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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

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The comments section on Instagram posts can be extremely negative. Often, internet trolls take to the comments to cause unnecessary drama. If people scrolling through their feed see a brand associated with negativity, this could severely affect the brand. 

So, knowing how to pin a comment on Instagram is a huge game-changer. Now, influencers and small businesses can use this section to showcase comments that align with their brand and values. 

6 Steps To Pin A Comment On Instagram

If you would like to boost positive interaction on your posts, just follow these simple steps. Here’s how to pin a comment on Instagram: 

  1. Open up your Instagram app and go to one of your recent (or older) posts.
  2. Scroll through all the comments until you find one that resonates with your brand. 
  3. Swipe left on the comment you want to pin to the top and then tap on the thumbtack icon.
  4. A pop-up will appear giving you a brief rundown of how pinned comments work. It will ask you if you want to pin the comment.
  5. Select ‘pin comment’
  6. The comment will now appear at the top of your thread. 

You can pin up to three comments on your posts. This is a great way to get a conversation going and shine a spotlight on some positive comments! 

Can You Pin Your Own Comments On Instagram Posts? 

There is a small catch to this great feature. You can’t pin your own comments on the thread. 

Instagram only allows you to pin the comments made by others on your post, bringing the specific comment to the top of the thread. 

As a result, if you need to update any aspect of your post, you will have to do so by editing the caption. However, Instagram does allow you to pin your own comments on an Instagram Live.  

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4 Ways To Use Pinned Comments  

Now that you know how to pin comments, the next question relates to how you can use this feature to your advantage. 

There are four ways pinned comments can make your posts stand out to your followers and encourage positive interaction with your posts.  

Answer a commonly asked question  

If a question is frequently asked by your followers, it may become tiresome to constantly have to reply with the same answer. 

So, that’s where pinned comments come in. Even though you can’t pin your own comments on Instagram, you can pin one of the questions you have answered. 

Then, the comment will go to the top of the thread. Your followers who have the same question will easily be able to see the question and answer. That way, they will no longer have doubts about your product or service. 

Highlight testimonials and reviews  

Pinned comments are a great way to keep the vibe of your brand positive and highlight some good reviews. 

Plus, with 70% of shoppers taking to Instagram before they make a purchase, pinning a good review can make or break a sale.  

So, if you recently received a good review in the comments section of a post, be sure to pin it to the top!

Encourage discussion  

Pinned comments are a great way to increase traffic on your posts and encourage positive discussion around your brand or product. 

If a thought-provoking comment catches your eye, you can pin it to the top to get more of your followers thinking and commenting on your posts.  

Humanize your brand  

A 2019 study found that 74% of consumers think brands should take a stand on important political issues. 

Don’t be afraid to answer difficult questions, take a stance on global issues, be transparent, and take accountability. By doing so, you can connect better with your audience and show that you care about the same issues they do. 

For example, many influencers and brands posted statements regarding the BLM movement. After doing so, many followers took to the comments to question what brands were doing to bring about change and they pinned comments with their answers. 

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Start Pinning Comments  

It’s clear that this Instagram feature is a simple but effective tool. It helps manage your account and queries from your followers, while also increasing traffic and positive discussion. 

With social media being essential to your business and brand, be sure to follow this easy guide on how to pin a comment on Instagram!

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