It is out of a question that the “Big Bang” of social networking platforms has significantly impacted on contemporary humankind. I used the word “contemporary” because it seems like a “lifeline” or “must-have” commodity for younger generations and for some millennials as well as.

According to the latest Instagram statistics, there are more than 500 million active daily users out there for that renowned app “Instagram.” Thus, people do love to follow the latest trend, no matter what.

Well, if you are looking to boost your brand, I believe, you should take advantage of this magical trendy app with a pinch of the right amount of productivity strategies.

If you don’t believe me? Just look at the below graph that shows brands with the most followed people, and we all know, more follower means more potential customers!


Satisfied? Because if you are, then you will love to read what am I about to share with you, the top 8 productivity strategies to boost your brand via Instagram trending.

·        Create an Instagram Showcase:

Let alone conventional marketing techniques are not enough to push your brand sales. If you have created something, then you should at least portray it to the world. However, you need to do it efficiently and uniquely as you have a massive competition in hand.

Displaying product creates awareness, and that awareness sometimes leads to the trial of the product.

So, like us humans, products must be presented appropriately too.

Technology will always be there to back you up. Use creativity that pushes people to spread the words rather than shouting out by yourself. As an example, a dairy product giant “Chobani” posted two photographs with their product, one has 2808 likes while the other one just got 1874, you know why? Because people thought, one of them as cuter that gives “AWWWWW” factor.


You can see the difference, as more people like and share the above picture, in other words, it marketed the product very well.


·        Leave a thrilling trail.

Reputable brands have tons of followers, and obviously, a brand should leave something thrilling and unpredictable for them to follow. Perhaps, a short glimpse of coming soon product will do the job.

How to present that glimpse is totally depended on the followers’ mood. There could be some vague text, a half shown picture, an intriguing riddle or something partially shown within a movie and encourage the audience to guess. If there could be a small competition and the winner gets the privilege to reveal the upcoming product, it works like a charm.

Rewarding offers and opportunities giveaway company “Virgin Red” posted an interesting video for their new offer that the sparked the curiosity which transformed into a trend on social media.


·        Consistent Hash-tag refining

Hash-tag is a blessing for many technophiles, as it makes it easy for them to share with the world what they deemed worthy. Nowadays, the growing competition has forced the companies to use periodic refining for their hash-tags. Hash-tags should be made universal and could be used within more types of photos.

Encourage your followers to use the hash-tags with your product or even reward them, if necessary, just like did on their Instagram page.


·        Leverage curiosity to invite traffic

Curiosity led many to experience what they have never even tried before. The latest trend over the internet travels at a very high speed. As a result, a trend that becomes the central idea of any gossip that could sometimes encourage people to leave their favorite brand and try something new just to put ease to their curiosity. You will be surprised to know that some of the posts are encouraging people to engage, like those 6 Instagram Posts to Increase Millennial Engagement that we published.

Like many other websites, it is your duty to create innovative content that must be uniquely presented on all major platforms with a link to your brand website. Imagine, more than millions are already using Instagram, and even a few hundred thousand will click that weblink you post along with your comment would bring an insane amount of web traffic.

·        Adopt a convincing methodology

In today’s world, life is moving in the fast lane. Professor Gerald Zaltman, Howard Business, says, 95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. But how does a marketer reach the subconscious?”

The human brain sometimes needs persuasion, which may be a piece of rock-solid evidence to believe and accept what has been telling it. Provide a good amount of information that leaves no room for ambiguity.

For example, check this boring product which has made it very interesting and useful by the presenter, giving enough information to kill all possible doubts to turn a window shopper into a buyer.


·        Be Genuine as much as possible.

A wise man once said, “honesty is the best policy,” these words have resonated from distant history to some of the course books used in schools today.

Of- course, nobody likes to be scammed and tricked, and the internet sometimes could be a huge place where people can be easily victimized.

Social media apps can become a giant tornado of fake news or rumors if the content is not carefully posted or updated.

One study by label insight revealed that “Almost 94% of consumers say brand transparency is important for their buying decisions”.

·        Try your best to stay on the top.

Every day more than 60 million photos get posted on Instagram, and it is estimated that about billions of “likes” people give. So, this means that people will have a look at your post. You could even leverage the graphics to boost your feed, just like mentioned in 5 Graphic Design Tips to Help Your Instagram Feed Stand Out.

In light of the figures mentioned above, it is a good idea to keep up with the latest trend. The content must be updated frequently to ensure that your brand is not missing out. A very prominent way of doing so is to use interactive insta-ads. Like the forms presented in the picture below:


·        Utilize a geographically oriented approach

We all know that trending on Instagram is happening all over the world. Meaning that whatever you decided to post will travels through different cultures, locations, and backgrounds. So, it is highly suggested that before creating content, we should be minimal knowledge of demographics and geography.

Our post must pose no disrespect. For example, the students in Australia talk to their teachers with direct eye contact, which shows their confidence, while in Japan, it is considered rude to directly looking into the eye of the teacher.

As another example, as a recent post by super-model, Bella Hadid made her fans felt disrespected when she posted her photo to her Instagram Story, showing her foot up against an airport window. In the background of the image are airplanes from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on the tarmac.

A large number of fans took offense to the image, stated,  sole of the models’ foot was facing the flags printed on the side of the planes’ tail, which is also disrespected to Arabic culture.


Author Bio:

Claudia Jeffery is a bright and enthusiastic “Content Strategist” at Crowd Writer, the best place to go for write my essay for me in the UK. She loves to follow the latest trends and technology. Her time is mostly spent on maintaining her own blog. She always posts on other websites as well and believes that knowledge has to be spread far and wide.

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