Today we’re going to talk about how you can have your Easter chocolate egg and eat it too! With the holiday just around the corner, there are still a few days left to plan a nice mini-campaign for the occasion. Whether you’re thinking about just a celebratory post or you’re aiming for something more complex, we’re going to give you a few hoppy ideas about how you can get followers engaged.

So, let’s hop, hop, hop to the good stuff. Leave the hunt for Easter, and get all your inspiration sources from right here, right now. You’ll save yourself loads of time, gain a nice bunch of ideas and be free to get everything ready just in time.

Bring the Easter spirit to your feed

Just like a welcoming house, your Instagram feed should also capture some of the spirit of the occasion. Sure, to the degree in which your brand and target audience are in for the treat. But if they are, you know what you have to do! Or don’t you? It’s simple: bring some Easter decorations to your feed by posting some photos that capture its spirit. Painted eggs, hopping bunnies or even something more spiritual, depending on your tone of voice, approach and believes.

The cutest example comes from @fluffegram, who decided to do a nice mix between #Easter and their products, creating a super-mega-ultra-fluffly post that’s full of color and pure happiness.

@theloopchurros also did a delicious job and created an adorable bunny out of their product. And, who cares that churros are not a traditional Easter food? I’m definitely having it for Easter (and for always) with tons of sprinkles on top.

If you’re more of the classical type, we’ve also got a nice example for you as well, from @bbwcanada. They stepped away from the cute-approach and went for a more traditional setting that incorporated their limited edition product next to the well-known symbol of Easter. The alive version

What’s your Easter #hashtag?

Hashtags make Instagram go round. Have we told you that before? We’re certain we did, but repetition is the mother of all learnings. And, on Easter, hashtags can do even more than on any other normal day. Just imagine the collective power the simple #easterdinner everybody will definitely use.

However, you should do better than that. You should do some deep soul searching for your brand and come up with an Easter hashtag that’s as more about Easter as it is about what you’re all about. That’s step no. 1. Step no. 2 is to associate an call to action with that certain #hashtag. Don’t just throw it out there hoping everybody will pick it up. State clear and loudly to your followers why they should use it. Is it a contest? Is it just a nice get-together? Is it a statement? Whatever it is, make it count!

An oldie but Goldie example comes from Tesco who, a few years back, turned the famous offline Easter Egg hunt into an online craze. Under the #FindtheEggs hashtag, Tesco encouraged people to hunt for the hidden virtual eggs by using Google Street view. Eggtastic idea, right?

Another nice hashtag came from Waitrose. #GoodEgg encouraged people across various platforms to share photos of their Easter activities to raise awareness about donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

This year, @fabelabdk created a hippity hop contest that was as cute as their products. And a true success!

So let’s hashtaghashtag, so to speak!

Did anybody say Easter Stories?

Aaah, stories! Lovely offline and equally lovely online, on Instagram. Honestly, we can’t stop talking about them because they are so versatile! And on Easter, a time for getting together and sharing special moments with the special people in our lives, the genuine feel of Instagram Stories is just what the doctor ordered. 

As a brand or business, you can use Instagram Stories in a number of FUNtastic ways. Let’s break them down:

  1. Share behind-the-scene moments. As long as they are Easter related, it’s up for shares! So let everybody know just how the preparations for Easter are going.
  2. Spread some words of gratitude. Since holidays are a time for getting together and turning with appreciation to the things that really matter in life, transforming this into an Instagram Story couldn’t be more appropriate.
  3. Bring your eggtastic puns on! Well, yeah, why not? Don’t be afraid to be a little silly if it can put a smile on your followers’ faces.

Schedule your posts for Easter

The last thing you want is for Easter to find you with tons of work on your hands. This is a time for family, friends and gratitude, not for stressing around that you still have to write more posts. Thus, plan in advance.

We’re going to be nice sidekicks and help you schedule your posts. Actually, Preppr is. So, if you haven’t already gotten the 10 days free trial, it’s time you do so. Then you’ll be able to schedule all your posts for the period and enjoy some well deserved quiet time on Easter. That’s not to say you can’t scroll Instagram on the day.

Now, let’s all enjoy Easter!

 …after we all create and schedule our campaigns with Preppr, just like we discussed. So now, pumped by inspiration, head to the drawing board and make this Easter really special!


Ilona Iftode is a copywriter with a taste for adventure. She lives to write, travel and explore new concepts in the realms of advertising, marketing, SEO and beyond.

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