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How Long Are Instagram Reels (+ 7 Ways To Use Them)

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Instagram Reels are an exciting way to get creative with content sharing. With Reels, you can create unique videos to share with your friends, adding filters, music, and more.

And now you have the ability to easily record and edit video clips ranging all the way up to 60 seconds. 

Reels are a great way to engage with your fan base, personalize your brand, and create targeted messages. To produce the best Reels to help promote your brand, you have to know how to use them. A great Reel can make it to the explore page and can take your brand to the next level. 

For those of you asking, “How long are Instagram Reels?” We are here to answer all your questions! Take a look at our concise guide to help you figure this all out.

So, How Long Are Instagram Reels?

Reels let brands and influencers create entertaining content. If done correctly, they can help you bring your brand to life. For that reason, it is crucial to do it right. Getting the timing and length right is of utmost importance.

So, one of the most popular questions people ask is, “How long are Instagram Reels?” 

Well, when Reels were initially released, they had a mere 15-second time limit. 

A month after that, the time limit was increased to 30 seconds. 

As of 27 July 2021, users are now able to create significantly longer videos for this type of post. You can create Reels up to 60 seconds long. 

What Is The Best Length For Instagram Reels?

For those of you who are not sure what is the best length for Instagram Reels, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! 

While the full length of a Reel is limited to 60 seconds, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using that time. You can get creative with the timing and length of your Reel. We suggest using various techniques such as quick cuts or stop motion editing to leverage the time and content to promote your brand.  

For tutorials or how-to videos, you will likely need to utilize the full 60 seconds. This will allow you to include as much detail as possible. 

With global trends and viral content, your videos can be much shorter, depending on the overall aim of the Reel. 

Keep in mind that it’s super easy for Instagram users to scroll from one Reel to the next. So, the longer your video, the more engaging it needs to be. Make sure that you keep your audience entertained!

(Ideally, Instagram Reels should be (1080 X 1920) and 9:16 or vertically with your smartphone.)

Man filming sunset on phone

7 Tips for Using Instagram Reels For Your Business

Now that we have answered the ‘how long are Instagram Reels’ question, let’s move on to how you can use them to kick-start your brand. 

There are a wide variety of benefits to creating Instagram Reels, many of which can help promote your business or brand. 

So, here are some of the best ways you can use Reels:

1. Show Off New Products

Reels are the perfect way to showcase new products or services. Whatever you are selling, Reels can help you show your audience how something works or what the benefits are. 

They can also be used as supplementary content to existing videos or photos, helping to create a holistic brand experience. 

2. Create ‘How-To’ Content

Reels can be a great way to share useful tips with your followers. Whether it’s DIY hacks or how to solve common household problems, providing your audience with your personal life hacks is a great way to bond with them.

Not only will this humanize your brand, but it will also let your fans get to know you better. 

3. Answer Questions

You can use Reels as a fun way to answer questions from your followers. A great way to engage with your audience is to ask questions, find out what they like, and tailor your content to that. Use Reels to creatively answer any frequently asked questions in style. 

4. Collaborate 

Another great use of Reels is the ability to collaborate with other brands of influencers. You can create content with them and have them share it with their audience. This will help grow your followers and get more exposure for your brand. 

Collaborations are a great way to build brand credibility and authenticity. Once your followers see you collaborating with a notable brand, they are more likely to trust you going forward.

5. Share Promotions and Exclusive Deals

Use Reels to promote sales or deals that you’re offering. Once your brand grows, you can partner with other businesses to create mutually profitable deals.

Not only will your audience be excited to have premier access to these deals but this will also start building customer trust. 

6. Do a Behind-The-Scenes

One of the best ways to humanize your business and bring your audience on your journey is to do behind-the-scenes Reels. This will take your audience with you, throughout your creative process and show them how their products or services are being created. 

It will also allow your audience to meet the team behind your brand and is a great way for them to relate to you.

7. Get in on Viral Trends

With the rise of TikTok’s viral content, there are new trends coming up every day. Not only does your Reel stand a chance of making the explore page, but you could also go viral! 

Jumping in on viral trends is a good way to show your audience that you’re fun and relatable! Whether it’s a certain song or dance move, get in on it, and show your followers that you have your finger on the pulse.

Girl filming an Instagram Reel

Final Thoughts

With a 60 second time limit, Reels are a dynamic way to promote your brand. They allow you to get creative with your video content, letting your audience get to know you a lot better.

As such, Reels are the ideal supplementary content to your existing social media strategy. They are an exciting outlet for brands or influencers who are constantly trying to push boundaries. 

So, if you’re not already using them, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get on board and start creating engaging video content!

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