Want to find out what your followers are thinking? Instagram stickers! Keen to hype up an event or some new music? Instagram stickers! Trying to increase engagement with your audience… Need we say it again?

There is an Instagram Sticker for almost everything. Using them creatively can boost interactions with your business or brand. If you didn’t know how to use them before, we’re about to give you the lowdown on IG stickers so keep reading!

Instagram Stickers 101- How Do You Use Them?

Every time we blink, Instagram has a fresh way for businesses to enhance brand engagement. This year, Instagram has introduced new and more interactive stickers! There’s even a Stay Home sticker reminding people to stay indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stickers are cool, handy graphic design tricks that users can add to their Instagram stories. Each one has a unique function that can make content more exciting and fun. If you don’t already know, you’re probably wondering how to bring this sauce onto your own IG.

To access the stickers, start a new Instagram story by clicking on the camera in the corner. Take a picture, or snap a quick video (or just upload something from your phone’s gallery!). Swipe up after you’ve taken your video or photo to choose your sticker. Or, tap on the folded smiley sticker that will pop on your screen to open the sticker menu. It’s as easy as that!

The Top 5 Instagram Stickers For Businesses & Brands

Now that you know how super-simple it is to find them, here are the best ones to use for brand marketing:

Quiz & Questions

These two features are about bridging the gap between the brand and its followers. Yes, followers can always leave comments beneath posts. But, these stickers make responses way more interactive.

Quiz stickers allow you to ask your audience multiple-choice questions. A business could customize the possible answers, or create a quiz for their followers. There is even a random selection option to keep users on their toes.

With the Questions sticker, your followers get to know you. They can ask you any questions, and give recommendations. Influencers, brands, and even celebs host Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Opening up to followers keeps an account relevant and relatable.

These stickers are all about insightful Q&A fun! Brands can learn how to improve their products while keeping users entertained.

Donations Sticker

Knowing if a brand has a social conscience is one of the things more and more people are thinking about. Being an ally to social organizations and causes gives confidence to followers.

The donations sticker lets followers give to an organization or cause that a brand promotes. Using the sticker, as many brands and public figures do, makes for more humane and relevant engagement and builds loyalty to the brand.

Woman holding shopping bags

Shopping Sticker

Instagram Business has introduced tons of awesome features for businesses to use online. Users can shop online, gain direct access to websites, and make sales through the platform.

The shopping sticker can be used to share product specifics on an image. There are other stickers for sales. For example, your local restaurant might get you drooling over a picture of their food and add an Order sticker. To share discounts and promotions, companies are encouraging followers to use the gift card sticker.

The DM me sticker also allows followers to ask directly about products and posts.

Mentions Sticker

If you’re working with another brand or want to share content from your users, mention stickers help grab more attention. Whoever you mention could share your post with their viewers which means more engagement.

Mentioning others is a great way to give and get some attention, show some love, and remind your followers that you care.

Location Sticker

The location sticker is awesome for letting people know about events and where they can find you physically, as well as inviting them to physical campaigns. Even better… if anybody ever searches for that location, your stories will come up in their search.

Stepping Up Your Engagement: Using Instagram Stickers Creatively

Of course, now you’re thinking about the best way to use stickers for your brand. When developing a clear Instagram marketing plan, be sure to keep these points in mind:

1. Followers First

Think about what you want your followers to experience with your social media posts. What do you want them to gain from your post? Where might you like them to look after they see it? It’s all about getting them to engage with your brand, right?

Get followers participating by creating a hashtag for them to mention. Or, get them to share images and videos with your products. And repost, repost, repost! This way, you get content created by users, which is known as user-generated content (UGC). UGC keeps you in the loop on followers’ interests and makes your content relevant.

2. Brand Fit

Everything depends on your business and brand. You could focus on one of the stickers effectively or you could dabble a little bit in all of them. But, it’s no use using stickers that don’t really fit your brand.

A formal, corporate company sharing stories with cat GIF Stickers might not be a great match, right? It would make more sense if a theatre used music stickers to share snippets of tunes from its upcoming musical… Or if a brand influencer inserted a shopping sticker for the product they were promoting. Use stickers that work for your brand and style!

3. Be Creative

Just because the stickers have unique uses, it doesn’t mean you just have to use them that way. Try out different stickers. Look at other accounts for ideas. Test responses from followers and try again!

Be Creative

Wrapping Up With Instagram Stickers

Getting social media engagement right is an important part of brand management today. Social media platforms are the place where businesses and brands can understand and engage their audience. If cleverly and creatively planned, a funky Instagram sticker could make all the difference. 

So, if you hadn’t joined the IG sticker revolution before reading this, the time is now! #You’reWelcome


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