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Why Is Social Media Important For Businesses and Brands

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We live in a very digitized world. And if your business doesn’t have a social presence, it’s like it simply doesn’t exist… This makes having some form of social media a must nowadays. 

According to Statista, the number of social media users worldwide will almost double from 2.86 billion in 2017 to 4.41 billion in 2025. In 2021, 3.78 billion people already use social media platforms. 

Whether you have a local or international brand, you miss out on connecting to a lot of consumers if you don’t have a presence on social media. Plus, this is a fast, effective, and inexpensive way to reach a lot of people and convert them into paying, loyal customers. 

So, let’s explore 12 reasons why social media is important for your business or brand. 

12 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business 

1. Humanizes Your Brand 

Using social media for your business creates real human connections with potential leads and shapes your existing customer base. 

Show your followers how they can benefit from your products and services. Introduce them to your employees. Give them some helpful advice or tips. This all builds an authentic brand and shows how you are embracing your brand values. In turn, this builds trust and drives business. 

2. Increases Your Brand Awareness 

Social media is an excellent platform from which to reach new audiences. 

The State of Social Media Report by SproutSocial found that 55% of people learn about new businesses and brands on social media. 

The statistics for Instagram are even better. More than 80% of consumers discovered new services and products on the platform. 

3. Become an Authority in Your Niche 

Currently, there is a growing level of distrust in governments, the media, and other organizations. Businesses, however, are seen as trusted institutions with a 61% global trust level

This presents a golden opportunity for companies to step in and take the lead. Consumers are looking to brands for insights. So, establish your business as the authority on a topic and a thought leader.

4. Generates Leads 

To scale your business, you need your existing customers to keep coming back.  And you also need new leads to convert into paying customers. 

Having a presence on social media can help you find these leads. You can also launch lead magnet offers, share testimonials as social proof, and create targeted ads

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5. Helps You Get More Sales 

Your social media accounts are a vital aspect of your sales funnel. Be present on the social channels your audience visits the most and make it easy for them to buy on these platforms. 

For example, you can consider Pinterest’s Buyable Pins, shoppable posts on Instagram, as well as shoppable tags on IG Stories, and use Facebook’s Marketplace. 

6. Promotes Your Content 

To prove your authority and expertise, and to grow your following, social media is the place to share and promote your content. 

If you have a website and blog, you can share links to your newest article or research report on your social media accounts. Alternatively, you can also create social-media specific-content for your brand and then link back to your website. 

7. Be at the Forefront of People’s Minds 

According to Pew Research, 70% of Facebook users visit the platform daily while nearly 50% say they visit Facebook multiple times a day. 

Being present on channels and having content ready every time your users log in means that you show up in their feed. As a result, your followers will see a lot of you, so you’ll be at the forefront of their minds. 

This is especially important when it is time for them to make a purchasing decision. Chances are they will choose your product and service. 

To up your game on the socials, check out our article on our favorite Social Media Optimization Tips.

8. You Can Learn About Your Competitors 

Learning about your competitors is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. Know what your competition is up to on their social media channels and what they are doing to attract their followers. 

This can set you ahead of the curve since you can implement their successful strategies into yours, and make it your own for a unique spin. 

9. Helps You Connect With Your Audience 

Social listening helps you understand what is important to your followers. It also helps you identify trends as you track mentions and comments of your brand. 

By understanding pain points that arise in your industry, you can create content to address these issues. This way, you can show your audience that you care about their wants and needs, helping you to connect and build better relationships with them. 

10. It’s Cost-Effective 

One of the biggest benefits of using social media is that you don’t need a large budget. You can sign up and create accounts on social platforms for free. 

Creating content in-house doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Running paid ads to showcase promotions will cost you, but you can set the budget according to what you can afford. 

11. You Can Get More Traffic 

With social media ads and posts, you can drive traffic to your website. Share the links from your website when you create new content on your social channels. Since this will pop up on your followers’ feeds, they can click and read almost as soon as you’ve hit the publish button. 

A great strategy to follow is to tease your audience. Get an attention-grabbing image. Pull out amazing content from the article or write a short summary to entice people to click on the link and read the entire piece. 

12. Helps You Manage Your Reputation 

Another reason why social media is important for your brand is that it helps you manage your reputation. If your audience is talking about you on social media, you have the chance to be on the ball. 

Respond to your followers, whether they have something positive or negative to say about your business. Quick responses let you address issues before they become something major and snowball. 

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The Bottom Line

Social media is more than just a digital marketing tool. It is, in fact, a full-blown business function that helps you manage your reputation, get more leads, increase your sales, and connect with your audience. 

Leverage your social media presence so you can see for yourself why social media is important for your brand. 

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