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What To Post On Instagram: 8 Types Of Posts To Include In Your Strategy

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Struggling to know what to post on Instagram? Finding or creating content can be so hard and, of course, you want to share posts that fit your brand and engage your customers. But how do you meet all your content needs while still connecting with your audience and not being, well, boring? 

Part of your social media strategy is drafting a content plan: the nitty-gritty of what, when, and how you will share your posts. In this post, we will look at some fantastic options to help you out with the ‘what’ – what to post on Instagram to be more precise. 

What To Post On Instagram: 8 Different Types Of Posts To Include In Your Strategy

Here are some great post ideas to include in your brand or business’ content strategy. 

Product Promos

Instagram has become a wonderful platform for businesses to market their brands and products and even run their businesses. Thus, putting up images of your products on Instagram may assist with product sales and boost your brand awareness. 

Use clear and high-quality images, videos, and GIFs to showcase your product well. You must also make sure that the aesthetic (color, tone, and ambiance) of your visuals match the rest of your feed and brand language. 

Include an attention-grabbing caption with interesting details about the product, product name, a ‘link in bio’ call-to-action to drive conversions, and a relevant hashtag or two. Your caption is basically your mini product pitch so do it well!

Brand Lifestyle

Talking business all the time can get tedious and you want to create a social media page with depth and variety. Instead of posting all about your brand and products all the time, add in some lifestyle images. 

With lifestyle posts, you can share visuals of almost anything, as long as they speak to what your brand and products are about, and to the kind of consumer you want to target.

A travel company might, for example, share posts of delicious foods, people, books to read when you travel, and more. They don’t need to just stick to images of the destinations you can travel to.

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

While lifestyle posts highlight the reality and lifestyle of your target customer, you can highlight cool parts of your business’ day-to-day functioning with some candid behind-the-scenes footage like: 

  • Meet the team videos or images 
  • Clips of people during their workday
  • BTS shots at a photo or video shoot, event, conference, etc
  • A look into your product manufacturing process
  • Trying a trending hashtag or challenge as a team (ie: the Jerusalema challenge)

You can really play with BTS posts and they help give your account personality and humanity. Plus, you can create a highlight called BTS and save your BTS Stories there for users to check out at any time.

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Collaborations are a great way to approach lifestyle posts and they can offer a new experience to your audience. For example, hosting an exclusive interview on your IGTV with an industry leader or expert provides an opportunity for other users to learn and engage on a topic. 

You can also collaborate with Instagram influencers to share your products. Influencer collaborations are particularly cool because you don’t have to think about what to post on their Instagram. Just give them a brief and approve their posts. Be sure to share the posts on your Instagram as well!

With collaborations, you also get the benefit of increased reach as you gain access to the other individuals’ audience, too.

Tutorials & DIYs

Yes, social media is great for your brand’s digital presence, reach, and bottom line. But, you need to consider what value you add to your customers’ experience through your platforms. What do they get out of what you post on Instagram? 

Your Instagram collaborations add value and DIY videos, tutorials, and infographics are another fantastic way to do this. Plus, your business still gets all the above benefits. 

You can do tutorials showing users how to use your product (ie: a cosmetics company doing a make-up tutorial) or you can find ways to include clever product placements in the video.

Contests & Giveaways

Another way to add value for your followers is by running a contest. By adding contest requirements like tag a friend or two, follow the page, share the post, or comment below, you can boost your brand and reach more users!

User-Generated Content (UGC)

You don’t always have to create the content you share. You can also get existing images and videos from other sources – like your customers and followers! 

UGC is content from other users that you share on your account. For example, if a customer tags your business in a picture of them using your product or attending your event, you can share that picture to your Instagram Story as content. 

Using UGC as a content strategy is an awesome way to create a sense of community with your audience and to engage with their posts. 

Keep in mind though that you must request permission to share their stuff. Just a simple DM will do and once you have their thumbs up, then you’re ready to go!

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Stock Visuals

This is another way to cut down on the admin of creating all-new posts all the time. When you’re stuck on what to post on your Instagram, surf the web to find stock images that suit your style and feed mood. 

You can find royalty-free stock videos and pictures online and you don’t have to worry about getting permission. 

Stock visuals are perfect and easy-to-use when curating a specific look on your feed as you can just search for images that suit what you need, preview them on your feed, and schedule them in for those days when you don’t know what to post on Instagram.

Final Thoughts On What To Post On Instagram

With these handy ideas for content to post on the ‘Gram, you never have to stare at your dry feed thinking “I don’t know what to post on Instagram!” 

Simply bookmark this article and check it out whenever you have a dry spell. Then you can curate some posts in advance, pop them into the Preppr Instagram scheduler, and relax as they are automatically posted!

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