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Stand Up For Your Cause: How to Hold an Instagram Fundraiser

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It’s not a lost cause. Not at all.

Actually, the causes you care about might have more supporters than you ever imagined. Plus, there are countless other ways to reach them other than through crowdfunding platforms. In fact, today, it is easier than ever before to globally connect with people willing to fund your cause. 

To gain traction for your cause, check out the novel ways you can hold an Instagram fundraiser. The fundraiser features are meant for both nonprofit organizations and small businesses alike. Plus, even Instagram users can become digital superheroes by raising money for the causes close to their hearts. So look no further and get up to date with all the Instagram fundraiser options.

Raise Your Voice And Raise Funds on Instagram

During the past year alone, Instagram has introduced a series of fundraising features. These aim to crystallize communities and mobilize people around causes they care about. Inspired by the surging enthusiasm for digital activism, the platform has opened its fundraising options to personal causes and small businesses

In 2019 Instagram introduced the donation sticker and donation button for nonprofits. Then, it unveiled the live fundraising feature in early 2020. Fast forward a few month and a personal fundraiser option was added to the mix. The new personal fundraiser feature is currently available to a limited number of countries, specifically the UK, US and Ireland

But don’t be put down by geographical limitations. Instagram is known to test small and roll-out big. The Instagram fundraiser new feature will be coming to you sooner than you think and you should be ready to put it to the test. And don’t forget that if you’re a lone ranger who’s looking to back-up a rightful cause, Instagram can bring you closer to a pack of well-intentioned supporters.

Ways to Hold an Instagram Fundraiser 

I. Donation Stickers for Nonprofits

The Donation Sticker has been around Instagram for quite a while. Specifically designed to help nonprofit organizations raise money, the feature can be used to benefit those charities who’ve passed Facebook’s verification process

To begin with, nonprofit organizations must sign up for the Facebook charitable giving tools. To do that, one must have a Facebook page and connect it to an Instagram business account. Voila! 

Once the process of verification is completed, charities can begin their Instagram fundraiser by calling on supporters through their Instagram Stories with a donation sticker. For the feature to come into effect, enable the donation sticker from the “Settings” tab on your Facebook Page: select “Donations”, tick the “Allow” box and hit “Save”.

Photo Credits: Instagram

Individual users looking to raise money in the name of their favourite nonprofit organization can also use the donation sticker. Yes, you heard that right. Now it’s your time to make a difference and raise your voice to back-up your favourite charity. It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Open Instagram Stories
  • Add a “Donation” sticker
  • Select from the verified charity organization list
  • Personalize your sticker
  • Start raising funds

Instagram will give 100% of the raised funds to your selected charity.

II. Live Donation Feature for NGOs

Amid the COVID pandemic, Instagram channelled its efforts towards helping organizations raise money more efficiently. 

It was a praisable initiative, but also a counter-move to pass the proverbial fundraising ball back in the court of TikTok. The Chinese platform gave Instagram a… poke of inspiration by launching a donation feature that worked in both video posts and live streams, Instagram caught up by adding a live streaming fundraiser feature.

Instagram Fundraiser through live streaming
Photo Credits: TechCrunch

The live donation feature allows charities to create an Instagram fundraiser while live-streaming a story. Just like the donation stickers, this feature can be used by regular users who want to gather funds for their favourite organization. 

The number of charities that can benefit from this feature is quite impressive – over 1 million nonprofit organizations. Plus, Instagram takes no extra cuts, and 100% of the money raised will go directly to the organization. 

To use the live donation feature, open Instagram Stories and choose the “Live” tab. Here, you’ll be able to access the Fundraiser feature and select your organization from the verified list (or the organization you want to donate to). Of course, you should definitely come up with a creative concept for your Instagram Live and generate some valuable content around your cause. 

III. Personal Fundraisers for Individuals and Small Businesses

Since January, fundraiser initiatives gained massive traction on both Facebook and Instagram, raising more than $65 million globally for COVID-19 and racial justice causes. 

To empower more people to stand up for the causes they care about, in July 2020, Instagram opened the feature for creators and small businesses. 

So, whether it’s for a personal cause, a broader social issue that your business’ mission focuses on, a friend in need or any other cause that rings true to who you are, now you can start raising money to support it. 

Instagram Fundraiser for Personal Causes or Small Businesses
Photo Credits: The Verge

As with the other Instagram fundraising options, you must first pass the verification process. Once you do, you’ll unlock the “Add Fundraiser” and “Raise Money” option in your “Edit Profile” section. 

You’ll have the freedom to customize your fundraiser with images and, of course, all the details that will move people to take action. Currently, Instagram accepts fundraisers only through Stripe, so you’ll need to have a valid account. 

Also, Instagram verifies all fundraisers before publishing them to make sure they are for an eligible cause. Once Instagram approves your fundraiser, the campaign will run for 30 days. The creator of the fundraiser will be able to share it on their feed and, of course, in their Stories.

Plan your Instagram Fundraiser

There are plenty of Instagram fundraiser options that you can play with. Now, more than ever, you can stand up and raise your voice to raise money for the causes you believe in. We’re here for inspiration and to give you a little help with planning. So get ready, get Preppr and get creative!

Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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