Not long ago, we were sharing with you the basic rules of creating a coherent and visually appealing Instagram feed. By now, we’re certain you’ve devised a pretty awesome strategy and that you’re absolutely killin’ it with every post. And since we know how important is to have the right tools to implement a strategy, we’ve made a nice upgrade to your sidekick, Preppr, and we’ve equipped it with a very useful cropping tool.

With this new and awesome Preppr update, you’ll be able to fit that photo you are in love with in your Instagram feed without hindering its coherence. What’s more, you’ll even be able to use the same photo to create various posts, by cropping different parts of it or by placing the focus on particular areas. Well, the possibilities are endless. So, before you start cropping your way to an even more amazing Instagram feed, we also want to equip you with some inspiration. So grab a cup of Latte or a fancy espresso and let’s enjoy the Instagram Feed Oscars, presented by your one and only, Preppr:

Best ‘popping colors’ Instagram feed @aurelycerise

Welcome to the wonderful world of popping colors! A pastel wonderland where everything is bright and the feed never grows tired of displaying joy, joy joy. We absolutely love @aurelycerise’s Instagram feed because, well, it puts us in such a great mood. How could you visit her profile and not giggle with happiness?! There’s no way!

And, as giddy as it is, the color popping theme is also not hard to implement. Whether you opt only for pastel colors or go for a more vibrant imagery, it will be easy to stay on path. Don’t be fooled though, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Finding photo ideas will sometimes get hard. But we’re sure you’ll handle.

Best minimalist Instagram feed @minimalism

It comes as no surprise that the Preppr award for the best minimalist Instagram feed goes to an account called @minimalism. However, we all know that it’s one thing to plan and another to implement, so big kudos to them! They not only aimed for minimalism but they actually achieved it and oh, with such grace.

Actually, minimalism is one of the hardest feats to achieve. So, if you plan to go for a minimalist theme, plan accordingly. Making use of the schedule tool from Preppr will definitely help you to see how you’re doing and enable you to swap or replace the photos that don’t fit. What’s more, with the cropping tool you’ll be able to integrate photos even better. Yeap, Preppr aims to make minimalism, a minimal effort thing.

Best use of patterns in an Instagram feed @thetropicalartist

Patterns, patterns everywhere! @thetropicalartist does an amazing job at creating some of the most visually impressive posts you could dream to come across as an illustrator or beauty-lover in general. Far from being an easy task and far from being appropriate for every account, the pattern theme does have its perks. It guarantees a vibrant and scrollable feed that won’t be easily forgotten.

So, if patterns (not necessarily tropical) put you in a creative mood or if they say something about your business or personal brand, go for it! We can’t wait to see what your pattern is!

Best use of a checkerboard theme @gatherandfeast

What a visual feast @gatherandfeast offers us. We can’t stop drooling over the amazing dishes and the amazing feed. Alternating dark background posts with light background ones, @gatherandfeast’s Instagram feed appears as classy, organized and tasty as possible! Of course, there’s a titanic amount of effort behind every photo and composition, but the checkerboard theme nicely ties everything together.

If you want a fast go-to Instagram feed theme that will allow you a ton of creative freedom, the checkerboard theme should be among your top picks. There’s no rules as to what a checker or another should look like. You just need to respect the pattern. Except that, work your magic!

Best use of a puzzle theme in an Instagram feed @wearewildbloom

Coherent Instagram feeds are all about seeing the bigger picture, and @wearewildbloom is leading the way towards taking a step back and looking at things as a whole. While each of the photos they post have an indisputable charm on their own, their coming together makes for something much more impressive and creative. And while many use the puzzle theme, there are only so many accounts that actually achieve to stun. @wearewildbloom is one of those accounts. At least by our standards.

As always, the ball is now in your court as we challenge you to take on your Instagram feed as more than one post. The nice thing about the puzzle theme is that it can be easily used in combination with other themes. Actually, this is the way it works best, as a feed filled only with puzzle themes might get kind of restrictive. However, used in key moments, the puzzle theme can leave your followers puzzled and impressed. And the cropping tool from Preppr is here to give you a helping hand in creating the perfect puzzle!

Best horizontal space use in an Instagram feed @auroradesign

@auroradesign’s posts capture a diversity of stances and situations, attracting through its diversity. What ties its Instagram feed together is the beautiful use of the horizontal white spaces which leave the posts enough space to breathe. Give it a scroll, you’ll be surprised!

The use of white space is not limited to the horizontal. You can flip it 90 degrees and go for a vertical white space or give your posts an all-around white frame to create a clean and airy Instagram feed.

Best filter use in an Instagram feed @seaofshoes

In addition to being a fashion addict and a big lover of everything vintage, @seaofshoes is a fine connoisseur of photography in the niche. Starting her career as a blogger and fashion icon at a very early age, @seaofshoes is already a veteran in the branch. And her profile goes to show just how good she is at what she’s doing.

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways of creating a coherent Instagram feed is to make use of the same 1 or 2 filters everytime you post. Of course, this won’t get you off the hook. You still need to post beautiful photos. But it will ensure that you can mix things up, while still holding them together. Now, show us your best pose!

Best black&white themed Instagram feed @555design

The beautiful, thoughtful and touching B&W portraits posted by @555design cannot leave you unimpressed. And rightfully so. Every post captures evading emotions through an impeccable technique of contrasting B&W. @555design is one of those accounts we could linger with for hours, slowly taking in every portrait. Simply amazing!

While the use of black and white works perfectly for fashion-oriented accounts, you can use this Instagram feed theme for a variety of purposes and businesses. The trick is finding the right concept. Can you do it?

Over to you

Hopefully these accounts got your creative juices flowing. Now, you should be ready inspiration to take your Instagram feed to the next level with the cropping tool update from Preppr. And if you haven’t tried Preppr yet, it’s a good time to start. It will definitely help you plan and implement a coherent Instagram feed.

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