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53 Instagram Poll Questions to Engage Your Followers

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It’s great if you just want to increase how many followers you have on your Instagram account. However, a high engagement rate indicates that you are sharing valuable content that people are paying attention to. Moreover, they interact with your content, which is the equivalent of getting gold stars in school. 

More engagement means growth, which in turn, leads to a bigger audience. 

One way to naturally connect with your followers and get them engaging is through Instagram Story Questions, Quiz, or Poll questions. 

The poll sticker on Instagram lets your followers choose either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. So, it’s best for asking very straightforward yes/no questions or having them choose between two options. 

Alternatively, you can use the Quiz sticker to give them some multiple choice answers to pick from. However, you’ll need to highlight one as correct. So, just be sure to let your followers know that there is no right answer but that you had to put one in. 

Now, what Instagram poll questions can you ask? Well, we’re glad you are wondering. 

53 Instagram Story and Poll Questions To Engage Your Followers

Here are some great poll questions you can ask on Instagram to get to know and engage with your following. Feel free to adjust the answers or tweak the questions to suit your style or your business.

Humorous Questions 

  1. If you were an animal, what would you be? 

A) Chinese Crested Dog 

B) Giant Flemish Rabbit 

C) Fire-Breathing Dragon 

D) Unicorn 

  1. Who do you think should run for president?

A) Beyonce 

B) Oprah Winfrey 

C) The Rock 

D) Leonardo DiCaprio 

  1. How detailed-oriented are you? 

A) Very 

B) Not so muhc (see what we did there ;))

C) It depends 

Would You Rather … 

  1. Would you rather

A) Have ice cream 

B) Eat a donut 

C) Opt for a salad 

  1. Would you rather 

A) Work from home 

B) Work at the office 

C) Work at a coffee shop 

  1. Would you rather 

A) Fly

B) Read minds 

C) Be Superman-strong 

D) Be invisible 

  1. Would you rather 

A) Bungee jump

B) Skydive

C) Dive with sharks 

Your Favorite 

  1. What’s your favorite social media platform

A) Instagram 

B) Facebook

C) TikTok

D) LinkedIn 

  1.  What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 

A) Chocolate 

B) Vanilla 

C) Rocky Road 

D) Pecan Salted Caramel 

  1. What’s your favorite holiday? 

A) Christmas 

B) New Year’s 

C) 4th of July 

D) Thanksgiving 

  1. What’s your favorite sleeping position? 

A) On your side

B) On your tummy 

C) On your back 

D) Cuddled up next to your dog 

This or That Instagram Poll Questions

  1. . What do you prefer? 

A) Hamburgers 

B) Pizza 

  1. Where would you like to live? 

A) Countryside 

B) City 

  1. What do you prefer to watch? 

A) TV series 

B) Movies 

  1. What do you prefer to drink? 

A) Water 

B) Soda 

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  1.  If you could have one, what would you choose? 

A) Personal trainer 

B) Personal chef 

C) Personal makeup artist 

D) Personal assistant 

  1. What food do you like the least? 

A) Brussels sprouts 

B) Mushrooms 

C) Olives 

D) Stinky tofu 

  1. How would you spend your ideal weekend? 

A) Shopping with all the money in the world 

B) Chilling and drinking cocktails at the beach 

C) Sightseeing natural and man-made wonders 

  1. What’s your favorite color this year? 

A) Magenta 

B) Teal

C) Emerald 

D) Coral 

  1. What’s your favorite make-up item? 

A) Concealer 

B) Lipstick/gloss 

C) Mascara 

D) Eyeliner 

Getting to Know Me 

  1.  What’s my favorite movie? 

A) Me Before You

B) Independence Day 

C) Mamma Mia 

D) Enchanted 

  1. Where do I love to chill? 

A) In the mountains 

B) By a lake

C) In my living room 

D) On a beach 

  1.  Do I? 

A) Spend money 

B) Save money 

  1.  How old am I?

A) In my 20s 

B) In my 30s

C) In my 40s 

D) In my 50s 

  1. What am I scared of? 

A) Dogs 

B) Spiders 

C) Snakes 

D) Coyotes 

Open-Ended Questions 

For these, you can either use the question sticker or use the quiz sticker to give some options to choose from. 

  1.  Which [sports team] will win [name of match or sporting event, e.g. the Super Bowl]?
  1. Who do you think will win [Lead Actor/Actress] in a [Drama Movie] at the Academy Awards? 
  1. Who do you think will take home the Grammy for the [most popular artist]? 
  1. What are you thankful for at this moment? 
  1. When you were a kid, what was your dream profession? 
  1. If you could time travel, where would you go and what would you like to see? And why? 
  1. What can’t you live without? 
  1. Who motivates you? 
  1. If I give you $2,000, what will you spend it on? 
  1. What’s your favorite app on your phone? 
  1. What’s one movie and TV series you can watch over and over again? 
  1. What are some weird questions to ask to get to know someone? 
  1. What would you tell the 18-year-old version of yourself? 
  1. What’s the best compliment you ever received? 
  1. What’s your real-life superpower?

Relate It to Your Industry (Using The Questions Sticker)

  1. Give us your top 5 tips about _____. 
  1. What topics would you like us to cover on our blog? 
  1. What is your weakest _____ skill? 
  1. Do you have any questions about _____? 
  1. If we host a 30 min live Q&A, what would you ask? 
  1. What’s your strongest skill? 
  1. What would you like to see from us (next season, next year)? 
  1. What product or service do you wish we offered? Why? 

Do You Want To (Yes/No Answers)

Do you want to…

49. …learn how to create and launch a successful e-course? 

50. …be healthier? 

51. …learn more about how to develop healthy habits? 

52. …learn more about XZY product or service?

53. …see a live tutorial on how to use our product or service?

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Start Asking Some Instagram Poll Questions!

Creating Instagram poll questions and fun quizzes is a fun way to use Instagram’s’ stickers to engage with your audience. Plus, you get to know your followers so you can tailor your content to fit their needs and continue to provide value. 

Remember to be creative with the questions. You can do industry-related questions, fun questions, and even some weird ones to catch your followers’ attention.

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