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6 Gen Z Marketing Tactics For Social Media

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Gen Z marketing is not an easy field to compete in. The Gen Z demographic is about more than just getting your product in people’s faces or making sales. 

Consumers from this 1996 to 2010 generation prioritize other things when deciding where to spend their money. This includes your brand’s values, personality, social causes, and authenticity.

Want to know how to boost your Gen Z marketing on social media? We’ve got six tips to help you nail your brand’s relationship with this audience.

Who Is Gen Z?

Gen Z includes everybody born between 1996 and 2010. But, Gen Z is about more than just when you were born. It’s also about mindset and value system.

Gen Z has grown up in a tech-forward driven by open communication, visibility, and more. They have everything at the tip of their fingers at all times. This makes Gen Z the most diverse audience to market to. They value convenience and accessibility in an era of quick gratification and social media.

“Gen Z shoppers value excellent customer service – they are 60% more likely than any other generation to hang up the phone if a business doesn’t answer in 45 seconds.”

They also have strong social stances. Gen Z opposes traditional institutions and systems, championing inclusivity and individualism.

This social consciousness (driven by political and economic awareness) influences how you should approach Gen Z marketing. Combined with the desire for convenience and the access and knowledge available through tech, traditional marketing techniques can’t work with Gen Z consumers.

Instead, you should try to be more transparent, socially driven, and tech-conscious in your marketing. These are some of the characteristics we’ll focus on in the tips below.

6 Gen Z Marketing Tips To Up Your Social Media Game

Here are the six tips you can use to make your brand’s social media marketing relevant to Gen Z:

Take Entertainment Seriously

49% of Gen Z participants in a Morning Consult report shared that they access their news from social media platforms. There’s even been a rise in the number of people sharing that they find information on TikTok rather than Google. TikTok has actually outranked Google as the most popular website! 

This tells us that entertainment and social media content are NEWS! 

So, to get more Gen Z users invested in your brand’s social media presence, you want to be entertaining.

Plus, remember you’re working with the “convenience + instant gratification” era. 

Make sure you grab their attention from the beginning by being entertaining. But also remember that entertainment can be informational and provide value. It’s all about brilliant content creation.

Gen Z girl holding a mini camera

What’s Your Personality?

Gone are the days when all you needed for successful branding was a professional, sleek, perfect personality. What works now is nuance and bold individualism. 

What is your brand about? Answer this question and answer it boldly. 

With a firm brand voice, you’ll attract the right audience and win over followers online.

Be Honest, Transparent, & Authentic

Avoid smokescreens, attempts to spin mistakes, and ingenuine posts and statements. This is the generation that will call you out on any inconsistencies.

Make sure everything you share on social media reflects your brand values and personality. 

Be authentic and honest and when there are any mistakes, take accountability. This is how you’ll win their hearts as Lizzo did. When she was called out for ableist lyrics on her latest track, she admitted her mistake, took accountability, and retracted the faulty lyrics.

Back A Cause

Part of the authenticity and transparency that Gen Zs expect from your brand has to do with your social issues. This is no time to ‘stay neutral’ when it comes to current affairs, politics, and other societal areas. Your Gen Z buyer will definitely notice this. 

Generation Z is all about backing and promoting a good cause via social media. And they want to see the brands they support doing the same. After all, they align themselves to brands according to values and beliefs so your standing on social issues should be clear. 

Use your social media to clarify your viewpoints and make bold statements.

Establish A Community

A cool personality and specific values and beliefs are how you find your circle IRL. And it’s the same online, too. Tech and the digital space are central to the lives of Gen Zs. Social media is one of the major ways that they connect with new people, create like-minded connections, and meet their tribe.

You can leverage this by building an online community of users that have the same values as your brand. Do this by engaging more with Gen Z users online, liking and commenting on their content, etc. You can also run polls and collect feedback that can help you with branding, service provision, and product promotion. 

Prioritize Collaborations

Another great way to build connections and community is to work with other users online. Sure, big-time influencer marketing is an option but it would be more effective to work with other accounts and brands that have the same public values as you. 

Choose artists, creatives, content creators, experts, activists, etc that authentically match your brand personality. Again, you want to be authentic and stick to the vibe you create in your community.

By working with partners that are known and trusted by their community, you can build trust in your own. You also increase the value you provide to them by giving them expert content at the click of the button.

Three Gen Z girls

Going For Gold With Gen Z!

Getting your Gen Z marketing right on social media opens up the potential to expand your brand, increase profits, and enhance longevity. Gen Z is the now and the future so you want to master how you work with them.

The tips above can help you with the ‘now’ – focusing on how you engage with them on social media as it is today. But, the digital landscape is constantly changing and some of what works today may not cut it tomorrow. 

What we do know, however, is that you can’t go wrong with genuine engagement that shows that you care about your customers and the world. And that’s what Gen Z is all about!

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