Last week we released a seriously good-looking Link Manager for managing your Link in Bio on Instagram. It is a free feature inside Preppr for getting your audiences to connect seamlessly with all of your important content.

With Preppr’s Link Manager you can create an easily customizable web page, that contains all the essential links you want to share with your followers on Instagram. You can even use the page to share with other social networks, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

When Instagram first became popular with marketeers, the common complaint was that Instagram only allows one link on Instagram. That’s why link services were widely used, but after a while their popularity dipped. Now we’re back with more design capabilities and smoother user experience.

The good news is that Preppr has integrated this with its automatic posting service. Users can add a link to their bio which consists of multiple links to they want to show to their followers. Scheduling a post for Instagram can now be combined with posting a link to their landing page.

“Link Manager is a seriously good-looking free feature inside Preppr for getting your audiences to connect seamlessly with all of your important content.”
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Example of Link Manager’s page

Where can I find Link Manager?

It’s easy to get started with Link Manager. Head over to and sign in to your account. On the left-hand side of your page, you’ll see ‘Link Manager’.

Dashboard Link Manager
Dashboard Link Manager

Basically, you have two important area’s inside Link Manager:

  • Links
    This is the default section where you can add, edit or remove links. Also the public link of your page is visible here. Click ‘copy’ to copy & share this link on other networks and on your Instagram bio page.
  • Settings
    Change the color scheme, background, buttons and text colors.
Settings Link Manager
Settings Link Manager

Scheduling a new link together with planning your next post

The unique thing about Preppr’s Link Manager is the option to publish your link at the same time as your next post goes out. This works like a charm. Just hit ‘new post‘ and activate the link function (see screenshot).

Then start adding a link. Preppr will do the rest and the link will appear once your post is published on Instagram.

Create a new link when scheduling a post
Create a new link when scheduling a post

Want some inspiration?

To help you get started, please check the following examples of brands using Preppr’s Link in Bio feature.


We are confident that Preppr’s latest feature will save you a lot of time managing your link in bio on Instagram!

Which buttons are you using? We want to see your Link pages! Show us on social media and we’ll do a theme parade of the best out there.


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