What’s your list of Instagram FAQs? We know, we know, this should be an article that answers questions, not one that raises even more! Worry not, we’ll get to the “answers part” in a jiffy. However, we must first get some things straight. The reason we’re asking about YOUR Instagram FAQs list is that everyone has a slightly different one, depending on the degree of their Instagram expertise. What might be frequently for you, it might not be for others.

Well, today we’ve decided that we’re going to go all the possible Instagram FAQs imaginable for beginners, intermediates and advanced Instagram users. Because no matter how much you think you know about Instagram, things change so fast, rollups come out so rapidly that you end up dazed and confused. And, even if you’re already an expert, there might be some essential things that have escaped your trained eye. It happens.


  1. Instagram FAQs for beginners
  2. Instagram FAQs for intermediate users
  3. Instagram FAQs for advanced users


Instagram FAQs for beginners

Instagram FAQ: How can I add a link in my Instagram bio?

To add a link to your profile, simply tap the “Edit Profile” button. You can find it on your account page, right under the number of followers. A new page will open. Search for the “Website” field. That’s where you can add your link. Easy, told you!

Instagram FAQ: How do I switch to a business profile on Instagram?

Setting up your business profile is super easy. Go to your Insta page and click on the “Edit profile” button, located right at the top of the page, under your number of posts, followers and following. Then, hit the “Try Instagram Business Tools”. Or, go to Settings and click “”

You’ll be redirected to a couple of screens that give you a bit of insight on what a Business Profile will bring you.

Instagram FAQ: why switch to a business profile on Instagram

Then, you’ll have the possibility to connect with an existing Facebook Page. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Simply click “Skip”. Then, select the exact type of Insta profile you are opting for and link a contact info with your profile. Voila! That was all there was to it.

select a category for your Instagram business account

Oh, if you didn’t connect any Facebook page to your account, one will be automatically created for you, awaiting you to claim it.

how to claim your Facebook page for your Instagram business profile

And, if you ever want to revert to your personal profile, you can simply do so from settings.

how to switch back to personal account on Instagram

Instagram FAQ: How many hashtags am I allowed to use in a single post?

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. The only rule is: choose them wisely! If you do, you won’t even need as many. Oh, and another trick: you can post your hashtags separately form your captions by including them in your first comment. With Preppr you can even schedule your first comment in advance.

how to discover the best hashtags for your Instagram account

Instagram FAQ: How can I recover my Instagram password?

There’s no way to recover an existing Instagram password, but what you can do is reset it with the help of your email address, phone number or Facebook account. To reset your password, open Instagram’s login screen and tap “Get help signing in” and follow the instructions.—-

Instagram FAQs for intermediate users

Instagram FAQ: How frequently should I post on Instagram?

There have been endless debates on the exact number of allowed or prescribed posts per day. And a ton of studies and researches to fuel those debates. For example, a study conducted by Adobe Spark says you should post at least once a day, with successful brands sharing even up to 10 posts every day. On the other hand, the social media expert Neil Patel revealed in a Forbes article that the exact number of daily posts is not important (you can share 5, 10 or 15 times a day without any negative impact), but what does matter is consistency. Meaning that if you start posting 20 times a day, you should keep that number more or less constant.

How frequently should I post on Instagram?

Bottom line is that you should decide frequency in close relationship to your objective and once you set up your mind on a number per day, you should stick to it.

Instagram FAQ: How can I post on Instagram from my Desktop?

Posting on Instagram from your desktop directly from the platform can become a real nightmare. We’re not joking. You know we’re ready to put in the hard work when necessary, but this time it’s simply not worth the headache.

Instead, if you wish to post from the comfort of your desktop, turn to Preppr. It even comes with a bonus: you’ll be able to post for weeks and even months in advance. Preppr, being the awesome Instagram sidekick that it is, can help you seamlessly schedule posts and take a strong grip of your visual identity, in only a few steps:

  1. Download Preppr (you have a 10 days free trial, hurray!)
  2. Register in a few quick moments
  3. Hit the “new post button”
  4. Select how to and where from to upload your photo/video
  5. Write your caption and add your hashtags
  6. Decide whether you want to schedule automatically or semi-automatically (we’ve written all about that here)
  7. Enjoy!

Instagram FAQ: How can I write engaging Instagram captions?

Oh, give us a full day and then some extra time and we could still go on and on and on about how to write awesome, engaging Instagram captions. If you want the full story, don’t be shy andvisit our extended tips and tricks. If you’re short on time, here’s the process in a nutshell:

  1. Have your goals clear
  2. Research the way your audience talks
  3. Define your brand’s tone of voice
  4. Include strong, witty and clear CTAs (call-to-actions)
  5. Make smart use of emojis

Instagram FAQ: How can I find relevant hashtags for my profile?

There are various ways, strategies and tools you can use to find relevant hashtags.

  • Pay close attention to the hashtags your audience and influencers and competitors in your niche use
  • Use a tool such as hashtagify.me or ritetag.com
  • Use the Tagboard aggregator to find relevant cross-platform hashtags
Instagram FAQ: How can I find relevant hashtags for my profile?

Instagram FAQ: How can I schedule Instagram posts?

Scheduling Instagram posts is an easy affair with Preppr. The simple and intuitive interface requires almost no learning curve. Here you can find a detailed (yet so simple) explanation on why and how to schedule Instagram posts with Preppr.

Instagram FAQ: Do I need an Instagram marketing strategy?

Yes. If you’re serious about your Instagram efforts and you want to drive more traffic and clients to your business, you need a well developed Instagram marketing strategy. And you don’t have to be daunted by the prospect of planning and implementing it. If you take it as a step by step process, it’s going to be even fun. For the detailed process, check out our guide.

Instagram FAQ: How can I add multiple links in my Instagram bio?

If you have a business profile, you can add links in your bio in a variety of ways. First, directly with your bio description. Then, through the contact buttons you can add as a business. But we bet that’s not what you have in mind. Instead, to add multiple diverse links in your bio, you need a tool such as Audiencetools or Linktree which enable you to create a mini-website which can host unlimited links

Instagram FAQ: How can I find relevant hashtags for my profile?

Instagram FAQ: How do I get a verified badge on Instagram?

There’s nothing you can do to get a verified badge. Sorry for the tough love, but that’s the truth. Fact is that verified badges are given by Instagram to public figures, celebrities or global brands to reassure followers that these are the real deal, given the high likelihood of impersonation. So, it’s a review Instagram performs when they have doubts that the person behind an account is not really an official representative of the business the individual in case.—-

Instagram FAQs for advanced users

Instagram FAQ: How can I develop an Instagram aesthetics?

To develop an Instagram aesthetics you need to be strategic about the visual appearance of your posts. As always, you must start with clear goals and a solid strategy. Next, you must decide on a theme for your Instagram account and a color palette that you can maintain through-out. Think about always using the same 2 or 3 filters for consistency and don’t forget to follow the big brands on Instagram that have their aesthetics already figured out and rocking!

Instagram FAQ: How can I develop an Instagram aesthetics?

Instagram FAQ: What are the best times to post on Instagram?

The best times to post on Instagram are weekdays during off-work hours: around 9 o’clock in the morning, lunch time and after-hours. However, keep in mind that the best time to post on Instagram differs from business to business and it must be in tune with your objectives. For more wisdom on Insta time, we’ve prepared a long, pleasant and informative read with everything you need to have in mind when creating your posting schedule for Instagram.

Instagram FAQ: What are some of the best tools for Instagram automation?

Your time and expertise are best invested into creating a stunning marketing strategy and handling creative tasks. All the tasks that can be automated should be automated. Here are the tools that can help you automate in a smart way:

  • SocialDrift will help you grow your account by engaging with your target audience
  • RoboLike will like on your behalf and raise engagement
  • Preppr will help you schedule posts, visually plan your Instagram feed, find the best times to post and the most relevant hashtags

To find out more details, be quick to check our in-detail article.

Instagram FAQ: What are some of the best tools for Instagram automation?

Instagram FAQ: How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Instagram finally revealed how its algorithm works and oh, what a great day it was. Now we can all go about our marketing strategies without worrying that we might be doing something to totally blow up our chances. Here are the top 3 things the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration when displaying content on users’ feeds:

  1. Level of interest – the Instagram algorithm displays custom content based on previous behaviour
  2. Recency – the Instagram algorithm takes into account how fresh a post is
  3. Relationship between accounts – the Instagram algorithm takes into account how 2 accounts interact and engage with each other

Instagram FAQ: What Instagram analytics tools should I use?

Instagram success comes to accounts that are always reinventing themselves and step up to current trends. That’s why, adapting your strategy according to Instagram’s insights and analytics is highly important. Here are some amazing tools:

  • Socialbakers – use this Instagram analytics tool to measure against your competitors
  • Union Metrics – an Instagram analytics tool that helps you perform an audit of your Instagram account
  • Simply Measured – an Instagram analytics tool that gives you detailed insights for Instagram Stories

And, if you want to find out even more about neat ways to read and use Instagram analytics, check out our article.

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