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A Closer Look at Instagram’s New Live Rooms Feature

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Instagram Live Rooms are a direct response to Instagram Live’s increasing popularity (and, we suspect, an attempt to win audiences from Clubhouse). To make up for the loss of interaction caused by social distancing, many brands, companies, influencers, and creators have turned to Live. 

If you’re among them, starting March 2021, you have yet another option to safely engage with audiences, expand your reach, and creatively increase your revenues. All thanks to Instagram’s new Live Rooms feature. 

This post will let you in on everything you need to know about Instagram Live Rooms, how they work, and what some of their most creative (and efficient) uses are.

What are Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram Live Rooms enable up to four people to go live together. Up until the beginning of March 2021, when Instagram rolled out this new feature, only two users could broadcast at the same time. That means you can now extend your guest list from 1 to 3 people, also doubling up on the number of viewers and potential followers.

The new feature has all the functionalities that are currently available on Instagram Live. Hosts can apply comment filters, and even report and block comments. At the same time, viewers can buy badges and interact with hosts by using Shopping and Live Fundraisers. 

With so many possibilities under Live Rooms’ sun, you can expect richer real-time conversations and more creative interactions. 

How do Instagram Live Rooms work?

Using Instagram Live Rooms is pretty straightforward. To open an Instagram Live Room, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe right and select the Live option. Alternatively, go to your story icon, press it, and select the Live option.
  2. Select a relevant title for your Live session and start it by pressing the middle screen button.
  3. Search for the guests you want to add or add people who have requested to go live.
  4. Now do your thing!
Instagram Live Rooms feature

Depending on what Live format you have in mind, you can add guests one by one or all at once. Maybe you wish to thrill your viewers by bringing in a surprise guest right at the end, or maybe you want to leave room for people who send joining requests.

Why and when should you use Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram Live Rooms are a great idea for whenever you want to appear in front of your followers and interact with up to three guests. But, in addition to the obvious “the more, the merrier” reason, there are countless other arguments as to why you should give Live Rooms a try.

  1. Live Rooms open the door to more creative expressivity, enabling more interactive formats. From interviews, to product demos, jam sessions, and even live business-related Q&A, there are a myriad of mini-event to be explored.
  2. Everytime a Live Rooms’ event takes place, you can increase your reach, as all guests’ followers can be notified. 
  3. Brands and creators can earn more money with Live Rooms, by engaging with a larger audience that wants to purchase badges and shop or make donations.  
  4. More interactive tools or hosts to tweak audio features will roll out soon.

Creative uses for Instagram Live Rooms

Engage your community (Q&A, Panels, Interviews)

There’s no better way to get closer to the people in your community than by interacting with them Live. And there are several ways in which you can achieve this. 

You can have open Q&A sessions on hot topics, create panels with expert guests to give advice, or simply hold interviews with key figures in the community.  

You can even create a community-generated event by having your top three fans as guests. This approach will not only show that you value your clients, but it will also help you to gather essential insights from the people that matter most to your brand.

Whether you gather experts to answer your followers’ questions, or you get followers themselves to be part of your Live Rooms events, make sure to keep the topics meaningful and relevant.

Entertain your followers (jam sessions, improvisation shows)

The Live Rooms feature provides unique opportunities for creators who wish to express themselves in novel ways. Similarly, the feature also enables businesses to entertain their audience and deliver brand messages in unconventional ways.

With Instagram’s Live Rooms you can replace physical events with creative get-togethers that can feel as authentic as the real-thing.

You can, for example, plan a live jam session with musicians as guests. They can interact with each other and answer followers’ requests live. 

Similarly, you can have actors improvising based on public suggestions and create meaningful brand scenarios. You can use the artistic moments to introduce new products or create distinctive user experiences.

Make demos and product announcements

Instagram Live Rooms can provide the perfect environment for you to promote your products and show your audience how these work.

You can partner up with influencers to generate engaging product demos or even hybrid events that educate, while also sharing product information.

By presenting your products in association with trusted community representatives, you increase the likelihood of your prospects buying in. Especially since Live Rooms enable Shopping while the event actually takes place.

Hold workshops, classes, or tutorials

If you want to win the loyalty of your customers, make yourself indispensable. One creative way of achieving this is through relevant workshops and classes. By providing practical and hands-on knowledge, you can offer value and offer more insights on your products.

With up to 4 people interacting in Live Rooms, you can mix and match different types of coaches, experts, or professionals, to provide fully-rounded workshops. 

Bring your followers’ on board by encouraging them to follow along and share the results of the workshops. The user-generated content will help you further down the line. 

Ready for Live Rooms?

Ready or not, you should try Instagram’s new Live Rooms. You now how the essential info and ideas to get started. And, as always, you have Preppr by your side for everything else Instagram related. So get creative and get to it!

Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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