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The Ultimate Daily Checklist For Social Media

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To-do list, daily task list, social media checklist – whatever you want to call it, a checklist is a useful way of making sure that you get things done. Managing a brand or business’s social media takes dedicated focus. This means you need a dedicated day-to-day guide to help you oversee what happens on all your social media platforms so that you get the most out of them. 

Stay on top of your socials by bringing together all the tasks that go into a successful social media plan with one simple daily checklist. 

What A Daily Checklist Does For Your Social Media Strategy

A daily checklist can help you do the following for your social media management: 

  • Stay organized and up-to-date
  • Plan your daily content
  • Meet deadlines
  • Make sure tasks are completed
  • Maintain coherence and consistency
  • Help you prioritise and plan your day

Using a daily checklist helps you with the administrative aspects of your social media marketing. These tasks form the bedrock that supports the inspirational, fun, and creative side of social media! 

The Ultimate Daily Checklist For Social Media

1. Wrap Up Yesterday’s Tasks

You may have some leftover work from the day before – a direct message to respond to, an Instagram order to fulfill…

Spend the start of your day making sure you’ve dealt with these tasks so that you can start the day afresh. 

2. Check Your DMs

You never want to keep customers waiting. And, you also don’t want to miss out on business opportunities that may have slid into your DMs overnight. Check your messages to see if you have any new communications, and respond to them instantly. 

You should also keep an eye out for notifications throughout the day. Fast responses are key for brands and businesses online.

3. Respond To Engagements

It’s also important to respond to engagements on your social media. Check your mentions (stuff you’re tagged in, or mentioned in, etc) and respond with a like, share, retweet, or another form of engagement depending on the platform. Also, respond to comments left under your previous posts. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t get tagged in every chat relating to your brand online. So, you must take your engagement monitoring a step further and track keywords, like your brand name, in hashtags and posts. 

4. Work On Your Social Media Calendar

Having dealt with urgent communications from your customers, followers, and other users, you can now focus on what your day looks like as a social media manager. A social media calendar is an important tool that every community manager should use! 

It will give you an idea of the day ahead, including scheduled posts, live posts, and upcoming deadlines or priority tasks. Your calendar will also guide you on any new content you have to create on that day! 

Working on social media calendar

5. Check Out Your Competitor’s Profiles

To create smashing social media content that’s relevant, you have to stay updated on what’s happening around you. One way to do this is by scoping your competitor’s accounts. Be critical but open when viewing competitor profiles. Take note of things that work for them and how they connect effectively with their audience. 

Use your observations to hone your strategy and connect better with your followers, but don’t try and copy what your competitors are doing. Rather adapt it to suit your branding and audience!

6. Keep Tabs On Industry Accounts

Another way to stay relevant is by keeping your eye on industry accounts like industry experts, influencers, etc. Find out what they’re talking about and what trends they’re engaging with. Take note of them and think about how you can incorporate them into your social media – maybe even on the same day because some social trends pass by quicker than you can blink!

7. Explore The Explore Page

Most social media platforms have an Explore page, or something similar, where you can search for content. On Twitter, for example, tapping on the magnifying glass will bring you to a page where you conduct searches or check out the trending conversations and hashtags. It’s the same on Instagram. 

The Explore function is your best friend when trying to find out what people are talking about. Look at top hashtags, and search for industry-relevant hashtags. See what people are talking about or engaging with. Let your discoveries guide your content and what you share that day or add to your post schedule. 

8. Discover Social Media Keywords

Keywords work much like hashtags because they can help you keep track of relevant updates and trends in your industry. Track your keywords every day using a keyword search tool, like Ahrefs or Semrush, to see if any new relevant trends are popping up. 

9. Engage With Someone New

You can get comfortable with the same old audience on social media. Our advice – don’t! 

Set a goal in your daily checklist to engage with a new account or profile each day. This can happen organically as you respond to DMs and mentions or browse your explore page. If not, just pick an account from your followers’ followers and leave a like or comment. Instantly, that’s one more person who is aware of your business!

10. Communicate With Your People

Successful social media accounts take teamwork in one way or another. Touch base with the people involved in your social media processes, including your team (if you have one), business’s marketing or branding person, designers, videographers, the influencers you work with, etc. 

Doing this every day or two ensures accountability and productivity. You monitor whether people are fulfilling their tasks, and meeting their deadlines. Basically, this is to make sure they’re all focused on making your brand thrive!

Social media team

Start Checking Off That Daily Checklist

Social media management is a huge lesson in multi-tasking. You’re overseeing numerous accounts on different platforms. And, you have to ensure the success of various processes like research, content creation, branding, campaign management, report drafting, and on, and on. 

Working with a daily checklist helps you manage all these elements, and make sure they all get done! Perhaps, more importantly, it can help you feel in control and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Start using this social media checklist. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you can reflect on your day’s achievements!

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