We’re big fans of working hard, but we’re also keen supporters of working smart! That’s why we’re always on the look for the best tools for Instagram automation, tools that can push our human limitations and time constraints a bit further. And we’re always aiming to share the wisdom with you so that you can expand your brand’s audience and grow, grow, grow. You know the saying: sharing is caring. So, after you learn the basics of Instagram for business (and make sure you learn these well), it’s time to take it one step further.

Setting your Instagram automation must come after a highly attentive selection process. Under no circumstances can you go about and implement your Instagram automation with the first tools you find available. We’ve taken a lot of time to discover, research and test some of the most promising tools and we’ve shortlisted the ones we believe can help you the most. We’ve tried to cover all the possible areas of Instagram automation and we’re ready to walk you through them.

However, before we start, we must make one thing clear. When we’re talking about Instagram automation, we’re not referring, in any way, to strategies that can artificially boost your profile overnight or get you fake followers in the thousands. Absolutely not. If you’re looking for magical growth, it’s better you find out sooner than later that it doesn’t exist and it’s not sustainable. Instead, Instagram automation refers to a bunch of useful, Instagram approved tools that can help you carry out your efforts to drive in organic traffic and get real, quality followers.

With that in mind, let’s begin!


  1. What can Instagram automation do for you?
  2. The leading Instagram automation tool for growth: SocialDrift
  3. The Instagram automation tool for simple, easy likes: RoboLike
  4. The Instagram automation tool for direct publishing: Preppr
  5. Ready for Instagram automation?


What can Instagram automation do for you?

Okay, so you might be wondering “What exactly can I automate when it comes to Instagram?”, followed by “What Instagram automation tools can help me do that?”. First, let’s linger upon the first question. Actually, upon the answer. Then, let’s move our focus towards the specific tools that can help you do that.

When it comes to Instagram, the essential action that defines your success is your ability to post quality content recurrently. But wait a minute. You must also ensure visual coherence and build a cohesive brand image. Once you tick these requirements, you must make sure that you provide enough engagement with your followers’ (and potential followers’) accounts to expand your reach and grow your account.

Fact is, that no matter how much time you’re willing to daily invest in these directions, you’ll soon hit a dead end. There are only so many hours in a day. Sure, you could start building an entire team and delegating, but why spend so much valuable brain energy on things that can easily be automated? Instagram automation help you:

  1. Schedule and post content
  2. Engage with followers to grow your account

All in an Instagram compliant manner. Now that you know the “what”, let’s move on to the “how” of Instagram automation. We’ve selected 4 trusted Instagram automation tools that can take care of business for you.—-

The leading Instagram automation tool for growth: SocialDrift

If you want to drift with ultra-speed towards growth (sorry, we couldn’t help the pun), this Instagram automation tool is your control cruise. SocialDrift will help you discover and reach out to real followers that fit your target audience. As far as Instagram automation for profile growth goes, you probably couldn’t ask for a more targeted approach, no matter if you’re looking for new clients, sponsors or another kind of Interaction.

SocialDrift uses Artificial Intelligence and allows you to play with a bunch of smart filters to target users by hashtags, usernames, and locations. Then, you can choose exactly which activities you want to be automated and SocialDrift will execute these for you. As we’ve already mentioned, you need Instagram automation tools that are fully compliant with Instagram’s terms and conditions and SocialDrift fits the part perfectly.

SocialDrift pricing


The Instagram automation tool for simple, easy likes: RoboLike

Interacting with other accounts is of paramount importance when trying to grow your Instagram profile. And it all starts with just one like assuming that it leads to many more likes. So, instead of setting aside valuable time each day only to like, like, like content, you need an Instagram automation tool that will do that for you. RoboLike is extremely easy to set up. In 3 easy steps and just a few more minutes, this Instagram automation tools will prepare you to gain more exposure in social media. It works like this:

  1. Set your tags – RoboLike does need your input when it comes to tags that are relevant to your brand and the audience you want to reach. So, before the liking machine gets into full throttle, you need to “draw its route”.
  2. Set your time – RoboLike is the kind of Instagram automation tool that wants you to have as much control as possible, without losing precious time. That’s why it allows you to decide exactly how many hours a day for it to run.
  3. Watch it grow – Step three is only here to emphasize the fact that you’ll have more precious times on your hands to take care of necessary business.
3 easy steps to set RoboLike up

RoboLike is against a spammy attitude and they even declare that this is the reasons why they only focus on likes. After all, you want an Instagram automation tool that will help you gain REAL followers and stay as far away as possible from annoying your potential audience. As RoboLike says: “Get likes, not hate”.—-

The Instagram automation tool for direct publishing: Preppr

Saving time each day to think about content and post it is not only time-consuming, but it can lead to a very chaotic Instagram feed. That’s why you need an Instagram automation tool that can help you save time with posting content but also visually plan for a coherent Instagram aesthetic. Here’s where Preppr comes in to save the news feed and your precious time!

Preppr is THE Instagram sidekick, you create the content and Preppr does the rest

Preppr is an Instagram automation tool that focuses on direct publishing and visually planning with a touch of essential tips and tricks regarding the best time to post on Instagram. Setting it up only requires a few moments of your time. Whether you choose to download it from the Apple Store or directly from the web platform (we suggest you do both), you’ll get a 10 days free trial to test the waters. Once you open Preppr you’ll see that the dashboard is highly intuitive and allows you to draft and create posts and content with months in advance.

We’ll admit, we’re control freaks and we like to have a stronghold on things. If your heart beats the same way, you will definitely understand how Instagram automation tools might come with a tantrum. With Preppr you can have as much control as you want with full-automatic or manual posting. You can choose to have your posts automatically uploaded when the time comes, or you can manually manage the last steps of the posting process with a reminder from Preppr. Control freaks, rejoice!—-

Ready for Instagram automation?

like in all things in life, you must take it slow. We suggest you try these recommended Instagram automation tools and see how your account goes (and grows). Don’t take automation as a teleportation tool. Remember to stay patient and let things take their course. Because once they do, then it will be exponential. And, of course, we’re eager to hear what you’re doing with all the free time gained from automating the repetitive tasks.


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