Hashtags have been the driving motor of Instagram, bundling posts into categories and gathering followers into communities. The basics haven’t changed in 2019: a wheel is still a wheel and an hashtag is still a hashtag. However, thanks to the introduction of new features, a bunch of game-changing techniques for Instagram hashtags are emerging.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks regarding these techniques for hashtags in 2019. Plus, we’ve added some specific techniques for 2 of the most prolific industries on Instagram in the past years. So let’s spread the right hashtags all over 2020.

I. Tips for using hashtags in 2020

1. Follow the hashtags your audience and competition are following

At the end of 2017, Instagram introduced a feature that allowed Instagram users to follow not only accounts but also hashtags. That was great news for all businesses on Instagram because it gave them another opportunity to be discovered.

Since the new feature has already celebrated its one year anniversary, we’ve had enough time to play with it and gather tips on how you can leverage it further for hashtags in 2019.

The most important tip we can give is to start following hashtags yourself (if you haven’t done it by now). Follow hashtags that are relevant to your business but, most importantly, follow the hashtags your audience is following. Analyse the top performing posts in each category, deconstruct them and create content based on the key learnings you take away.

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019

2. Change your hashtags constantly in 2019

Here’s a stylish tip: don’t always wear the same hashtags in 2019. It’s not only fashionable to change your hashtags often, but it’s also a great strategic choice. Sure, the hashtag backlash was just a scary bedtime story, but that doesn’t mean it you now have a free pass to use the same hashtags over and over again. And it’s common sense why. Routine does nobody good, and your hashtags are no exception.

Experiment with your hashtags in 2019 and don’t be afraid to fail. Sure, keep the hashtags that have always done you a great deal of good, maintain your branded hashtags, but also make sure to keep things fresh. And, when you’re in doubt which new hashtags to try, remember tip number 1 from this article.

3. Hashtag your Instagram Stories

When you think about hashtags in 2019, don’t only think about your posts. Instagram Stories are probably the most versatile type of content you can create on social media. Adding hashtags to it will make it even more so, while also increasing your reach.

To add hashtags to your Instagram Stories, simply open the stickers tab and select the ‘hashtag’ option.

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019

Once you do this, you’ll be able to type the hashtag of your choosing and even change its color by tapping on the hashtag.

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019

4. Add hashtags to your bio

Another piece of content you shouldn’t neglect when it comes to hashtags is your bio. Actually, when thinking about hashtags in 2019 you should start from here directly. The bio is the cornerstone of your profile and you should make sure that it’s not only extremely clear stated, but also easily discoverable. And hashtags are the main triggers for this ‘drive’.

You don’t have to overdo it with the hashtags in your bio. However, some keywords that are fundamental to your activity can easily be turned into hashtags. The bio is also a great place to promote your branded hashtags, just like in the example of Lonely Planet.

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019

 Creative directions for hashtags in 2019

1. Instagram Travel Hashtags that fly high in 2019

Traveling has been gaining a lot of traction in the past years, with more and more Instagrammers leaving the comfort of their homes to travel the world and live the dream life. In 2019, Instagram will continue to overflow with travel bloggers, vloggers and other travel related accounts. If you’re joining the ‘battle’ (or are already a veteran traveler and Instagrammer) you need to play your hashtags right. Selecting the best travel hashtags in 2019 is not only a matter of getting your posts displayed more, but it’s also a chance to build a travel community.

So here are our tips on how to use Instagram travel hashtags in 2019:

  • Opt for travel hashtags that address a certain niche – ecotourism, luxury, backpacking, charity, family and the list can go on. There are already countless hashtags that have gained traction for each of these niches: #happyhiker #travelwriters #travelforgood are only a few examples that you can use to gather your followers around an idea and build a community.
  • Select travel hashtags that aren’t overcrowded – #wanderlost #traveldaily, #travelplans have around 10,000 pictures tagged and can gain you more visibility than the overused #travelblogger for example. You can discover more hashtags by conducting a simple search on Instagram and typing travel-related terms in the search bar. Make sure to select the Tags section and hit ‘’find’.


    hashtags in 2019
    hashtags in 2019
  • Create your own travel hashtag – if you truly aim to build a travel community, then you need to think about a branded travel hashtag that will immediately be associated with you or your business. Of course, you’ll have to promote this hashtag and it will require a bit more work from your side. In the end it will be worth it.

2. Instagram Fitness Hashtags that will get your profile fit in 2019

In the last years, healthy living has become a matter of interests to more and more people. And you don’t even need the stats to prove it, you can only scroll through your feeds. You’ll definitely encounter some healthy food and fitness related posts. Whether we’re talking about strength training, running or sports that involve the body, mind and spirit like yoga, people are becoming more interested in healthy activities and are investing more and more time in this direction. So, even if you’re not in the fitness industry, you can ride the trend and incorporate some healthy living hashtags into your strategy.

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019
  • Research fitness trends and hashtags that could work with your account. Fitness doesn’t only mean hardcore strength training or cross fit programmes. It can also involve lighter practices for overall well-being such as yoga, pilates or stretching. These should be easier to associate with, no matter your profile. After all, everybody has to move it, move it a bit, right?
  • Get your team behind a sports challenge and create a branded hashtag to show for it. This will help you refresh your employer branding, while also reaching out to new audiences.
  • Reach to related fitness fields and their hashtags. Fitness is just a small part of a far bigger movement around healthy living. So, in addition to discovering and embedding fitness into your employer branding, why not build an entire behind-the-scenes strategy around healthy living? Think body, mind and soul.

Time to get a hold on your hashtags in 2019

It’s time to put all this theory into practice. But, before you start we recommend you to dive into The Ultimate Guide to the Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes. And, as always, Preppr is here to help you organize your hashtags and discover the ones that work best. If you haven’t already tried Preppr, we’ve heard about a cool 10 days free trial. But shhh! don’t tell! Hashtag it 😉

hashtags in 2019
hashtags in 2019

Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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