Even though Instagram might seem a “millennial thing”, it has a lot of benefits for any type of business. The greatest aspect about it is that Instagram gives you the opportunity to come in contact with people from all around the world. Despite its impact and ability to attract a wide audience, Instagram can also be very specific. Here is when user and location tagging on Instagram come into place, helping you address your messages to certain categories of people.

In this article, we are going to analyze in detail the benefits that user and location tagging on Instagram can bring to you. We will also give you directions on how to effectively use them.

Benefits of User and Location Tagging on Instagram

Surprisingly or not, there are a lot of people who use Instagram to search for new venues or businesses nearby. User and location tagging on Instagram are great when you want to increase your brand exposure and target people in a specific area. New followers can find your business whenever they search for a location on Instagram. If you don’t just want followers to know you’re located in a certain city, then first add your business location to Instagram.

user and location tagging on Instagram
user and location tagging on Instagram

The Marketing Director of PickWriters, one of the top translation companies, acknowledged the great benefits user and location tagging brought to their business: “Since we started adding users and locations on our Instagram posts, we were able to reach new followers without mentioning more details. Also, we got new followers from the users who were browsing through the photos that had the user or location tag.”

Even though location tagging is perfect when you have a physical location, this doesn’t mean that this strategy doesn’t work for e-commerce. You can tag a popular place nearby instead. For example, you can tag a popular public institution or local landmark. If you use location tagging, your potential customers nearby will find you easier. If you also tag some popular users, you will stand out and gain your target audience attention.

user and location tagging on Instagram
user and location tagging on Instagram

How to Add User and Location Tagging on Instagram

First, select the photo or video you want to post on Instagram. Then edit the chosen media with Instagram filters, crop the photo, and do any other adjustments. When you’re happy with the result, move on to the next step.

After adding the description for your photo or video, turn on the “Add to Photo Map” button. When you start typing the location, a search bar will open showing you the nearby locations. Therefore, you can either choose the exact location or a popular place nearby which can bring you even more views.

user and location tagging on Instagram
user and location tagging on Instagram

Now that you selected the location, you can also tag some people who can attract even more followers. Start typing the “Tag People” box and add the usernames who you want to tag. You can add your friends and make your post visible to their friends as well. Hit the “Publish” button after you have checked if you have added all the necessary details and make sure you have included enough elements and tags to make your photo visible.

If you prefer planning your content in advance (which we highly recommend), then use Preppr to schedule and publish on Instagram. Preppr also supports location tagging and user tagging. Fully automatic!

Setting date and time is an important step of Instagram scheduling. We spent quite some time and efforts on finding the best time to post on Instagram.

user and location tagging on Instagram
user and location tagging on Instagram

Tagging People and Locations on Instagram Stories

Adding people and locations on Instagram stories is extremely simple. The first thing you need to do is creating your Instagram story. You can either create a video to promote your business or upload several photos illustrating the latest updates or behind the scenes shots. Whatever you choose to do, it will be very simple to tag the location and users in your story.

To add the location sticker, you need to go on the square smiley face at the top of your story screen. You will see a list of stickers to choose from, including the location and mention ones. Select both of them if you want to tag both the location and some popular friends in your list. When you finished adding the location and the people you want to tag, you can then rotate and move the stickers as you wish to make your story more appealing for your followers. Once you finished and you are happy with the final result, simply tap Next and upload your story on Instagram.

user and location tagging on Instagram
user and location tagging on Instagram

Interesting Ways to Use User and Location Tags on Instagram

Now that things are clear, and you know how to add the location and tag users on your Instagram posts, you also need to know how to put them into practice. It doesn’t matter if you theoretically know how to tag people and locations on Instagram. You need to know how to test them and discover which are the best working options. Below you can find some irresistible ways to use the tagging feature on Instagram:

  •      When you participate in events – you need to let your followers know about your activity and inform them whenever you go to a new event. You can share your location and tag some participants. This is how you will give your followers some behind-the-scene details.
  •     Highlight local events – if you want to widen your audience, this can be an extremely helpful strategy. You can tag local events happening in your area and thus become more visible to people who are interested in it and still didn’t hear about your business.
  •     Combine location and user tagging with poll stickers – thus you will stay in touch with your audience and hear their opinion with one of Instagram’s most engaging feature: the poll stickers.
  •     Build a community – having people tagged in your posts will help your followers get to know who your others customers are. They’ll make a shift from seeing your business as impersonal to viewing it as a connector.

Final thoughts

So, after reading this article, it is time to evaluate how much you use the location and user tagging feature on Instagram. There are many ways you can combine them and thus increase your Instagram engagement. Instagram is an important element of your marketing strategy which can help you target your and expand your audience. Don’t be afraid to use its features to the maximum and stand out of the grid :).

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