Previously, Instagram was just a social network, a toy in the hands of individual users and companies. Today, for many brands, Instagram has become the main source of sales. Their affairs are going so well that they do not want to change anything.

Is there any secret key to success on Instagram? No, there are no secrets – this social network is accessible to everyone. Add some theoretical knowledge and Instagram will turn into a gold mine for your corporate or personal brand. Here are the best books to start with. And most likely, you will not need anything else. This post is about the recommendations from the 7 best social media marketing books.

The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy by Robb Taroni

Pretty promising title, isn’t it? And judging by the ratings and sales of this book, it is really justified. The author immediately focuses on the fact that most entrepreneurs and marketers simply do not have a few months in order to delve into all the subtleties. For this reason, the book immediately gives effective strategies, which, as the author himself claims, can be read today and begin to be implemented tomorrow. These are marketing moves, strategies, and tricks that do not require either investment or highly specialized knowledge. This book is suitable for everyone who wants to build up their skill in promoting a product, service, or their personality through Instagram.

  • 4,17 rate on Book Authority
  • 3,7 rate on Amazon

Instagram Stories – The Secret ATM in Your Pocket by Jason Heiber

This book is written for each user of Instagram without exception. However, if it falls into the hands of a marketer who is open to new knowledge, the wow effect is guaranteed. The thing is that the author of the book believes that Instagram Stories can be a source of income for absolutely everyone – for a student who needs to return a loan for study, and for a huge corporation like Coca-Cola. The book offers several simple solutions to how to turn your Instagram story into a source of active or passive income – especially since you use this platform in any case. This book is worth sharing with friends and colleagues.

  • 4,65 rate on Book Authority
  • 4,6 rate on Amazon

Instagram Marketing Book- Step-by-Step Instagram Secrets to Connect, Engage, Grow, Influence, and Sell by Victor Marco

In fact, there are no secrets here. The author really offers a strategy divided into small steps, starting from the simplest – creating your profile, and ending with the use of marketing automation tools on Instagram. In other words, if you have not worked with Instagram before, or underestimated its advantages, or your actions were chaotic, then it’s time to stop it. This book will help create a clear view of your work on this social network. Moreover, everything here is so simple, logical, and consistent that even your toddler or your grandmother can handle it.

  • 4,6 rate on Book Authority
  • 3,8 rate on Amazon

Post Like an Influencer, Grow Like a Marketer by Justin Monsanto

The author of this book believes that everyone is capable of creating influential content. In general, this book is more suitable for those who are focused on the development of a personal brand, but marketers of a wide profile will also find a lot of useful information. First of all, this book will help you find the answer to the question of who you are and determine the unique features of your product, service or your personality. Moreover, the book will further describe how to create influential content, when you can focus on the content of other influencers, how to use Instagram Stories to attract and retain your audience, and most importantly – how to turn it all into real money.

  • 4,6 rate on Book Authority
  • 4 rate on Amazon

Instagram Influencer Marketing Secrets 2019 by Robb Taroni

This book, as well as the previous one, focuses on influence marketing, but there is more to it.

  • This book is suitable for you if you, as a marketer, plan to start working with an influencer and want to understand how it works from the inside out.
  • You yourself want to become an influencer and are not ready to wait several years for this to happen.
  • You want to learn how to create influential content on behalf of a brand and take a sunny place in your industry.

But! The most interesting and unique chapter of this book is devoted to introverts – people who do not feel comfortable communicating their thoughts to the whole world. However, this is not an obstacle to the development of your brand and the creation of a successful business using Instagram. Want to learn how to defeat an introvert inside yourself but stay in your comfort zone? You know what to do.

  • 4,5 rate on Book Authority
  • 4 rate on Amazon

FOLLOW by R.J. Hendrickson

This book is a strategic guide to action and one of Amazon’s best sellers. The thing is that the author suggests approaching the issue of attracting subscribers very consistently, without fuss, without haste, without chasing large numbers, prioritizing quality, and real interest for the target audience. Moreover, the sequential actions described in this book do not require a single dollar of investment – free Instagram functionality will be enough. And your consistent and hard work, of course.

  • 4,5 rate on Book Authority
  • 4,7 rate on Amazon

Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business by Kim Walsh Phillips

As the name implies, this book is suitable for marketers who want to increase sales on Instagram. This is another Amazon bestseller. The author proposes to build an automated sales funnel on Instagram, that is, make sure that purchases are made without your participation. She also shares the secrets of using Stories and IGTV to attract and retain the target audience, plus gives tips on how to better organize contests, attract leads through landings, and create a successful hashtag strategy.

  • 4,5 rate on Book Authority
  • 4,4 rate on Amazon


Of course, the list of social media marketing books goes on and on. Moreover, the possibilities of social media for business are not limited only to Instagram. However, if you know that most of your target audience is focused on this platform, these seven books will be enough to find your users, attract them to your profile, motivate them to subscribe and start building long-term relationships.


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