Is there anything more enticing than this simple statement: “Ask Me Anything”? With Instagram’s Story Questions feature, the answer is absolutely not. Instagram is all about engaging your followers. Comments, DMs, Stories – they allow users to interact better. But the Questions feature takes it to a whole new level.

After all, what’s better for a little bit of trust than a game of truth… Or truth? Well, if you want to find out how to use this nifty sticker for your brand, keep reading!

The Basics: How To Find & Use Instagram Story Questions

Instagram has been introducing more and more stickers to help brand engagement. If you’re not using stickers in your stories already, you should probably start. “Questions” is exactly that – a sticker. If you know how to find stickers then you know where to start if you want to use the feature. 

Post a story and select the dog-eared smiley at the top of your screen. You’ll see a swipe-up tab with different stickers. Find and click on the colorful “QUESTIONS” option and it will pop up on your Story. Now, you can type whatever question (<50 characters) you want to ask your followers. The default is “Ask me a question” but you can go as wild as you want… and people certainly get creative! 

The sticker will be valid for as long as the story is on your page and all stories last for 24 hours unless you delete them. You can view responses to your post the same way you’d check the number of views on a story. Just swipe up and answer your responses by clicking “Reply”. You can also share responses anonymously to your story for some great User-Generated Content (UGC)

All the questions you’ve dealt with will read “Replied” and you can move on to sharing your next juicy titbit. 

The Benefits: Why You Should Use Instagram Story Questions

Instagram Story Questions are a way for your followers to learn a little bit more about you. A huge benefit is that your users get to remain anonymous. They can ask you whatever they want without feeling too shy about it. It’s not like leaving a comment where everybody knows who they are. 

Your followers also get to engage and interact with you “directly”. It is personal and can make brands seem humane and approachable. Increased brand engagement betters awareness of your brand, and leads to better customer relationships and increased loyalty.

Using the Instagram Story Questions sticker can also help you get feedback by asking about your products and services. You can learn more about customer preferences by taking note of how they answer your questions. 

Innovate & Create: 5 Ways To Use The Instagram Story Questions Feature 

Instagram Story Questions can completely transform your social media campaign and we’re going to get you started with five splendid tips to get your Instagram followers’ curiosity churning. 

Q&A sessions

If there’s something that celebs, influencers, and socialites love, it’s a good Q&A session. You can make your Q&A chats a once in a while treat or a regular status check-in. 

Allowing your users to ask you questions gives them the chance to get to know you and vice versa as you can also learn more about your followers’ interests. 

Instagram takeovers are a fantastic brand marketing tool. Allow some other cool person to take over your stories and answer questions from followers. With takeovers, you gain access to a larger audience and add something new to your followers’ content dose. 

To start your Q&A or takeover: AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a very clear call to action. Or, you can customize it with a question that’s more specific to your brand. Either way, your Q&A should make sense and fit your general brand personality. 

Test products & services

Nobody likes to fill a long-winded, impersonal survey, no matter how much they might like your brand. Why put your customers through that when you can pop an Instagram sticker onto a product image and ask away. It’s convenient, cute and you can be as funky as you want. 

Ask your audience what they think of your products. Find out what improvements they can suggest. Or, tell them about what you have to offer and let them find out more from you. You can even tease your audience by making them guess the details or your newest releases or updates. 

Get to know your followers

You want to have a conversation with your followers on Instagram. Of course, conversations are not one-sided. Use the Instagram Story Questions sticker to ask your followers questions. These don’t just need to be about business. You can ask questions that have to do with values, ideas, and general interests you might share with them. 

Building a sense of community and relationship is just as important as directing traffic to your site. 

Communicate and engage over Instagram

Share resources

Who better to give suggestions than the people who follow you and know something about your brand’s personality? 

Use the Instagram Story Questions sticker to ask for recommendations. You can also ask followers to share industry tips with requests like: “Please send recommendations on the best Instagram scheduling tools!” 

Give as you receive by sharing info, too. If you have access to insightful resources, let followers ask you for advice and you can share it publicly on your story. 

Have fun!

Snappy quizzes. Fun recommendations. Hilarious contests. Content teasers. Like we said before, go WILD! Anything you want to try, there’s probably a trick to achieve it. Just brainstorm with your social media marketing team and do your research to see what others are doing with the sticker. 

A Few Last Tips…

  • Take it easy – don’t host a question session every day! Too much of a good thing can ruin it. 
  • Remember who you are. Make sure you use the Instagram Story Questions sticker in a way that complements your brand. 
  • Don’t leave your followers hanging because not responding defeats the purpose. 

Now you should be ready to get onto Instagram and use Instagram Story Questions to help build better relationships with your followers and gain some valuable insights. 


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