Instagram marketing is far from being a new thing, but you can always make it better and design better campaigns. Instagram is getting increasingly popular among younger audiences, thus giving you the chance to approach new customers using the channel that perfectly suits their demands.

According to the report, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media and it attracts more than a billion users worldwide. You should take advantage of it to raise brand awareness, improve customer relationships, generate fresh leads, and skyrocket conversions in the long run.

But are you really able to do it? If you are not sure, you should keep reading this article as we are going to present you with nine ways to make your next Instagram marketing campaign dazzle.

How to Execute a Standout Instagram Campaign

The good thing about Instagram is that it fits all types of brands and businesses, no matter how big or small. It can also host different types of campaigns. Jake Gardner, one of the professional essay writers, explains the most popular campaigns on Instagram:

  • Awareness campaigns: Most businesses are trying to boost visibility and reach out to more customers.
  • A higher cause campaign: Sometimes you want to show corporate responsibility by supporting a higher cause on Instagram.
  • Product promotion: Of course, you can promote a product or service through Instagram directly.
  • Product launch: A new product deserves to be promoted on Instagram.
  • Contests: If your goal is to drive engagement, Instagram contests are a natural solution.
  • UGC campaign: User-generated content is a win-win option because it boosts engagement while giving your brand a lot of word-of-mouth marketing.

We guess you already know the basics of Instagram marketing, but let’s check out nine mechanisms that can take your campaigns to a whole new level. Here they are!

Quantify campaign objectives

Almost every Instagram marketer will tell you to determine campaign objectives before launching it, but we tell you to quantify the goals that you want to achieve. This is a major distinction because generic goals are nearly impossible to interpret and analyze.

You should set measurable objectives and keep track of the execution in real-time. For instance, if your plan is to sell products through Instagram, then you need to identify the exact number of purchases you are targeting within a given timeframe.

Craft audience-focused content

A common mistake among digital marketers is to concentrate solely on their brands and products, but a much better approach is to craft audience-focused content. You need to think about the hopes, interests, dreams, and problems of a typical consumer.

If you understand what really bothers your Instagram followers, you can create content that matches their expectations and win over the audience with highly relevant posts.

Align campaigns with the branding strategy

Instagram campaigns are supposed to stand out and be unique, but you cannot neglect the overall branding strategy of the brand. Let’s assume that the audience remembers you by a certain color scheme and unusual filters.

In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to launch a campaign that nurtures a similar style colors-wise. The scheme doesn’t have to be completely identical, but you definitely don’t want to confuse Instagram fans with totally unrecognizable content and leave them wondering: What brand is this?

Use the right Instagram marketing tools

It’s hard (if not impossible) to administer Instagram campaigns manually, so we suggest using the right marketing tools. You can choose from hundreds of digital platforms, but some of our favorite tools include:

  • It might not surprise you, Preppr is a reliable planning and scheduling tool
  • Assignment editing services is ideal for marketers who don’t know how to write appealing captions
  • Canva is one of the most popular visual content creators

Take advantage of multiple content formats

Some sorts of Instagram content may perform better than others, but you shouldn’t run away from using them all. First of all, there are images and captions, but there are also live videos and stories. With all these content types at your disposal, your campaigns will never look boring or monotonous.

Take advantage of multiple channels

Who says Instagram campaigns must work independently? If you want to make a full impact on the target audience, we recommend you opt for a multichannel approach. What does it mean?

The idea is simply to combine different communication platforms and maximize cross-promotion. For example, you can support Instagram campaigns using event marketing, email newsletters, display ads, other social media accounts, and so on.

Collaborate with micro-influencers

A study shows that businesses are making $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. And if you collaborate with micro-influencers, you don’t even need a huge budget for a single campaign.

Micro-influencers have a limited Instagram reach, but their fans are highly engaged and ready to take action. In other words, you can use micro-influencer marketing to target a specific audience group and quickly generate a lot of new buyers.

Always include a straightforward CTA

Another detail you must not neglect is to include a straightforward call to action (CTA) to each one of your posts on Instagram. Keep the goals of your campaign in mind and come up with CTAs that suit your business objectives.

For instance, a charity organization can use donation-oriented CTAs such as “Donate Now.” The same logic applies to other types of organizations, but you have to design a CTA that inspires the audience to take action according to your instructions.

Measure and analyze results to improve campaigns

The last tip on our list is to measure and analyze the achievements of your Instagram campaign. First of all, it will help you to react in real-time and enhance the current campaign. Secondly, it will help you to gain deeper insights into the broader Instagram marketing strategy and improve all of your future campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a superior marketing tool, but only if you use it properly and follow the latest trends. We showed you nine ways to make your next Instagram marketing campaign dazzle, so do your best to exploit these suggestions and kickstart your future campaigns!


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