Instagram is an amazingly powerful tool and a serious heavy hitter in the world of online and digital marketing. 1 billion people use it around the world, so it’s no surprise that people have looked to it as, in some cases, a primary port of call for marketing. Combine its userbase with a pretty intuitive and ubiquitous hashtag and trending meta, as well as the newly embraced power of the ‘influencer’ and you’ve got an extremely potent option for some hardcore marketing, and all in a simple and easy to grasp way. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some more valuable Instagram statistics which marketers ought to understand before heading into Instagram marketing.

  1. A Billion People

As I just mentioned, there are a billion active users, monthly, on Instagram. Half of these people, a whopping 500 million distinct users, use the app daily. It’s at the absolute top of the social media world. If you want to do social media marketing, it’s a must use.

  1. 53 minutes

The average Instagram user, one of the 500 million online each day, uses Instagram on average for just shy of an hour a day, 53 minutes to be precise. 53 minutes of actual browsing or posting time is pretty darn high.

  1. Hashtag Impact

Hashtags make a big difference to the traction a post receives. Putting at least a single hashtag will give you an average of 12.6% increased engagement. “Hashtags can seem a bit lame, a desperate attempt to get noticed. Not using them though, particularly in the marketing sphere, is a big mistake”, says Charlize Parr, marketer at BigAssignments and OxEssays.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Locating your post, meaning tagging where it was taken or where it concerns or even where you are posting from will garner you a massive 79% increased engagement with it. This is a particularly valuable note for companies to consider.

instagram statisctics

  1. Cool Kids

A massive percentage of Instagram users are on the young side. 71% of users are younger than35, whilst 18-29-year-olds make up 59% of that sector of users.

  1. Big Business

Business make up 25 million profiles on Instagram. Compared to total users that’s a pretty small number. But, when you really stop and think about it, 25 million companies is a lot of companies.

  1. American Business For Instagram

American businesses love Instagram. “Social media marketing is especially popular in the United States where It dominates the fast moving and flexible field of digital marketing. On Instagram, for example, 71% of American businesses operate an account”, explains Marie Cocci, social media manager at StateOfWriting and EliteAssignmentHelp. Don’t be left out, get involved!

  1. Business Is Popular

Contrary to what you might expect about business accounts, they’re actually pretty popular. It’s not considered un-cool or strange to follow the accounts of companies and, in fact, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account on Instagram. Scooping followers will give you a built-in audience for your posts, without needing to even spend money on advertisements.

  1. For Business, Instagram Is Best

Social media marketing is a field with a lot of potential avenues to explore. From Twitter, to LinkedIn, to Facebook there are a ton of options for your company. However, the undisputed king in this arena is Instagram with brand engagement sitting at least 10 times as high as other social networks. This makes it pretty clear where you ought to invest most.

  1. Making Sales

Instagram offers a more personal, more laid-back approach to marketing. “Despite the more easy-going atmosphere, it’s really effective when it comes to making the sales you most want. 83% of Instagram users have discovered new products and services on Instagram and 80% of users have been helped in making their mind up over a product” comments Cole Bourque, an Instagram marketer at Academized


As you can hopefully tell from this comprehensive and abundant list of statistics, getting into marketing over Instagram is a no-brainer. It’s a great place for you to start your social media marketing experience and you are far more likely to find success on Instagram than any of the other options available to you!


Nora Mork is a marketing journalist at Essay Roo and Professional essay service. She regularly shares her ideas and stories at blogs, such as Write my assignment


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