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10 Instagram Posting Tips For Growing Your Following

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Looking for Instagram posting tips to help you get the best out of your account? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got you! 

As with other social media platforms, using Instagram is an on-the-job learning experience. The more you post and grow your account, the better you’ll become at it. 

But, there are some basic Instagram posting tips you should implement in your strategy… 

10 Instagram Posting Tips To Get More Followers

Create amazing content

There’s nothing like quality content to get other Instagram users hooked onto your page. When your followers (or potential followers) see great and captivating posts from you, they’ll want to come back for more.

So, the first thing to get right is WHAT you post. Learn about your audience and the kind of content they like by doing keyword research and stalking similar pages to yours to see what they post. 

Another way to gauge successful posts is to just experiment with different kinds of content and monitor those with the higher stats. From there, you can create more similar posts.

Find the best times to post

The next thing to think about is the WHEN. With the nitty-gritty of the Instagram algorithm, it’s important to know the best times for you to post content. There are times when people are most active on the platform or when your posts are most likely to get the most engagement. 

These can be general times taken from our research into Instagram posting times. Or they can be specific times tailored to your account and follower activity. With our scheduler, we can develop your profile’s posting times and automate your posting to match them.

Post consistently

Continuing from the ‘when’, the frequency or regularity of your posting also matters. You don’t want to make your posts a rare occasion, leading to other users losing interest in your account. Yet, you also need to avoid posting too often in an annoyingly overwhelming kind of way. 

Striking the balance, again, requires you to do a bit of research. We suggest keeping your posts to 3 to 4 times a week, 1-2 times a day.

To maintain regular posting, you can schedule up to a month’s worth of content on Preppr. That way, you don’t have to do the work of uploading content at specific times each day.

Know your followers

As mentioned, knowing your audience and what they want from you can help guide the content you create as well as when you share it. But there are other benefits to learning more about other users.

For example, doing consistent audience research can help you identify trends that you can follow on Instagram.

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Leverage Instagram’s different features/content types

Lucky for you, Instagram also makes it easier for you to create dynamic and engaging content. With the range of IG features available, you need only pick the one that suits your content strategy’s aims or even use a combination of content types at once. 

For example, you can post something on your feed and, later on, share a preview of the post to your IG Story, too. By leveraging different Instagram features, you can take one piece of content and stretch it creatively, giving it longevity.

Caption cleverly

When you’re trying to really make the most of your Instagram profile, you need to nail every little detail of your Instagram posting. This goes from the holistic look and feel of your feed right down to the words (or emojis) you wrap like a bow on top of your post. A great caption can literally take your post to the next level.

Think of your caption like the punch line in a joke. It can make or break the moment. It can be the difference between gaining a new follower or losing someone who could have been one.


A must-include Instagram posting element is a good hashtag. Not only does it make your content memorable, but it can also make your Instagram more discoverable to new users. 

If users search for a hashtag on the Explore page, they can find your post and your account. This leads them to your profile which can encourage them to follow you if they like what they see.

Monitor your analytics and stats

Engagement and other insights can help you learn which of your posts perform the best. By monitoring your analytics, you can develop more of the same kind of stuff. Consistently tracking your analytics will also allow you to see when there are changes in the kinds of content that people enjoy. 

For example, more and more people may enjoy watching videos at a given time, but, next thing you know, there’s a rise in social audio that leads to more people wanting audio content. 

You can learn these shifts from your Instagram Insights.


More minds are better than one, right? Right! 

Brand collaborations are a fantastic way to reach new users and attract people to your account. You can work with other similar accounts, influencers, content creators, brands, etc. Just find people whose vision aligns with yours and who have an audience you’d like to reach.

The fantastic thing is that your collaborators’ followers already trust them so it automatically builds trust in your brand. 


Lastly, you can draw new followers from your other accounts. Cross-post content on your Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, website, etc. That way, you make it easy for your visitors on those platforms to find your Instagram account and follow you there, too. You can also increase traffic to your profile. 

The easiest way to get started with this Instagram posting tip is to include a link to your Instagram on all important profiles for users to find at their convenience.

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Getting posting right is the best way to conquer IG. And trust us, there is a right way to post! With the Instagram posting tips in this article, you’re now a master of IG posting. You’re also primed to grow your following as these posting techniques are aimed at audience growth. 

Ready… Steady… Post!

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