If you’re a video editor or someone who creates video content to post on YouTube, you’re probably wondering how to post a YouTube video on Instagram. Of course, you want to increase your reach and share your video content with as many people as possible so Instagram is a great platform for that. 

On the other hand, maybe you just saw a YouTube video you really liked and want to share that with your followers. 

Instagram is about all things visual. With Reels, IGTV, and Stories, video is taking over the Gram. 

It makes sense then that more people are trying to make that connection between video giant, Youtube, and Instagram. 

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to share video content from YouTube to Instagram. Actually, there is no direct way to share content to Instagram from any social media platform.

No worries though, we are going to show you the loophole method for how to post a YouTube video on Instagram! 

Why Post A YouTube Video On Instagram?

So there isn’t a straightforward way to do this? Why would you want to go through hassles just to post your YouTube Video on Instagram? The simple answer is that sharing a YouTube video on Instagram is content smart. 

Nobody has time to create platform-specific content all the time. Resharing content from YouTube onto your Instagram page is a clever use of your time and resources. It also maximizes your reach and engagement as video content does really well on IG. 

Coming second only to Facebook, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. In October 2020, YouTube had over 2 000 million active users. Instagram had 1 158 million and any brand today knows the business impact of using Instagram. Combining the effect of both platforms is smart branding and great social media content management. 

You can also get creative with how you recycle content. Make simple edits to a YouTube video using IG filters and stickers to tailor it better to your Instagram users. Create collage-like titbits from past YouTube videos. Share clips or teasers on your feed, Stories, or IGTV with a call-to-action (CTA): “Check out the full video on our YouTube page!!!” 

Not only does this maximize what you can do with your content, but it also makes your omnichannel marketing more cohesive and content-conscious. And, your followers will love it! 

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How To Post A YouTube Video On Instagram

Now, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here: how to post a YouTube video on Instagram…

Step 1: Download The Youtube Video

If you have the video waiting for Instagram glory in your gallery, you can skip this step. If you don’t have access to the video on your device’s gallery, you can simply download it. There are quite a few handy websites and apps designed specifically for downloading YouTube videos. 

Remember: If the material is not your own, double-check all the legal fine print. You know, copyright and all. 

You can download using online Youtube downloading platforms on your browser, or you can download an app for it. Simply search for one and you should be able to tell from the reviews if it’s good or not. 

Step 2: Adjust Your Video For Instagram

Instagram has all sorts of restrictions on video posting. The length of the video depends on which feature you want to use to share your YouTube video on Instagram. Click here to learn more about video sharing on Instagram’s various channels. 

You’ll want to edit the clip so that it’s the perfect length for the post type. For example, feed posts cannot be longer than 1 minute. 

It’s the same with the aspect ratio. Not sure what that is? Well, have you ever tried to post an image or video to your story and the sizing is completely changed? It can end up looking terrible! That’s what aspect ratio is all about – how your content fits on the screen. 

For the best look, you’ll want to post Instagram Stories at an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 4:5. Feed posts and IGTV are awesome at a 9:16 ratio. VSCO, Canva, and a couple of other platforms make it super easy to do this. You can even download them to your phone. 

Once you’ve edited to your heart’s content, you can save the material to your device.

Bonus tip: Tube 2 Gram is a super nifty website that lets you combine steps 1 and 2. It converts the ratio and provides a link for downloading. You can’t edit the clip though, and you are limited to the one-minute feed restriction. Still useful for posting YouTube videos on your Instagram feed though! You can also use it to convert videos for Twitter. 

Step 3: Upload Video To Instagram

Finally, you can upload the video from your device to your story! On the latest Instagram update, you can click on the (+) symbol in your profile to choose what post type you want to make. The post options are feed post, Story, Story highlight, IGTV video, Reel, and Guide. You can share your YouTube video using all of them except Guide. 

With a banging caption or final-touch-filter, you’re ready to go! 

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Make The YouTube To Instagram Relationship Work For You

Optimizing your social media strategy requires creativity, commitment, and content smarts. Don’t be afraid to use the same content on different platforms. It doesn’t just have to be videos. To promote your YouTube videos on Instagram, you can:

  • Share a thumbnail of the YouTube video on your IG Story, with tons of sticker action!
  • Insert your YouTube link on your IG bio and tell your followers to check it out: “Link in bio“. You could even create a short trailer to help grab attention and intrigue from your followers. 
  • Maintain a ‘YouTube’ highlights tab with all your favorite YouTube moments. 

When it comes to sharing YouTube videos on Instagram, we can assure you that it’s well worth following all the steps. And trying your own! These two platforms are a content combo made in social media heaven!


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