Retail e-commerce is taking the world of Instagram (and not only) by storm. With sales higher than ever, brands must do everything they can to keep a competitive edge on Instagram….and find their Muse. That’s why we’re going to have a look at the most inspiring and effective e-commerce Instagram profiles.

So, if you’re in the e-commerce business, make sure to note them down. But hold on just a second. We’re also going to throw in some tips and tricks about how you can, as an e-commerce business, implement the strategies from these profiles in your own Instagram marketing plan. And, if you’re not in the industry, there are still some great nuggets of Instagram wisdom for you to chew on.

We’ve selected la creme de la creme of e-commerce Instagram accounts based on some top indicators such as the ability to engage their followers, creativity, cutting-edginess, aesthetics, smart use of tactics and oh, why did we start listing them all because there are a lot! Okay, bottom line is that we’ve been very picky in selecting these accounts, exactly because we wanted to make sure they will be a true inspiration.

So, in no particular order, here goes:

@Louis Vuitton

Talk about a great mix of high-class and down-to-earth authenticity. Louis Vuitton’s charm lies in its ability to mix the luxurious side of their brand with original behind the scenes glimpses. This helps the brand to reach a younger audience and also inspire through the communication of their charity campaigns. We believe this balance between luxury and real-life is extremely important and, if you’re a premium business looking either to expand your target or to come across as more authentic, this is definitely a great way to tackle e-commcerce Instagram.

ASOS e-commerce Instagram
Louis Vuitton e-commerce Instagram


Well, well, well, what do we have here? An awesome e-commerce Instagram strategy for making the most out of brand ambassadors. And with a great twist! Instead of having only one account, Asos now has various, by simply turning to brand ambassadors. Thus, the brand is connected to @asos_astrid, @asos_ebony, @asos_paloma and many other ambassadors that speak for the various segments of the retailer’s target. How awesome is that? And with each account of the Asos ambassadors’, the brand sends out more than a commercial message, but a lifestyle choice. Among the beauty shots of Asos products, these accounts also gather lifestyle and real-life picture that give authenticity and boost engagement. Way to go!

ASOS e-commerce Instagram
ASOS e-commerce Instagram
ASOS e-commerce Instagram
ASOS e-commerce Instagram


We could all learn a thing or two about how to win at e-commerce Instagram from M.A.C. and their strategies. Counting 18.2 M followers and growing, the account takes close-up photography to a whole new level. But the magic happens when they combine the spectacular photos with posh captions that make CTAs seem effortless. Add to this their reposting tactic and collaboration with make-up artists, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The best part? Even if your retail or e-commerce business has nothing to do with make-up, you can still find ingenious ways of using close-ups. Actually, you could put a new twist on the way brands in your niche communicate. Also, reading great captions will get you all blushed with inspiration to go and create some yourself.

M.A.C. e-commerce Instagram
M.A.C. e-commerce Instagram

@Frank Body

The e-commerce Instagram account of Frank Body is simply revitalizing and invigorating. Their strategy and presentation are witty, funny and useful to their followers. If they are not laughing out loud due to a great pun in a post, users can enjoy product demos and get recharged with a ton of positive attitude aimed to empower. Frank Body practices what it preaches with a lot of determination and a very appealing aesthetics. In the end, it all ties together like a charm!


We all know that the best ad for any product is the testimony of the users themselves. And when the testimony looks as amazing as what the videos filmed with a GoPro do, user-generated is the go-to strategy! With a follower base of 13.7 M users currently (and growing), GoPro is engaging them like no other. And while the use of videos is definitely not surprising, the use of the user-generated content is brilliant and done to perfection!

However, don’t for a minute think that user-generated content should be reserved only for brands that are strictly connected to photo/video products. Whether you’re selling clothes, garden dwarfs or miscellaneous or if you’re a service of any kind, user-generated content should be an integrant part of your strategy.

GoPro e-commerce Instagram
GoPro e-commerce Instagram


Nike is riding the Instagram Stories wave just like everybody should. As more and more followers are turning to Stories, the sports apparel is playing its cards right. How? They combine the authenticity of the Stories feature with well-known athletes to build inspirational narratives that inspire and engage. So, while others are thinking and rethinking their strategies, Nike is just doing it!

But that’s not all that Nike is doing right (oh, so very right) on Instagram. Check out their connecting page @nikelab that goes deeper into the brand’s ADN when it comes to sports shoes and innovation. Here, it’s the heaven of sports shoes. Every post is absolutely stunning visually, with an increased accent on details and design. Nike also sprinkles in some amazing videos to get users coming (running, we should say) back for more.

Nike's e-commerce Instagram
Nike’s e-commerce Instagram


If you’ve done some serious scrolling through the above profile, you can’t be anything but inspired! Now that your Muse has visited you, we’re eager to see how you apply all the new ideas to your e-commerce Instagram account. To get things going, don’t forget Preppr is always by your side for direct publishing aka scheduling in advance, plus inspiration for hashtags and best times to post at. Grab your dose of inspiration and your 10 days free trial!


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