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5 Awesome Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools & How To Get Started

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Managing your Instagram account can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t use the range of Instagram automation tools on offer today. 

With a few nifty tools on your side, you can get the same awesome benefits for your social media marketing strategy without spending too much time on it.

In today’s blog, we’ll briefly explain what Instagram automation is and what you can use it for. We’ll also show you how you can get started automating tasks for your IG page. It’s super simple and it means less work for you!

What Is Instagram Automation?

In this day and age, most of us have become quite familiar with automation and its many capabilities for making our lives easy. 

With automated software solutions, organizations can schedule or program systems so that repetitive tasks don’t have to be completed manually. 

Instagram automation tools work in much the same way.

You can use automation to schedule and automatically publish posts, send messages, generate analytics and insights reports, and more. Your software can complete all these tasks without any input from you or your social media team.

The Benefits Of Using Instagram Automation Tools

Improve customer service provision and user interactions

Instagram has become a central spot for brands and businesses, with their business profiles and features like Shopping. 

For brands and businesses that use the social media platform then, it is vital to treat Instagram as you would your website or physical storefront. You want to make a good impression and provide the best service you possibly can.

Responding to other users through DMs and comments quickly is a part of this. You can use Instagram automation tools to send pre-written responses to other users so that you can answer direct messages instantly. 

Enhance sales

81% of people research goods and services they’re interested in via Instagram. Great responsiveness and customer engagement can help you improve sales and other stats like your follower count. 

When you show customers that you value them by answering them, you build their trust in your brand and, by extension, in your products. That can give them the nudge they need to whip out their moola.

Through automated Instagram messages, you can also provide potential buyers with the information they need to make a purchase. This includes constructed responses to questions about your shipping process, how to checkout, products, and more.

With some automated tools, you can create scripts to answer FAQs. This works like a chatbot of sorts, giving instant responses to important questions. 

Real-time answers also work well for your sales as you engage the users while they’re still interested, not hours later when they may have found an alternative to your product

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Keep content flowing

Another way to impress other Instagram users is just to create the best content and keep it going. Good social media strategies prioritize content over anything else. 

And what do users want in their content? Well, creativity, consistency, and a clear call to action. 

Instagram comes down to your ability to share quality content regularly and with visual and brand cohesion.

Instagram automation helps you master the consistency bit of this! 

With a social media scheduler, you can make sure you have regular content going up on your page to keep your audience engaged. You can also schedule your posts at times when Instagram users are most active and your post can get the best run on the algorithm.

Some automation software, like Preppr, can even guide you on the best times to post based on your followers. It can track when the people who follow you are often online. Then you can post during those personalized active times.

Tracking and gathering analytics and insights

Another way that you can use automation software for the benefit of your strategy and posting choices is by using it to gather analytics and insights. 

Through these insights, you can better understand your audience, the type of content they prefer or engage most with, their active times, etc. 

Some automation platforms include analytics management and the automated generation of reports you can use for your social media plan.

Save time

All these automation capabilities help you save time overall. Instead of having your team spend loads of time on these tedious and repetitive tasks, they can focus their efforts on other things that need them more. They don’t have to post daily. Instead, they can schedule posts all at once. They also don’t have to hover over their devices with the anxiety of missing a message or query.

Get Started With These Instagram Automation Tools

As we’ve mentioned, there are many ways that you can use automation for your Instagram account. This also means there are lots of different tools to choose from.

For scheduling: Preppr

Preppr’s scheduling platform allows you to schedule posts for up to a month. It also uses AI technology to advise you on the best times to post. 

You can even choose between fully automated publishing or a semi-manual model that allows you to give a post a once-over before final publishing. 

For automated responses: Instagram Quick Replies or ManyChat

The Instagram Quick Replies feature allows you to create instant replies for common questions and comments. However, the feature isn’t fully automated, really, since you have to open the DM and insert your Quick Reply.

You can also use an Instagram automation tool for DM responses called ManyChat. With the app, you can create Instagram Messenger or DM bots to give scripted answers to frequently asked questions.

For analytics & insights: Instagram 

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you’ll already have access to more detailed post insights automatically generated by the social media platform. 

If not, or if you want a dedicated and more in-depth look into your stats, then there are various Instagram analytics tools to choose from. This includes Falcon, HubSpot,, and many others.

Think outside the box Instagram automation tools

Ready To Try?

Using Instagram automation tools is a fantastic way to improve the efficiency of your Instagram marketing plan. 

With automation, you can save time, enhance sales, provide better customer service, and more. By improving your content creation and sharing, you can also build trust in your brand. 

All of these are great benefits for business and all you have to do is try out our suggested beginners’ tools. Try our Preppr scheduler for free today!

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