followers may feel overwhelmed. Like with the over-the-top marketing strategy we spoke of above, too many posts in a short span of time seems desperate. 

The solution 

How often you post should work for your brand. You can only find the sweet spot by experimenting, not listening to the social media gurus. You can use what they say as guidelines, but tweak things until you find what works for you. 

Try posting 2-3 times a week for a while and then start to increase how often you post. Check your numbers and see whether post engagement and follows decline or increase when you start to post more. 

Use Preppr to schedule your Instagram posts and our software can suggest the best times to post. 

4. Posting Too Little 

Just like with posting too frequently, posting too little or not posting at all can also result in you losing followers. If there is no new content, your followers may think they are following an account that’s been abandoned. This leads to unfollows. 

The solution 

Continuously work on content and look at evergreen content too. If you get too busy, then work on content creation during the quiet times and schedule your posts so there is always something new on your Instagram feed. 

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5. Using Software or Bots to Get More Likes, Followers, and Comments 

According to the Platform Policy, Instagram forbids the use of software to post content (including likes and comments) to Instagram that does not originate from an Instagram user. 

Using such software to create a higher engagement rate could lead to your account being shadowbanned or deleted. 

The solution 

Only use software that abides by Instagram’s Platform Policy – like Preppr.  

And don’t use software or bots for likes, comments, or follows. While it may seem convenient and an easy way to grow, it’s just not worth it and it doesn’t help you in the long run.

6. Inappropriateness 

If your followers feel that your content is irrelevant, whether it is the tone, imagery, or something else, they’ll unfollow you in a heartbeat. 

The solution 

The solution here is tricky. What people deem to be inappropriate depends on them, your audience. 

Imagine this scenario:

Your business is all about eco-friendliness and reducing carbon footprints. However, you post content about your jet-setting lifestyle instead of content about recycling. Your audience will either eat you alive with negative comments or they will unfollow you. Or both. 

The solution would be to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What do they expect from your brand? 

Answer this question by understanding who your followers are. Also build a consistent brand tone and voice that sets the bar for your brand. 

7. It’s a Glitch 

There have been instances in the past where accounts lost followers for hours or days because of an Instagram glitch. 

The solution 

Google “Instagram glitch” and see if anything pops about people suddenly losing followers. If this is the case, then the solution is to wait. 

The team at Instagram will be on it and fix whatever is wrong. Soon, your following will be back. 

8. Incorrect Hashtags 

Using hashtags correctly is a key way to make your profile more discoverable. Not using hashtags or not using them right may result in a drop in followers and engagement.

Remember, if you use banned hashtags for a post, that post won’t appear on your feed. 

The solution 

Use a hashtag app to help you with the best hashtags to use for your Insta posts. Also, don’t stuff your post full of hashtags or use irrelevant hashtags.

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Final Thoughts

When you lose followers on your Instagram account, it isn’t always your fault. Knowing it is simply a glitch or the platform purging fake follower networks means you don’t need to panic. 

However, if you post too much or too little, use incorrect hashtags, or create in-your-face promotional or inappropriate content, then you need to act on the solutions we’ve shared with you above and start growing your profile authentically. 

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