While its name might sound rather unappealing (Instagram Bio, pretty dull, right?), its appeal has been verified over and over again. A great Instagram Bio can get you your first followers and help you grow your profile and business at every step. So whatever you do, don’t underestimate its importance. To get you started we even throw in a couple of Instagram bio ideas with emoji.

If you ever recall a time that you’ve felt all giddy while reading the few well-placed words in somebody’s bio and said “Holy Moly, I need to follow this”, then you know what we’re talking about! Thus the question becomes: “How do I get myself one of those awesome Instagram Bios?”. The answer in full, below. And we’re going to warn you in advance, good things come to those who have the patience to write and rewrite.

What’s in an Instagram Bio name?

This is not Shakespeare, so we’re going to tell it to you bluntly: a lot! On Instagram, your name is everything! Choose the wrong one and you’re out. Actually, you won’t ever be in. That’s why you need to make sure your Instagram name is everything it should be and more.

Before we move any further, you need to be aware of the fact that your name and username on Instagram are not one and the same thing. While the username is the name of your Instagram account, your name is the one that appears in your Instagram Bio. The great news is that they are both taken into account by Instagram searches and you can have two chances of getting found.

Edit bio profile within the Instagram app
Inside the Instagram app, you’ll be able to edit your bio. This is an important part of your Instagram profile because it’s the only place inside Instagram where you can describe yourself to the public.

Thus, while your username can be something funkier or more conceptual (take for example @louboutinworld), make sure the name in your bio clearly states your publicly known name or brand. And while it might be surprising, this is the sole rule to follow when selecting your Instagram Bio name: put the name your audience is already familiar with or the brand name you want your target to know you by. No fireworks, no crackers. In this case, simple is better.

Use your publicly known name or brand on Instagram

Whatever you do, try to avoid the following common errors many users do:

  • use a lot of underscores in your username or name (are we still in the 90s?!)
  • put a bunch of random numbers after your username because the one you want is already taken(who will remember cool_millenial_entrepreneur32495?!)

Choose your words wisely and make them count (and also make them relatable)

Okay, that might have been a very long headline. But truth is, a great Instagram Bio needs to take into account all that and more. You only have 150 characters to clearly state what you’re all about while being charming, interesting, witty, a bit funny and sales oriented. Woah! Will you ever be able to do it? Sure you will. Here’s how:

First of all, make sure to include your USP (unique selling proposition) if you run any kind of business, be it a service providing one or a product based one. Otherwise, make sure to list your profession, skills, passion or hobby that drives your Instagram account. The trick is to phrase them as appealing as possible and get creative with your wording. Here’s an example from @deliciouslyella, who managed to turn the 150 words into an exciting read:

Mqke sure that your Unique Selling Point is clearly communicated on Instagram

As you can see, there’s also a CTA included in her Instagram Bio and that’s exactly the way to do it. Your bio should not only offer valuable info and convert users into followers, but it should also inspire them to take action outside Instagram.

Of course, successful Instagram Bios come in many shapes. Another great way to make your bio worth its while is by including branded hashtags. For example, @lonelyplanet applies this tactic because it aligns with their overall strategy, as many Instagramers share amazing pictures from their travels. Thus, they have included several branded hashtags into their bio and they directed their call to action towards encouraging followers to use them!

Sprinkle your Instagram Bio with keywords

Don’t go in a SEO-craze with your Instagram Bio, as there’s no need. Instagram search only indexes your username and your name, as we already mentioned. But having some well-picked keywords will help you better connect with potential followers and, you guessed, convert them into followers.

In order to make sure this tactic works, you know what you have to do! Yes, yes, research your target. See how they write, what pages they follow, what interests they have, the whole package. Once you’ve nailed down their favorite keywords, see which of these are also strongly related to you or your business. Then, integrate, without pushing the limits too much, as many of them as you can into your bio. Also, don’t just copy paste a bunch of keywords, because this is not the aim! Try to blend them in nicely, letting your personality show.

Instagram bio ideas with emoji to vamp up your Instagram profile

We’ve already discussed the importance of emojis on Instagram and how to best use them in order to gain the attention you seek. However, we believe in the power of repetition, so we’ll say it again: using emojis makes you look more approachable and transforms your copy into an easier read. So don’t be afraid to use some relevant emojis in your Instagram bio. In this post we’ll try to insprire you with interesting instagram bio ideas with emoji used by others.

Actually, a lot of successful Instagramers rely on the power of emoji to create to-the-point and relatable Instagram bios. Just have a look at @kelseywells’s Instagram bio:

Rely on the power of emojis on Instagram

Of course, it all highly depends on what your business is or what your brand does. Not all niches might be appropriate for emoji use nor they might need emojis. It all depends on your tone of voice and your gut feel. So go for it, whatever it is.

Format your Instagram Bio

One thing you don’t want to risk is having a beautifully written, well-thought of bio that nobody will read due to formatting. A bulky text, even if it’s relevant, will still appear as intimidating as ever to the on-the-hurry Instagramer. Thus, you also need to put some thought in the way you format your bio.

Make sure your bio is easy to read and it has enough black spaces between words/sentences so that it can be skimmed. That means that an Instagramer needs to catch your drift even if she or he spends only a brief second actually reading your profile. We know, we know, sometimes these demands seem impossible! And sometimes they are. But not for you! You can do it!

Keep the link in your Instagram Bio fresh

The link in your Instagram Bio can serve different purposes at different times in the life of your brand or business. At the very beginning, it can be a hook to redirect followers to your website or blog, where they can start to get to know who you are and what you do. Further on, it can serve as a great means of promoting different contests or campaigns and help you convert. Bottom line is that you don’t have to set it and forget it.

Actually, the link in your Instagram Bio is the essential lifeline you have to redirect followers outside of Instagram and transform them into clients. And, if you’re the marketing aficionado we believe you are, it means you know you need to keep it fresh! Engagement tends to fade away if you don’t keep up with the times and show that you’re as active as the rhythm of modern life is.

Ready for your Instagram Bio?

With all these Instagram bio ideas with emoji at your fingertips, we hope you’re ready to create a stunning Instagram Bio that will get you the results you’re after. Because remember, an Instagram Bio is the place from which all your marketing efforts on the platform start from. The only reason you to ignore it is if you’re @oprah and need no introduction.

Oprah doesn't need instagram bio ideas with emoji

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