With February already well on its way, we’ve had plenty of time to get accustomed to 2019. It feels cosy, it feels good, and it feels mighty promising, especially for our Instagram strategies and social media campaign plans. Surely you must be excited too!  

If you’re still working the kinks of your Instagram marketing approach for 2019, then you’re going to love our insights. Without beating around the virtual bush, here are the Instagram marketing trends for 2019 you should keep an eye on. Observe them, think about them and, most importantly, introduce them into your Instagram mix.

Instagram Stories will continue to attract the most attention

In the past year, a clear Instagram marketing trend has emerged – one that will continue to grow strong in 2019: Instagram Stories. Not only have Instagram Stories attracted more and more users as time went by, but they have slowly become the central focus of Instagrammers. A staggering number of 400 million people watch stories every day. In this context, it’s clear that Instagram Stories will be high in the top Instagram marketing trends for 2019.

Even more interesting than the fact that Instagram Stories have stolen the thunder of Instagram posts is the reason why that happened. Listen carefully, because this reason reveals another important Instagram marketing trend for 2019. More and more, people are drifting towards less-edited and more genuine content. That’s why, the in-the-moment feel of Instagram Stories is just what the doctor ordered for the numb social media scroller. Spontaneous (or what looks like spontaneous) content has more power to attract attention because it pops out like a black sheep amongst white ones.

Ride the Instagram Stories trend

Knowing that Instagram Stories will be big in 2019 is not enough for you to ‘make it big’ as well. You need to plan accordingly in order to make the most out of this Instagram marketing trend for 2019. And, the most important thing you can do is reevaluate the way you think about Instagram Stories.

First of all, you need to let go of hardcore editing and let the imperfections show. Users today appreciate the sense of ‘real’ much more than they appreciate perfection and that shows. Tons of profiles have decided to switch to real-life and real-people and get away from prejudices. From body positivity to embracing the less glamorous parts of life, Instagram is embracing truth and authenticity.

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

Secondly. you need to try, try, try and then try again. Start brainstorming and start implementing. Put out Stories that are born in the spur of the moment (but that fit your long-term style). Don’t overthink it. Some will fail, sure, but you will learn what works and what doesn’t only by doing.

Thirdly, create a calendar. Being spontaneous doesn’t mean being all over the place. Set in place a posting schedule, even if it’s solely a rough outline. Decide how many times per day to post stories and stick with that decision. Maybe you won’t have all your stories planned in advance, but upholding to a certain number will even help you be spontaneous (you’ll know you have to post and figure out what on the spot).

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

Bots and automation will become the norm in 2019

On one hand, 2019 will be the year of spontaneity, but on the other hand it will also be the year of automation. Yin and Yang, our friends! Balance should rule our everyday life and it should also be present in our digital ventures. So, another big Instagram marketing trend for 2019 is that chatbots and planning in advance will become a bigger competitive advantage than ever.

In 2018, the talk around AI has amplified, with users debating the good, the bad and the ugly. And while the moral implications of AI in certain areas such as self-driving cars still requires heavy pondering, AI in chatbots is clean and simple. By implementing chatbots you can dramatically improve customer service and gain extra points from your followers.

One word of caution though: using AI for streamlining certain services or tasks is one thing, and using automation to spread bulk comments is another thing. Keep in mind that authenticity is a big part of what drives followers’ interests on Instagram and they will no longer tolerate any cookie-cutter approaches. Thus, be smart and automate in a creative way! Use schedule tools but create unique, awesome content. Rely on chatbots but create an awesome, personal user experience. Automate but stay human. You get the point.  

To start your Instagram post automation journey wisely, we offer 10 days free trial for Preppr, one of the coolest and zestiest Instagram sidekicks out there.

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

IGTV will gain (even) more popularity in 2019

The rise of IGTV is being announced with so much pathos that we wonder if this won’t actually be a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter the case, IGTV will soon be in the spotlight so you better jump on board. And, if you don’t believe that the hype is real, consider the fact that IGTV videos are even included on the famous Instagram recommendations page.

All experts are feeling the upcoming vibe of IGTV and they’re also predicting that Instagram will invest heavily in the video platform in 2019. According to top industry specialists, IGTV will receive new functionalities and features, triggering more content and more engagement.

Because we guessed this a while ago, we already gave some useful pieces of advice about how to create awesome IGTV content and how to include it in your Instagram marketing strategy for 2019. To recap, you must first think ‘vertical video’ and start developing a long-term strategy that includes original content, cross-promos and, of course, nothing really happens without hashtags.

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

Even if your efforts on IGTV won’t be immediately transformed into tangible results, you’ll definitely have a multitude of benefits in the long term. So don’t miss this trend. Pay the needed attention to Instagram Stories and posts, but leave a bit of time to focus on video as well. You will not regret it.

Nano-influencers are the future of social media (not only in 2019)

If kids are the future of the world, nano-influencers are the future of social media and Instagram in particular. According to Mediakix, in 2018 alone, influencers received an astonishing $1.6 billion from advertisers and the spendings are estimated to reach $5-$10 billion by 2020. And even if you don’t glimpse at the numbers and just scroll Instagram posts or take a wild ride in the Stories carrousel, you’ll reach the same conclusions: advertising by influencers is what social media will be all about.

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

This is not the first time we’ve tackled the bubbly subject of influencers. We’ve thoroughly debated the challenges, risks and tactics you need to entail to make the most out of collaborations with influencers. In addition, we’ve also created a short guide on how to select a relevant influencer and develop a successful working flow. However, 2019 will be the year of nano-influencers. That means that not only big celebrities and famous vloggers have leverage in front of followers. It’s time for nano-influencers to take the stage. And, if you’re wondering what nano-influencers are well, they are specialised, trusted Instagrammers who are magnetically attracting likes, comments and engagement. And brands have already begun their search for the everyday influencer.

Instagram marketing trends 2019
Instagram marketing trends 2019

With the influencer industry growing fast, it’s only natural that some wanna-be’s have infiltrated the system. So, before choosing an influencer to work with, make sure you do a thorough background check and ensure they are the real deal. Also, don’t think short term goals or relationships. Try to develop long collaborations that will grow and gain momentum as followers start to trust the designated nano-influencer more and more.


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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