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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Creator Studio

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Instagram is always trying to improve the experiences of its users by improving its features. In recent years, with the boom in Instagram influencers and creatives using the platform for their work, the social media giant has created fantastic features like the Instagram Creator Studio. 

Along with things like Shopping and Monetizing, the Creator Studio makes it possible for creatives and creators to use the Gram to make and share their work. Here’s how the Instagram Creator Studio works and how creators can use it. 

What Is The Instagram Creator Studio?

As you know, Instagram has been a division of Facebook for a while now. So, it’s not surprising that this creator-focused concept began with Facebook. 

Facebook launched Facebook for Creators and a Creator app in 2017 for creators to monitor their Facebook activity. The Facebook Creator Studio followed in August 2019. But, it was only in June 2020 that Facebook announced the launch of the Instagram Creator Studio. 

The studio is a program that influencers, creatives, brands, and businesses can use to manage their Instagram accounts. It allows you to complete different actions. For example, you can measure and analyze post insights and activities, and monetize content. 

Who Is The Creator Studio For?

Okay… so who can use the creator studio? Who is the elusive ‘creator’?

Well, the phrase is pretty much used to describe anybody who creates or produces content for Instagram. Influencers, artists, brands, freelancers, bloggers are all creators and they are all targeted by the Instagram Creator Studio. 

The point of the studio is to enable these groups of people to create an income from their content creation. In particular, it provides tools to people running non-traditional businesses. 

This is something that has become intrinsic to Instagram’s community. Instagram marketing and Instagram monetization make the platform what it is today. It’s also a way to improve the monetization possibilities on the platform and increase brand collaborations – much like other spaces, like YouTube, have been doing for a while already.

So, yes, the Instagram Creator Studio is for creators as described above. However, even if you aren’t a creator, you can still use the tools the studio has on offer. The studio has a number of tools that can be handy for all Instagram users. But, before we take a look at some of the Instagram Creator Studio features and tools, let’s see how you can set up your Instagram Creator Studio.

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How To Set Up The Instagram Creator Studio

To use the Instagram Creator Studio, you first need to switch your account to a creator account or business account. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on your profile page
  2. Open the settings and click on ‘Account’.
  3. Select ‘Switch to Professional Account’ and then ‘Creator’ if you have a personal account. If you have a business account, select ‘Switch to Creator Account’.
  4. Choose a suitable label from the list provided to describe your brand and then click next.
  5. Decide whether to link to a Facebook page. If you don’t want this then tap ‘Skip’.
  6. Finally, you get to choose if you want contact options on your profile. You can change this later, as well. 

Connecting your Instagram account to the Instagram Creator Studio depends on how your IG account works with your Facebook account. Open the Creator Studio and click on the Instagram icon to link the two depending on the option that applies to you:

  1. If you have a Facebook Page linked to an Instagram account, you can just connect that. 
  2. Or, if you don’t have linked accounts, tap on “Connect to Instagram’ and follow the prompts to connect. 
  3. If you want to use a different IG account from one that’s already connected, tap on ‘Connect another Instagram Account’ and follow the prompts.
  4. If you already have various IG accounts and want to use them in the studio, then tap on ‘Continue with Connected Accounts’.

And you’re ready to create!

Instagram Creator Studio Special Features

In-depth Audience Data

Having an Instagram Creator account gives you access to detailed and useful information on your audience/followers. This includes a daily tally of the creators’ follow count, detailing how many follows or unfollows they’ve received that day. This is a metric that can help creators gauge the performance of their posts on a specific day. 

Creators can also see the detailed demographics of the people who engage with their content. This helps you to create tailored content for the right people. 


Instagram branding is super important as a creator or influencer. How you present yourself matters and, of course, Instagram knows that. 

The Instagram creator profile allows you to pick the perfect label that describes your personal brand. You have a much vaster choice than you might get with a standard business account. This is great because it means you can really capture your niche and tell your profile visitors what you’re about from the get-go. 

Message Categorization

DMs can get quite overwhelming and super-full if you’re a public figure or you have a huge following or demand for collaborations. Of course, as a creator, some of these DMs are important for collaborations. But, others could be trolls that just don’t deserve your attention. 

With a creator account, you can separate your incoming messages into three categories: primary, general, and request. 

Primary for priority messages you want to look at and get notifications for. 

General for messages you don’t really want notifications for. 

Requests for messages coming from people you don’t follow. 

This helps you prioritize and manage communications a bit better and only focus on the interactions you want to invest in!

Contact Options

Another tool that can improve your communications is the ability to control your incoming messages. The creator profiles allow you to switch your contact buttons on and off so that you can manage the incoming requests better. This gives you more power over what contact you make and with whom. 

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Get Creating!

The Instagram Creator Studio makes the social media platform even more welcoming for creators to use and we just love it! So get started, and don’t forget that Preppr is also here to help you plan and visualize your Instagram presence. 

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