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9 Awesome Social Media Campaign Ideas To Try

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Need fresh, exciting social media campaign ideas to get you inspired? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this blog post, we give you eight social media campaign ideas for you to try with examples of how they’ve been done well to boot.

9 Social Media Campaign Ideas To Try In 2022

Discounts or Offers

If your business is running a discount or you have a sale season, using social media to share this can help boost sales. 

You can share posts on sales offers and discounts, increasing awareness and encouraging new customers to try your services and products.

Giveaways or Contests

There’s nothing like a great giveaway to get users keen on your account. Who doesn’t like freebies?? 

If you want to go with this social media campaign idea, there are a few things to decide on. You need to establish the rules of your contest including:

  • Tagging friends in the post
  • Things to include in the content (ie: a product or item)
  • A hashtag
  • An instruction for them to follow specific pages
  • A deadline

Essentially, you want to give people clear instructions about how they enter the competition and what they need to do to win. But, you need to be smart about what YOU want to gain from the campaign. If you want to increase your following, then you have to include an instruction that says they must follow your page as a requirement.

User-Generated Content

Giveaways, contests, and even hashtags can be used to get other users and customers to create content around your brand. This includes images, videos, snappy captions, and more. This is content you can use on your social media account.

Contests and challenges are just one way to prompt users to share UGC with you. But, you can also have UGC campaigns centered around specific events like a launch. Or you can use an ongoing branded hashtag (like an adaptation on #TBT, for example) to make the user content creation an ongoing thing.

A great example of User Generated Content done right is the Apple #ShotoniPhone campaign which has over ten million posts so far.


Is social media even a thing without a good challenge? 

Challenges are a great social media campaign idea. They blend creativity and UGC while encouraging some good old fun, as well. 

There is a balance you need to strike when coming up with a challenge, though. It needs to be simple enough that anyone can participate, yet it also needs to have an element of structure so that everyone follows the same rules.

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Branded Hashtag

The #ShotoniPhone challenge is also a great example of the power of branded hashtags. Nothing says successful social media campaigns like a trending branded hashtag. 

Creating a hashtag to go with your campaign helps engage your followers, users, and other customers directly. They can use their hashtag to bring attention to images they post of your product and for their reviews and comments. 

A branded hashtag becomes like a database that you can easily access with pieces of content from you and your customers.

Social Media Meets Real-Life

Who said social media needs to stay online? I mean, everything we share on social media reflects some part of life like that picture of your lunch or morning smoothie. So, why not bring the digital world to life?

You can create a campaign that has a physical, real-world element as well as the social media bit. Look at Cadbury’s #JustAskAnAus campaign for example. The candy giant created a billboard on a London street where an Australian person could sit and engage passersby. But for those not wandering in the streets of London, there was an Instagram bit too. Followers could ask questions through Cadbury’s Instagram, too.

This social media campaign idea makes social media feel more real and tangible and works as a fantastic engagement tool for your brand.

Paid Campaigns

Most social media platforms now offer paid ads for businesses and brands to promote their products. These ads may gain more visibility than a regular campaign since the social media platform shares them as sponsored posts. This means they are less likely to get lost in the algorithm.

There are many ways to use paid ads creatively. It doesn’t have to be the same old stuff. For example, Burberry used Facebook’s Canvas ads to give customers a more captivating experience of their collection’s colors.


Working with other creatives or social media accounts can increase your reach and boost brand awareness and social proof. 

Collaborate with other brands in a campaign that promotes both of your products.

 Many big brands take this approach, leveraging their respective audiences as in the case of the Forever 21 and Taco Bell’s  #F21xTacoBell campaign. Weetabix and Heinz opted for a comedic collaboration with their joint trolling campaign.

Another collaborative social media campaign idea is to run an influencer marketing campaign. According to Shopify, the influencer marketing industry is worth a whopping $13.8 billion so it’s well worth investing in. 

Not only does this help you target customers in your niche, but it can also help you forge important connections with influencers and other content creators. And we all know how important network connections are!

Social Media Takeovers

If you want to necessarily go with a full-on collaborative social media campaign idea, there is an option that can give you some of the same perks. Social media takeovers work a bit like influencer marketing. 

Your chosen collaborator takes over your social media account for a time period, bringing with them all their followers and leveraging their social media influence. This can be an influencer, social media expert, celebrity, industry figure, etc- anybody who can bring a new perspective to your usual content. 

During the takeover, they give a glimpse into their world but also shine a spotlight on your account.

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Final Thoughts

Running a social media campaign doesn’t have to be the same old, same old. There are many super creative social media campaign ideas to try out there and these are just some of the best.

Get creative and start boosting engagement with these awesome ideas!

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