If you’re serious about growing your business online, keeping an eye on Instagram trends for 2021 is a must. Curious to learn which ones are about to take off? Read on and find out.

Call us Instagram Claus or simply Preppr, but we know how nice you’ve been this year. So, since it’s the giving season, we’re ready to share with you our present: a list of 6 Instagram trends for 2021 that will dramatically impact your success rates. 

After thoroughly analysing the market, we’ve handpicked the most pervasive trends that cover everything from marketing tactics to follower expectations and on-the-rise features. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of how to build your Instagram marketing strategy and turn 2021 into your best year yet. 

Shops and offline businesses gravitate towards Instagram

The “new normal” is anything but normal to brick and mortar shops. The pandemic has made a dent in their profits and continues to with more and more regulations. Well, this Instagram trend is set to improve their fate.

If you own a store, a shop, a gym, or any other type of physical business, you’re probably looking for new (online) ways to thrive in these uncertain times. To keep sales at floating level, you’ll need to explore online opportunities. So, welcome to Instagram

During the pandemic, Instagram provided a safe haven for businesses and will continue to rise up to the challenge in 2021. That’s why the shift from offline to online is one of the most prominent Instagram trends for next year.

With features such as Instagram lives, shoppable posts, video chat, stories, reels, and countless other features like stickers, story questions, nametags and more, the platform offers an excellent engagement alternative that doesn’t require in-person contacts.

To succeed on Instagram, start building your brand visual story and focus your efforts on user experiences. In the end, don’t forget consistency is critical. Create a weekly schedule with Preppr and use retargeting ads to achieve your goals.

Authentic, human content is the only content that will succeed

Authenticity is not a new Instagram trend. But in 2021 it will reach peak popularity, with tons of community-generated content and non-edited posts.

Fact is that ultra-edited, picture-perfect, cinematic posts no longer do it for newer audiences. Today, smart marketing is almost equivalent with authenticity and transparency. This shift is a natural occurrence but is also triggered by the new generation of consumers who thrive real connections above anything else.

If you want to make your business relevant to your followers, you’d better open up and be honest about what you do. Don’t flaunt a perfect image, let your imperfections show and make sure to:

  • create a human voice for your brand
  • craft honest stories with your captions 
  • design a coherent, authentic aesthetic
  • keep edits to a minimum; use them only to enhance key features

Various Instagram analyses show that carousel posts are champions at engagement. In 2021, carousels will continue to drive better conversations thanks to a new Instagram trend: typography. 

Captions will no longer be the only space where you’ll be able to share ideas. In fact, text-heavy posts are slowly becoming a thing on Instagram. As followers crave more authenticity, they are transferring their attention from visuals to texts.

Carousel posts are perfect for building momentum by revealing messages in stages. You can ignite curiosity and have your followers swipe to get to the end message. 

Instagram trend for 2021: carousel posts heavy on text

Shoppable posts become the new lifestyle photos

According to Social Media Today, 70% of customers use Instagram to discover new products. Besides, shoppable posts are tapped by more than130 million users monthly. More than being an Instagram trend, in 2021, these will be a mandatory tactic for businesses.

And the good news is that Instagram has been steadily working on expanding its in-app purchase feature to help businesses make it through these challenging times.

If you’ve had your account approved for an Instagram shop, you’ve probably already played with shoppable posts. Now, it’s time to step up your game. Because in 2021, posting pretty product pictures will no longer be enough.

Remember, followers are increasingly looking for authenticity, and that means they want to connect with you on a personal level. They want to see how your products can be brought to life and, more so, what can these bring to their lives. That means more product lifestyle pictures and more realness throughout your feed.

Nano and micro-influencers take central stage

It’s funny how things change. A few decades back, the best way to win customers was to partner up with big stars. Today, the most efficient strategy is to turn to micro-influencers. That’s right. In 2021, small is the new big Instagram trend.

And it’s not even a surprise. Nano and micro-influencers try harder. They are closer to their audiences and take more time to answer to comments and engage with their followers. In the end, it all comes back to what we’re slowly starting to consider the most significant Instagram trend: authenticity.

If you want your brand or business to leverage the reputation of an influencer, a micro-influencer with a couple of thousands of followers has the perfect ratio of authority to realness. So just go ahead and give this trend due credit.

Diversity and inclusion through accessibility 

Diversity and inclusion have gained more and more attention in the past few years. In fact, it’s an issue that has long asked to be addressed, and we’re happy that businesses, brands, and even influencers are waking up to this conclusion. This is the way to go!

In 2021, diversity and inclusion will manifest into an extremely beneficial Instagram trend: accessibility. What does this mean? Clearly, it means that businesses will have to try harder and make their content accessible to a larger audience, irrespective of gender, race, culture, social status or income.  

To make your Instagram account more accessible, consider adding subtitles to your videos. Work hard to get to know your audience and their unique needs. Also, build a community and try to form close relationships with each individual. And, in addition, offer support, don’t only create offers. All in all, be truthful, and stay authentic. 

Yes, we’re now convinced that authenticity is the Instagram trend that will drive 2021.

Can you feel it? Change is already in the air. So why wait ’till the clock marks 12? Hop on these Instagram trends and start creating your marketing strategy for 2021. 

Preppr is here to help you schedule your posts and curate your feed to keep it relevant to your followers. Between you and us, we’ve got plenty of work to do.

So, whether you’re an influencer, a small business, an eCommerce platform or a brick and mortar shop preparing to open an Instagram account, we’re here for you. Exciting times are coming. Let’s welcome the new normal prepared!


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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