Having a super-duper-awesome Instagram feed planner is like having all the pieces of a puzzle magically assemble themselves. With the right visual planner, it all falls into place! You open your Instagram feed, you scroll down and you cannot help a smile. Yes, yes, your Instagram profile looks amazing! And simply because you had the possibility to think it all over in advance. How awesome is that? Awesomest! But hey, we’re talking more than just about a fuzzy-warm feeling you might experience.

With the right Instagram feed planner by your side, you can offer your potential clients some tasty eye-candy to convince them to follow your account. Your feed is your biggest Instagram treasure and the most important aspect that influences potential followers. The right Instagram aesthetics can make it or break it for them, so choose wisely, no pressure. Really, no pressure, because we’re going to help you make that decision and turn it into the best decision you could make. As always, the multiple steps journey to the perfect visually planned Instagram feed begins with the first step.


  1. No. 1: Benefits of using a visual planner for Instagram
  2. No. 2: Tips and tricks for an awesome visual feed identity
  3. No. 3: How to use Preppr’s visual planner for Instagram

Ready? Let’s start this fabulous design journey (it’s going to be stylish!)

visual planner for Instagram what to expect

No. 1: Benefits of using a visual planner for Instagram

Using a visual planner comes with a ton of advantages. While we’re going to let you discover the majority of them, here are the top 3 you’ll definitely enjoy tremendously:

Create a coherent Instagram aesthetics

Your Instagram feed can make it or break it in the eyes of your potential followers. This, combined with your bio, are the hooks that help you gain new (and relevant followers).

But how do you go about creating a profile feed that sticks together visually and conceptually? These things don’t just happen, they need to be carefully planned. We’ve written a thing or two (okay, more) about how to attain a perfectly crafted feed. The key strategy, however? Yes, you guessed: planning in advance with a visual planner for Instagram. Having a visual overview over your next posts will put things into perspective and help you keep up the visual pace. Once you get your visual identity under control, be it with a couple or preset filters or another visual gimmick, you’ll achieve that coherent Instagram aesthetics that can knock followers off their feed. Love at first scroll it is! Just look at this wonderfully crafted feed from @thetropicalartist:

create a coherent Instagram aesthetics with a visual planner for Instagram

Gain control over your creative process

Setting aside a few hours a day to take care of your Instagram creative needs might sound like an awesome strategy at first. However, you’ll soon conclude that it’s actually a dread. Why? For various reasons actually. First, you will come to see that not all days will find you equally inspired. And when you’ll be pressed against the time, you might end up creating content that doesn’t fit your overall aesthetics. Secondly, because those hours could be better spent actually rising engagement by performing other tasks on Instagram.

With a visual planner for Instagram, you won’t have to be at the mercy of your creative muse every day. Instead, you can put in place a creative process you can undergo every couple of weeks and plan in advance, whenever inspiration strikes. And, by creating various posts in one sitting you will also ensure the much-needed coherence, both in visual and tone-of-voice identity.

gain control over your creative process with a visual planner for Instagram

Get your Instagram posts easily recognized

Having a visual planner for Instagram will help you achieve a coherent feed, but that’s just part of the good news. Crafting a unique aesthetics with the help of a planner will ensure your brand identity in the long run, meaning that even a single post will be able to pop in the eyes of followers as yours. Through the various photos and captions in the followers’ feeds, you have the chance of standing out.

use a visual planner for Instagram to get your posts easily recognized

No. 2: Tips and tricks for an awesome visual feed identity

We’re certain that now after you learned all the benefits that come with using a visual planner for Instagram, you’re ready to start crafting. However, while you know what tool to use, you don’t know exactly how to use it. Worry not our fellow Instagrammer, we’re going to give you the much-needed tips and tricks and then we’re going to also let you in how to use Preppr’s visual planner for Instagram. But first, the tips for an awesome visual feed identity.

Select a theme and a schedule

A visual planner for Instagram will definitely help you put your vision into practice. But for that, you do need a vision. Thus, the first question you need to ask yourself is: “what is my objective?”. Then, go ahead and think about the kind of 1st impression you want to make in front of your followers. Once you have these 2 answers, a theme will slowly emerge and give you a sense of direction and purpose you need to get going with your visual planner for Instagram.

While a theme is going to narrow down the content possibilities for you, a schedule will help you maintain consistency and achieve your goals. Thus, think about how to spread your posts throughout the week. Take into account the best times to post and learn exactly how to schedule your post automatically. Then you’ll be good to go!

Make up your mind on a color palette

To create a coherent visual feed, you need to keep things together. We suggest you start by selecting 2-3 filters or a color palette you can maintain throughout all your posts. For example, you could go all B&W or craft a visual feed that oozes with light and bright photos. If you need a dose of inspiration, you can check out our selection of great content and feeds from famous brands. Keep in mind that whatever visual direction you choose it must 1. be in tune with your brand overall image and 2. look extremely appealing to your Instagram audience.

keep your color palette coherent with a visual planner for Instagram

When it comes to filters, you can either create your pre-set ones or go to apps such as PicsArt, Snapseed or VSCO. Keep your filters to a number of 2 or maximum 3 in order to ensure that visual coherence we kept talking about. With your color palette and filters ready, you’ll be able to head to your visual planner for Instagram and start preparing your posts. Which gets us to tip no. 3.

Plan in advance as much as you can

Remember how we said that one of the benefits of using a visual planner for Instagram is gaining more control over your creative process? Well, the more posts you prepare in advance, the more control you’ll have. By creating your post schedule for a week, two or three with a visual planner for Instagram, you’ll get to see how your posts fit one next to the other.—-

No. 3: How to use Preppr’s visual planner for Instagram

Preppr is an awesome sidekick and visual planner for Instagram. Whether you’re looking to schedule posts in advance, plan your visual strategy or get valuable insights on the best times to post on Instagram and the hashtags that will get you the best engagement, Preppr is a great choice.

Preppr's visual planner for Instagram

As a visual planner for Instagram, Preppr excels with simple and effective features that enable you to have a complete overview of your current and future feed. All the posts that you schedule will appear in the feed preview feature, enabling you to get a feel of what these will look like in comparison to your other content. Here’s how to make the simple steps toward a winning feed:

  1. Get Preppr. Mobile or desktop version? We recommend both. Oh, you’ve got 10 days free trial. Hurray!
  2. Schedule your posts from the main dashboard by tapping the “new post button”. For the detailed posting process, check out our article on“Why and hot to schedule Instagram posts”
  3. Check out the “feed preview” tab in the Preppr app and see whether or not your posts share a coherent Instagram aesthetics
  4. Change your mind and test various version until you hit that sweet spot!

Ready to rock an awesome Instagram feed with Preppr’s visual planner for Instagram?

The only answer we’ll allow here is “hella, yeah!”. We know you can be an Instagram rock star and we’re rooting for you to take the main stage and wow your audience. For that, you’ll need careful planning and the proper tools to set you on the right track. Preppr’s visual planner for Instagram should definitely be among your preferred tools and we’ll be right by your side with witty advice on how to take your success even further. So hop on the Instagram rollercoaster and head for a great first impression. It’s never too late!

rock on with Preppr's visual planner for Instagram
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