Instagram is a wonderland of tools and features that can help you promote your business in clever and inventive ways. From the mood that filters help set to the emojis in your captions, everything can be devised to enhance your chances of turning followers into customers. And location tagging, also known as geotagging, is one of the most inspired features you can include in your marketing strategy.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Preppr now supports and enables location tagging for all posts. With this latest Preppr update, you’ll be able to schedule posts that also contain the tag of your business or whatever tag you deem fit. And if you’re still wondering why is location tagging such a big thing or how you can seamlessly use it to make your business more visible, we’re going to update you on that as well. Ready to get down to business? Great! But first, coffee.

*pouring coffee*

Now we’re ready!

1. Why is location tagging a big deal?

More than a trend, location tagging is a truly useful asset for businesses that want to make the most of Instagram. Here’s the deal. In addition to using Instagram as a social platform, users are also using it as a search engine. Sure, Google is still King (or Queen?), but Instagram is a very useful visual aggregator that can help followers search for new businesses to meet their needs.

While comprehensive statistics to back up the number of searches aren’t yet available, word of mouth tells us that this habit is on the rise. Actually, it’s a technique we also use, especially at lunchtime when we want some inspiration regarding new places to grab a bite that are located close-by.

But eateries are not the only businesses people search for on Instagram. You can also ride the trend if you’re in the services industry (as an example, maybe you’re running a hair saloon) and a number of other product-oriented brands. Because whatever you’re selling, you need to make sure your customers can find you as easy as one-two-three.

The benefits of location tagging don’t stop here. Imagine you’ve shared a post with your beautiful products and it really caught on. Actually, it’s reaching followers and potential followers like a thunderbolt. Having a location tagged to the post will help users to find your business more easily, right at a time that they love your products the most!

Another juicy benefit of location tagging is that other people will also be able to use it. Why is that important? Well because all the tagged posts will be aggregated and displayed every-time someone searches and/or clicks on your location.

2. How to add your business location to Instagram

You don’t just want followers to know that you’re located in a certain city. You want them to know exactly where to find you. But before they can pinpoint you, you need to pinpoint yourself. So how do enable the geotag feature for the location of your business? It all starts with Facebook.

So, first things first, go to your Facebook and simply create a post with a check-in of your liking.

To do this, you must be physically located at your business. Hit post and then select “Check-In”.

Then, simply ignore all the suggestions Facebook offers you and type in the name of your business into the when prompted “Where are you?”.

You’ll then have to fill in the additional required info, things such as your category and exact address.

Be careful! All locations under the “Home” category will not be shown on Facebook due to privacy reasons. So make sure you select the proper category under which your business falls.

If you want, you can also link a photo to your location. Whatever you chose, you’ll now be ready to roll. Share your post and switch back to Instagram to start using your location here as well.

Easy, breezy, right?

3. How to rock location tagging in Instagram Stories

It seems like whatever we do, we keep returning to our newly discovered love. Yes, it’s Instagram Stories we’re talking about. The new kid on Instagram is so versatile and authentic that it’s actually hard not to love it! And of course, it’s also loaded with a ton of fun features that make it even more lovable. Sure, the GIFs are now out due to inappropriate use by some members, but there are still various features that can make Stories a successful marketing story. And, you’ve guessed, location tagging is among these features.

To tag a location in your Story, tap the happy face in the upper right corner of the Stories editor. Then, tap on “Location”. Once you do this, a window with different suggestions will pop right up. If you see your desired location among these, go ahead and select it. If not, use the search bar located at the top of the page to find the one you want. Voila!

Now that you’ve added the location, you can change the appearance of the tag by tapping it. Well, you don’t have so many options, just 2 to be exact. But two options is still one more than one so we’ll take it! You can choose between the colored Insta-version or go for the classy transparent option. A little something for every taste.

And, if you want to push things up a notch, you can consider also adding a hashtag in the mix with the location name, even if it’s only as generic as the city name. This will increase your chances of getting found by followers and potential customers. Another victory for the hashtag manifesto!

4. Get insightful statistics from location tagging

As we’ve already suggested, the location tagging feature is not only your toy to use. Followers can also play with the feature and tag themselves at your business. And this is awesome news indeed, from various points of view!

First of all, think of this as another great way to promote your business. If you do a great job, users will spread the word about your business and get their friends to join in! And you know that there’s no better recommendation than the one that comes directly from friends and people you trust most.

Secondly, view this as an opportunity to get to know your fans better. These are more than just followers who might or might not turn into customers. These are actual customers! Thus, their profiles are pure gold for you. So start gathering as many insights as you can from them by simply browsing through their feeds and analyzing the way they talk and react.

Start tagging your posts with Preppr!

There’s no doubt about it, location tagging is not only something to consider, but a must for your business! You can start right away with the iOS version of Preppr and schedule location tagged posts. And, in 2 short weeks, the location tagging update will also be available on Preppr’s desktop version.

So, if you don’t have a subscription yet, it’s time to at least try Preppr. The first 10 days are free. We promise you’ll be hooked!

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