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Go-to Guide For Creating A Facebook Content Strategy

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All your business’ social media accounts are distinct and require different approaches. Your Facebook content strategy can never be the same as your Twitter or TikTok strategies.

Each platform has a market type, content form, and other variables that make it unique. Your brand’s job is how to take advantage of its uniqueness for your marketing.

And with Facebook, there are tons of things to take advantage of. The social media giant has evolved so much from just being the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg. Today, it is the digital home for many brands and businesses and the most popular social network with about 2.9 billion active monthly users.

Here are 8 tips to help you master your use of this digital space with a fantastic Facebook content strategy.

8 Tips To Create A Winning Facebook Content Strategy

Here’s how you can create an amazing and efficient Facebook content strategy.

1. Define Your Facebook Goals

Different brands use Facebook for varying reasons and aims. Some use it as the primary platform to reach customers or to sell products directly from the marketplace. Others use it to increase reach and awareness, engage customers more directly, or draw customers to your website.

By defining your goals for the platform, you can ensure that all aspects of your strategy help you achieve them.

2. Be Consistent

Once you’ve established the aims of your Facebook use, you’ll want to keep ‘consistency’ as your driving value at all times. The desire to create a consistent space should always be at the back of your mind. This refers to a consistent voice and brand message and content.

Consistency is how you will find your people on Facebook and keep them interested in your brand’s Page.

3. Schedule Posts/Create A Content Calendar

One aspect of this ‘consistency’ mindset is regular posting. 

Posting daily (or even twice daily) creates an expectation from your audience and keeps them coming to your Page. They know you’ll be posting so they know to look out for your stuff. 

Posting regularly also helps you appear to more people on the Facebook algorithm. Even if users miss your post at one time, they can catch another later.

To gain this sense of content regularity, create a content calendar with planned posts and times. Use a post scheduler to make sure posts go out at the right time and you never forget and mess up the rhythm.

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4. Match Your Brand Personality

Your Facebook persona or Page feel should not be foreign to the rest of your brand. It should match your overall brand values, vision, personality, and message. Again, remain consistent!

You can, however, distinguish your Facebook persona and tone from other social media platforms. 

It’s like how we have different star signs in our birth chart with completely different vibes, right? TikTok could be a funky Gemini moon, while Facebook could cater to your grounded Taurus sun. But, they’re all different sides to one person.

Learn how your audience engages on Facebook and tailor your Facebook voice to them, while still aligning with your brand overall.

5. Highlight Products Or Services

Facebook has created a range of features dedicated to the promotion of brand products and services. For example, the Marketplace is a space where users can sell goods and Pages act as home pages for brands.

Using Facebook features to center and highlight your offerings should be at the core of your Facebook content strategy.

6. Research & Use Facebook Features

This leads us to the next tip for creating a Facebook content plan: relying on the features. Facebook has come a long way from what it used to be and now has a diverse suite of features to use for content creation.

You can create and share an eclectic collection of content from Stories and videos, to polls and surveys. Facebook even launched live audio rooms to capitalize on the rise in social audio. 

An important part of your Facebook content strategy is to keep up with new features and updates and use developments creatively. Not only does this show innovation, but it also keeps your audience excited about what you’ll do next.

7. Master Video Content Creation

One form of content you should prioritize is video content

Videos help you balance different content forms and bring your products or services to life. In a single video, you can combine text, images, and audio, and allude to smells, tastes, and textures. This helps you stand out and grab the audience’s attention.

Videos are also a highly evocative and emotive tool that you can use to make your audience feel connected to your brand. 

The power of video is clear from the stats: video traffic will have grown by 75% between 2017 and 2022.

8. Take Advantage Of The Meta Family

Through the establishment of Meta, Facebook is now the oldest sibling in a closely-knit social media family. Instagram and WhatsApp are the younger siblings and all three play well together. That is to say, Facebook supports the linking of your account to your Instagram and WhatsApp. Consider this in your Facebook content strategy.

For example, you can now create Facebook ads with a WhatsApp button. Users can click on the image itself to chat to your business via WhatsApp.

Leveraging Meta’s ownership of various platforms helps you create consistency across these spaces. It also allows you to build a fantastic omnichannel customer experience.

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Finding Your Facebook Flow!

Creating your Facebook content strategy is a little like preparing for a marathon. You need to set your goals, make a plan for how you will meet them, organize your training time, and execute. 

To achieve your goals and stay on track, you have to stay consistent. That is the only way to develop a running pace or rhythm. 

Consistency helps you find your flow on Facebook. This is the basis of your Facebook strategy. Everything else is built around it. Use these tips and steps for creating your strategy to help you get to the finish line.

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