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7 Useful Instagram Account Hacks And Tricks

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We’ve got a list of the top Instagram account hacks to make your posting and general account maintenance a breeze. You probably never knew you needed these tricks but they will make your IG experience that much better! 

7 Instagram Account Hacks You Need To Know About

These are the top seven posting and IG management hacks you should start using, like, yesterday:

How To Change Fonts 

First on our Instagram account hacks list: fonts. 

It’s a design element we encounter every day but don’t really pay much attention to online. But the font speaks volumes and you can make it say exactly what you want it to! 

What most people don’t know is that there are numerous ways to play with the font on Instagram. You can change the font in your captions using a font generator (read our article on this here).

A quirky text Instagram Story hack is adding drop shadows to text. It looks cool and it’s super simple. Just write two of the same thing in the same font and size but in different colors. Layer the color you want over the other text so that the text underneath becomes the shadow.

Upgrade Your Bio

Your bio tells visiting users what you’re all about. And there are two hacks that can work in your favor and bring personality to your bio. 

Number one: change the alignment of your bio. It gives it a unique and quirky look that makes your account instantly stand out. To get the look, simply copy this space in the brackets [                 ] 

Once you’ve edited your bio, paste the copied gaps at the beginning of each line of your bio. It’s easier to do it on your laptop or desktop but you can manage it on your phone, too. 

Remove and adjust spaces until you have the alignment you want. 

The second trick is to make your bio more search-friendly or discoverable by adding keywords to your name. 

Choose keywords that speak to what your brand or page is about so that users can find it when they search for the word. For example, your name could read ‘Sasha Fierce. Travel blogger. Lifestyle content creator’.

 This makes it easy for people to find your page when searching for travel or lifestyle accounts.

Direct Traffic To Your Website 

Instagram’s lack of clickable links in posts is a sore point for marketing. URLs show up in Stories but not in posts. 

To help you get the traffic you want from your IG to an external website or page, you can add a link to your Story or to your profile. You can then caption your post “Link in bio” or “Link in Story”.

To add a link to your Story

  1. Link on the (+) at the top of the home screen
  2. Select ‘Story’ and choose an image for your background or use a plain colored background
  3. To add the link, go to Stickers (the folded square at the top of the Stories editing page)
  4. Type ‘link’ into the search bar and pick the option with the chain-link reading ‘Link’
  5. Paste your link and select ‘Done’

For a link in your bio, go to your profile page and click ‘Edit profile’. Paste your link into the Website field and click ‘Done’. To manage the links in your bio, check out our handy Link Manager

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Create A Sneak Peek Story

Another Instagram account hack you can use on your stories is a sneak peek trick. You can erase parts of an image, building suspense for when you post the complete image. This is also a great trick for sending people to a post once it’s up. 

To do this: 

  1. Upload an image to your Story
  2. Click on the pen and choose a color
  3. Long-press until your chosen color fills the screen
  4. Tap on the erase tool and remove bits of color so that your image peeks through. Users will be able to see bits of your image but not the entire thing

Find Fantastic, Relevant Hashtags To Use

Hashtags are one of the most important social media tools to use when trying to get your account discovered. You should try and include a couple of relevant hashtags in all your posts if you’re really trying to get your content out there. 

Using hashtags that are already trending a great way to keep up to date and jump onto things and themes that people are already searching for.

To find hashtags that are relevant to your post and that are experiencing high search volumes:

  1. Go to the Explore tab
  2. Type in a keyword or topic
  3. Click on the column reading ‘Tags’
  4. Pick a hashtag from the list that pops up. This will show all the posts under that hashtag
  5. For additional and similar tag options to the one you chose, you can scroll through the row that says ‘Related’
  6. Use one or more of these hashtags to make your post more discoverable

Follow Hashtags

In addition to finding hashtags to use immediately, you can also follow specific hashtags. This is a great way to keep track of trends that are relevant to your brand. 

It also makes it convenient to find inspiration for your content by looking at posts under your followed tag. 

To follow a hashtag, go to the Explore page, type in your hashtag, and select ‘Follow’.

Save DM Replies

When running a business, your followers probably ask a lot of the same questions via your DMs. If this is the case, you can save yourself a lot of time by saving some responses to frequently asked questions. That way, you don’t have to type the same thing out all the time!

Here’s how to do this:

  1. On your profile, tap the menu in the top-right corner
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Business’ or ‘Creator’
  3. Go to ‘Saved Replies’
  4. Tap the ‘+’ in the top-right-hand corner
  5. Decide on a keyboard shortcut for the saved reply
  6. Type in your message and ‘Save’
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Up Your Insta-Game With Instagram Account Hacks

We bet you didn’t know you could do all this on the ‘Gram. Use these Instagram account hacks today to take your account to the next level. 

And, of course, use Preppr to plan out and schedule your posts in advance for a beautiful, cohesive feed. It’s definitely our favorite hack!

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