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9 Fun Instagram Games To Boost Engagement

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There is so much you can do on your IG Story and a super fun way to go to boost engagement is to create Instagram games. 

Not sure where to start with Instagram games? Well, we have nine fun game ideas you can use today to boost engagement and keep your followers entertained.

9 Awesome Instagram Story Games To Play With Your Followers

Here are ten creative ideas to get you started with Instagram games:

1. Word searches

We can’t resist a word search and we’re sure you can’t either! Especially when the caption says something like, “The first three words you find define your personality.” Your followers won’t be able to resist taking part. 

Plus, it’s a super simple game to set up. There are tons of word search generators online where you can insert words of your choosing. Then, upload the word search image to your story and you’re good to go. 

Make sure the image has your handle, though, so all users know where the puzzle comes from and how to find your page. Ask your followers to circle the first (1 – 3) words they see and share their results to their Stories.

2. Bingo

Bingo is another fun Instagram game that gets everyone involved and allows your followers to share their personal experiences. 

To make your own bingo board, pick a theme and put different options in blocks on the board. 

Then, your audience can cross off the options that apply to them and share their marked board on their story. 

Here’s an awesome travel bingo example from @Jordanrenie on Pinterest.

3. Product polls

You can do so much with poll stickers on your Instagram. One great use for them is product evaluation. 

Just pop the sticker onto an image with two of your products and get your audience to choose their favorite between the two poll options. This is a great way to compare similar product offerings and see which your audience prefers. 

Another poll feature is the emoji slider asking the audience to slide from left to right to share how much they love a product.

You can even add a link to your website with the link sticker so that followers can shop the products instantly.

4. Story quiz

Instagram makes this game so easy to play. You just use the quiz sticker from the Story stickers. Insert a question and a list of possible answers for users to choose from. Pick the correct answer before sharing to your Story. 

You can use this game to quiz your followers on your brand. Or you can choose a theme or topic that’s relevant to your brand to guide your questions. You can even do a random quiz just for fun. 

There are endless ways you can use this sticker to generate some engagement from your followers so be creative and have some fun with it.

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5. Ask me anything session

An AMA session is a chance for your audience to get to know you. Just type ‘#AskMeAnything’ into the questions sticker, post, and sit back and enjoy all the crazy questions you get. 

You can decide which questions and answers you want to share to your Stories.

This game or reverse quiz session gives users a chance to delve into your brand and get insider info from you. They can learn about your products and team. This can also be an opportunity for followers to make inquiries or requests.

6. True or false / two truths & a lie

A good truth game can get interests piqued and help your audience learn more about you or a topic. 

The first option: you can use the ‘True’ and ‘False’ poll buttons for your followers to choose from. Your next story can then explain what the answer is and why. It’s a good way to share information.

For Two Truths And A Lie, you use the quiz sticker. Type in your question or statement. This should be something like ‘Which one is the lie?’ to guide your followers on the game.

Add two truth options and one lie. Your audience must pick what they think the lie is from the list. You can then share the guesses to your story until you make a dramatic reveal of the correct answer. It’s super fun and a great way to see how well your followers know you!

7. GIF challenge

Everybody loves a good GIF and this game gives your audience a chance to share their faves. This has a bingo feel except your followers don’t look for options that apply to them, they add them. 

To create a template, choose a theme and subheadings and leave blocks for players to add GIFs that match the subheadings. Your followers can then screenshot it and add their own GIFs into the blocks before sharing it to their Stories. 

For example, if you have a ‘Favorite Cartoon Characters’ theme and the subheading is ‘Villain’, players could drag and drop a GIF with Scar from the Lion King. 

8. Stories roulette

If you’ve ever played a raffle or roulette game then this option works pretty much the same. You combine different graphics or images into a GIF that speeds through each graphic. 

Players have to take a screenshot of their phone as the GIF flickers. Whatever graphic their shot lands on is what ‘represents’ them in some way. Themes can be anything you can think of. For example, you can choose a set of GIFs to be ‘your mood today’ or ‘what’s your spirit animal’. 

The more relatable and fun the theme, the more your followers will want to take part and share their results to their Stories!

9. First letter name game

Make a list of categories, anything from TV shows to countries or celebrities. Design a story with the list of categories and the instruction, “Only give answers beginning with the first letter of your name”. 

This is simple entertainment for followers just browsing through Stories.

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Level Up Your Engagement With Instagram Games

Instagram games are a fantastic way to boost engagement, learn more about your audience, and spice up your content. They really take advantage of the ‘social’ in social media

So, if you want to spice up your Stories and engage with your followers, give some of these games a go! 

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