‘Tis the season to surprise your followers with holiday infused content. And we suggest more than just changing your profile and cover pic with holiday-themed images. To capture the attention of your followers, you need to create a diverse social media calendar that will spark authentic conversations and ignite action.

And, since we know just how busy the Holidays, Preppr promises to be your sidekick and best friend in the New Year. How? By offering Instagram, Twitter and Facebook scheduling and countless other social media tools for increased social media efficiency. 

#1 Don’t Waste Your Holidays 

Eco-conscious habits are gaining their well-deserved place in the current economy and, consequently, on social media. More than just fad-trends, waste-reduction and minimalism are essential sustainability tools that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Include eco-friendly posts in your social media calendar

That’s why this holiday season your social media calendar should include creative posts about low-waste gifts. Because the joy of giving should be felt all around the planet. So, what can be better than an eco-conscious gift campaign to spread the cheer of the holidays, while also building consumer affinity?

To start, identify where in the product-lifecycle you could introduce an eco-conscious tactic. Maybe it’s in the production process; perhaps it’s in the product’s; or even in the delivery. Then, devise an ingenious social media campaign to talk about your efforts and inspire followers.

How? One idea would be to create explanatory videos about how your company aims to be more eco-conscious. Another approach can be to deliver a fun post-series built on waste-reduction gift ideas. Whatever path you choose the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook scheduling tool from Preppr will help you implement it across the weeks to come. 

#2 Everyday Wellness

The holidays should be a time for relaxation and recharging, especially since our modern working culture has been bringing all of us closer and closer to the dreadful “burnout”. In this context, physical and psychological wellness has become the new vehicle for wellbeing, both in real life and on social media.  

Combine this cultural framework with your company’s mission, and a new creative path for future social media campaigns emerges. You see, no matter what specific goals your brand has, if you boil them down to their very essence, bringing peace of mind and comfort to your consumers will pretty much sum them up. Thus, a successful social media holiday strategy could definitely be built around the “wellness” concept.

In fact, countless global brands have been leveraging the “wellness” trend to get closer to their consumers. From Fitbit to Boots, Pukka and Greggs, more and more companies are including health/wellness/mindfulness in their social media calendars and their brand values. 

Include keywords like "wellness" in your social media calendar

Any brand can follow suit, no matter the industry. And what better time to start a wellness social media calendar than during the Holidays season? Try posting playlist ideas that will boost the mood of your followers. Or how about inspirational posts that will help them reframe daily realities? Maybe just a simple encouragement that will get your followers to set their intentions for 2020. Or anything else that helps your brand become your followers’ friend.

To gain new followers, brands should start acting more and more like human beings. However, we know that no human being could possibly handle posting an entire’s year social media calendar alone. So, we’ve got you. Preppr’s Facebook scheduling tool is here to help you carry the load. 

#3 Campaigns for the Greater Good

Social media campaigns built on cultural causes will never go out of trend. These are a win-win for everybody: for your marketing goals and for those in need.

Support great causes as a strategy for your social media calendar

Social campaigns have the advantage of create a tight-knit community with shared, deep values. To achieve this, you must start by selecting a social cause that’s in-line with your company’s values. With so many in need, you won’t have any problem in finding a relevant one in no time. Make sure that you are all in. Otherwise, everybody will see right through your cover (and we’re not talking about your Facebook one).

Start your Social Media Calendar

We hope we’ve sparked enough inspiration fireworks to get you planning your social media calendar for the Holidays. Once you get to work, remember that you’ve got a real friend in Preppr. In case you’re not a member yet, we’ve prepared a free trial gift. Happy Holidays!

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Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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