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Ultimate Guide on How to Write Tweets That Get Clicks

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Why do you tweet? Is it only because everyone who’s anyone is on Twitter along with about 199 million people

Your answer is probably a “yes, but also…” And it should be. For your personal or company brand, you need to be on Twitter. But the tweets you write have to be clickable. 

Clickable tweets help you build your brand, market your products and services, get clicks and drive traffic back to your content, and grow your community. 

Writing those oh-so clickable tweets can be tricky, to say the least, but we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide. Let’s learn how to write a tweet.  

7 Tips for Writing Tweets That Drive Traffic 

Here are the best 7 tips on how to write a tweet that’s clickable: 

1. Understand Voice and Tone 

Your business brand should have a voice. Your point of view and cohesiveness forms the basis for every tweet you write. It makes your tweets unique and sets them apart from your competitors. 

To find your voice, ask yourself: 

  • Who are you tweeting for? 
  • Why am I writing this tweet? 
  • What do I want to say? 

The best advice, by far, is to write for your followers, not at them. How to write a tweet that’s written for the people? Keep it conversational. Address all feedback and reply to your @ mentions as soon as possible. 

What about tone? While your brand voice doesn’t change, your tone can. It should be appropriate to the situation. For example, if one of your customers had a bad experience, then your tone needs to be appropriately understanding and sympathetic.  

2. Be Specific  

Set the right expectations for your tweet. Letting people know what to expect helps grab their attention. Ensure there’s no irrelevant information in your tweet, and never send your followers to an irrelevant page. 

Google will know, and you’ll tank your SEO. Relevant information and clickable content tell the search engine gods that your content is valuable. This appeases Google and your followers.   

3. Play the Numbers Game 

Using numbers helps you be more specific when writing tweets.

Imagine seeing these two headlines on your Twitter feed: 

a) Ways to make a passive income 

b) 5 passive income strategies to earn $500+ per month 

Don’t know about you, but the second one will be getting our click. It’s more specific and an extra $500+ a month sounds extra amazing! 

Headlines with numbers also help instill confidence. And write in digits (e.g. 5), not numbers written out (e.g. five) to maximize the effectiveness. 

How to write a tweet

4. Check Your Tweet 

To tweet is to be brief and accurate. While you have 280 characters to write the perfect tweet, that doesn’t mean you should use all of them. 

Did you know the shorter your tweet, the higher your tweet engagement? Studies have shown that a tweet of between 70 and 100 characters is more likely to grab attention and encourage engagement. 

Then there’s accuracy. Even though users have begged and pleaded for years, there is still no “edit” button on Twitter. Before you hit “tweet” in your overeagerness to share the most amazing tweet you thought of and planned, think again. Or, well, proofread. 

Yes, you can delete your tweet, but will you catch your error(s) fast enough? If someone grabs a screenshot and your mishap is a biggie, it could damage your brand’s reputation. So rather take the extra time and carefully check your tweet before sending it out into the cyberverse. 

5. Tap Into Curiosity 

Curiosity is a potent motivator, and people want to satisfy their curiosity. FOMO, anyone? 

Tap into this by adding this element to your tweet. Ideally, you want to be specific and create curiosity. What?! No, you didn’t read that wrong. It isn’t easy to do, but it is possible. 

The best tip is to be specific about the problem, but the solution is where you can create curiosity. 

Example: This is all you need to start a passive income stream. 

What does the reader think? Well, I better click, right? I need to earn some extra passive income, and if Brand X knows, then I wanna know too. 

The other way you can add curiosity is by asking questions. When someone reads a question, you’ve grabbed their attention, and they automatically start thinking of the answer. 

Yes, the answer may be obvious, but the reader may doubt whether they have the right answer. This is all you need to get them to click.  

6. Use Viral Words 

Twitter is particularly handy at amplifying your brand messages. Yes, you tweet in your brand’s voice, but a lot of user engagement comes in the form of retweets. 

To help you tap into the retweet amplification potential, you will want to make use of:

  • Imperative or action words. These tell tweeps what to do, like, and look at. Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your tweet. Even including the word “retweet” as a CTA can boost user engagement and how many times your tweet gets retweeted.   
  • Use power words to persuade and describe, triggering an emotional response. For encouragement, power words would be ‘amazing’, ‘jubilant’, ‘life-changing’, ‘magic’, ‘mind-blowing’, etc. 
  • How-to phrases. To teach a skill or explain a process boosts engagement. 
  • Audience-referencing phrases. “You see,” “when you,” or “make you” makes your tweeps feel as if you are talking directly to them, which leads them to feel more strongly about your brand and content.   

7. Add GIFs or Videos 

Stand out from your competitors by more than just focusing on the text part of the tweet. Include an eye-catching image, GIF, or video

In fact, in a Twitter study, tweets with a GIF get 55% more engagement. Need we say more?   

Man in white t-shirt with sunglasses holding phone

Tweet Away! 

Writing tweets to help you get more clicks, boost your tweep engagement, and build brand awareness sounds easy with this How To Write A Tweet Guide, right? 

You just need to: 

  • Focus on your brand voice and tone
  • Be specific while adding numbers and creating curiosity
  • Use power words
  • Include CTAs
  • Add multimedia
  • Be brief and accurate 

Happy tweeting! 

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