The ‘Link in bio’ is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools you can use on Instagram. We’re not trying to enter a heated debate, as we know that there’s no quick way to Instagram success. Attaining the desired results is, of course, a strategic road paved with a well-thought mix of tactics. However, the reason why we’re advocating for the utter power of the ‘Link in bio’ is simple: this tool is the simplest way of directing followers from Instagram to your landing page, website or desired destination. And, in the end, this is the result you’re aiming for.

But, before diving into the best tactics to implement in order to achieve great success with the ‘Link in bio’, we need to cover the basics. And, the best way to start is by understanding how the phrase ‘Link in bio’ became a staple of the Instagram caption. So, without further ado or links, let’s get down to business. Instagram business.

‘Link in bio’? What does that even mean?!

Even if you’ve just started to use Instagram let’s say…a few minutes ago, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon the expression ‘Link in bio’. Captions are filled with it and for good reason. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we find out why let’s learn what is the ‘link in bio’.

The ‘link in bio’ is available to all Instagram profiles and it’s the link that appears in the description/bio of a profile. The link is only one of the various elements that contribute to the success of an Instagram bio. Instagrammers (be it individual profiles or business profiles) can easily edit or change the link in their bio by clicking the ‘Edit profile’ button on their main profile page. Once they click on it, a new page will open, containing editable info about the username, link, bio and some additional business information related to contact details.

Edit or change Link in Bio
Edit or change Link in Bio

Now, why is the ‘link in bio’ so important? Well, because it is one of the few Instagram resources that help you redirect followers to a specific website. Yes, that means you can bring them one step closer to purchasing your products and services. Individual posts don’t allow links in their captions and Stories only enable accounts with more than 10,000 followers to add a website. Thus, Instagrammers have found a way around this nuisance and created the famous expression ‘link in bio’. So, whenever they have a post that’s related to a product or service they’re selling, let’s say, they will add to the caption the CTA: visit the ‘link in bio’ or simply mention ‘link in bio’.

Just one ‘Link in bio’? Really, just one?!

Although the ‘link in bio’ is so awesome, it has one major drawback: you’re only allowed to have one link in bio. Why, why, why? Well, this is again one of Instagram’s ways of keeping followers on the platform as much as possible. Thus, maintaining the number of links in bio to one means Instagram can restrict the number of followers who leave the platform, while also giving brands enough freedom to recruit potential customers for their products or services.

One Link in Instagram Bio
One Link in Instagram Bio | Photo credit: Photos by Lanty (

However, not all news is so bleak. Fortunately, there are other ways in which you can get in contact with your customers. The first way (and the easiest one) is through the same bio we’ve already discussed. In your profile bio you can include other contact details such as ‘e-mail’, ‘phone’ or even ‘directions’ to your physical location. Another way of getting your customers closer to your virtual or physical business is to add a link in your Instagram Stories. Before you get too excited, you must know that this option is only made available to those accounts that have more than 10,000 followers. But don’t worry! For those not counting as many followers (and for those who do) we have another cool solution. Cooler than cool.

Link in Instagram Stories
Link in Instagram Stories

Pssst! Here’s how to have more than one ‘Link in bio’

Here’s a question that will boggle even the sharpest minds:

How can you have more links in bio by having just one?

Let us rephrase:

How can you have only one link in bio, yet have more?

If these questions seem to bend the limits of what’s possible, you’re not wrong. But you are. Okay, enough with the mind-twisters. Fact is Preppr has a great solution that can help you use your link in bio to redirect users to a page where they can find even more links that redirects them further to your landing pages. Impressive right?

The tool we’re talking about is Preppr’s Link in bio. This amazing feature enables you to create one link that contains a bunch of other links. Now you see what we meant by one link that’s actually more links? The feature is extremely simple to access and use from Preppr’s dashboard.

The first step of the process entails generating a personalized link that will then gather all the others.

OneBioLink on Preppr
OneBioLink on Preppr

In your case, this link will have the name of your profile:

Adding new links under the existing one is super-easy. Simply tap the ‘Add new link’ button and customize it with the desired info and, of course, the link.

Add or change the OneBioLink on Preppr
Add or change the OneBioLink on Preppr

Oh, wait! If you don’t have Preppr, don’t worry. You can give it a go with the free trial. You’ll never want to go back to the old way of handling Instagram.

Funky & creative ideas on how to use your ‘Link in bio’

Now that you fully understand what a ‘link in bio’ is and why it’s so important, it’s time to learn how to make the most of it (and of Preppr’s OneBioLink feature). And if you’ve been following our advice for some time now, you already know that every Instagram tool must be tackled according to a proper strategy. And, since the OneLinkBio allows you to gather multiple links under the link in bio, we strongly advise you create a powerful mix of links.

  1. Create one link that sends followers to a specific product or service that you’ve been promoting lately in your posts
  2. Use another link to send followers to blog posts and learn more about your mission, vision and purpose
  3. Redirect followers to a link that reveals a contest or a nice giveaway initiative
  4. Use a link to redirect users to your career page in order to aid your recruitment efforts
  5. Get creative and have a link to videos

Bottom line is: don’t limit yourself to sending followers to links that are only sales related. Get on their good side by promoting links that send them to fun and engaging content. Only by having a mix of functional and engaging links will you achieve the results you’re looking after with your link in bio.

And make sure that you activate the links in combination with an Instagram post. Don’t worry about the timing, Preppr has you covered with their research on the best time to post on Instagram.

Here are some examples of Instagrammers using Preppr’s OneBioLink:

How do you plan to use your link in bio?

As usual, we’re only here to share with you some cool knowledge and enthusiastically encourage you to try out some cool tools and features. However, the ball is now in your court and we’re eager to hear and see how you’re planning to use your link in bio and Preppr’s OneLinkBio tool. We’re ready to be surprised!

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